Family liberal wave first school of true human relations in this day and age creature of many faces

understanding of our world and the division of roles;
Education begins in the family. It gives birth to a new man and it begins the process of its human development and design. In that first intimate family environment, the first sensory perception, that the first notions and ideas about the world and life, form concepts, build attitudes, establish relationships, acceptance criteria of value of all that is true, moral, well, nice. Family love is the basis for the emergence of other social emotions: kindness, compassion, tolerance, respect, respect. There is a close connection between the family and the wider social life. If a child in the family to know and accept the related understanding, mutual respect and mutual respect, will keep them and later in the wider relationships humane, fair, humane. A complete humanization of the relationship between the sexes is only possible with a complete socialization of general human relations.

*our men are an integral part of the story of women's rights as participate in building the company together with us no matter how you were tired of the various obligations or somewhat angry dignutih noses the whole candle and not just one gender.
You might think that they still walk a few steps ahead of us, always be asked of them through education not to cry, to be the pillars of the family, sons and fathers and leaders or grandparents.
You can freely admit that we are all in some way spoiled, but can be seen how willing, though not all in the fact that women provide greater visibility in society.
When we realized that we can and should be allies, and we realize that we are not the ones not outlawed, as much as we are alone.
What I could cite as an example, run only their interests that they deal with men and which women deal with such women.
In a particular type of education and occupations women do not enter, nor approach and their own choices.
What you will learn through education most parents are women forcibly made to enroll and to thus have the training.
Throw out the head 17,18,19 and early 20th century, if sometimes a few men and pops with insults only goes so reciprocate especially if challenged or offended; normal reaction to abnormal conditions and is taken as almost constant expression or a certificate from the person.
I'm talking about the eighth March, that for me it means .; as children we were not exactly in spite of government policies have too much introduced in the subject or washing or imposed on any given day.
They said it was mother's day paint a picture of a flower, such as greeting cards and write something nice and come home to your mother.
It was discussed in the sense of history or any discussion opolitici equality between men and women or working political equality.
Later, when we were a little older and with whom dinar in his pocket he would buy the flowers and brought home .8. March need to celebrate as a celebration of equality. Unfortunately our country have the fact that International Women's Day linked to past times, for socialism, for Tito, for carnations and the eighth of March travel women in the collective, but it, like other post-communist countries have experienced with a sneer. "
International Women's Day, which was created as a day of struggle for economic, political and social equality between women and men.
On the eighth of March 1857 in New York City on strike entered the textile factory workers demanding better working conditions for women. On the same day in the same place, but 51 years later, again there was a strike of women. The workers were first detained in the plant from which they could not get out, and then the fire broke out, during which 129 women lost their lives.
This day reminds the long struggle of women in which the biggest successes was the introduction of 8-hour working time, equalizing wages for men and women, but also the protection of mothers, and the introduction of maternity leave.
Therefore feminism as a movement and a way of thinking has ceased to be "in", so today young women in the Western world much more likely to consider themselves more traditional than was the case with their mothers. After all, if you are a woman and everything at your fingertips , is not that cranky ladies from different "female" association simply ran over time?
such as lower average education, a very traditional family values ​​and commitments and numerous other cultural norms (such as the belief that women can only achieve career as a secretary, and scribe). naturally lower aggressiveness in women. Another reason is that women do not have enough female role models and mentors, both in history and today. Unfortunately, if only briefly, try to remember the most important inventors, writers and scientists, almost all will be men. The third reason is that women, even today, simply have to devote a career and family, much more than men do. Simply, the biological fact that motherhood is not with what not to compare it is difficult to erase any social or cultural norms.

picture of an equal society where all have equal opportunities and equal chances for success**

What I've read so far on this subject; some journalists prescribe specific research managers or faculty or scientific studies with the support of a number of people investigated and calculate the statistics.
Certain titles and lyrics are personal reflections and emotionally pumped by the one who writes about it and others depending on the mode of thinking and external influences and which are sex, or even political parties.
A highly educated; people should be aware that all colleges do not end up with the same blackmail or success; it is well known that the competition and all managers of large companies have also environmental education and education and they know why certain persons employed in certain places, especially if the past pulling some bad experiences ..
the lack of talk about industrial workers but abauth high-ranking places;
This is not just about gender but also on various occasions or opportunities and inherited talents.
I will not say that I will jump with a parachute from an airplane or be an astronaut by the nature of higher leaning science and art, but that I was educated in another profession; every woman can not be a soldier or a doctor or engineer buildings.
I will not say that I giant slalom on a ski slope or climbing Mount Everest and I have no call to be a nun and a priest even less.
No I am not of the female person who will drive sports race or ride a horse and play polo or golf.To not mean weakness or female choice imposed by some tradition or family or even society.
that should cause us to show sometimes your strengths; sometimes need to be born to certain undertakings and not elected or educated in a certain way.
I read and on feminism and the macho guys and chauvinism and suffragettes, I still vote for common sense.
I read for years and thus filling the holes of the education system, constantly go some crazy line resistance which is counter productive for our whole society.
There were these pioneers of the fight and thank them; but it's been prko 150 years and perhaps more than tada.Imate choice and always will have and what the sometimes still hiding behind her mother's and father's trousers and skirts If this is a completely different story.
Why do women choose work or education in the textile industry where small salary? Or in another occupation as far as production in the industry.
Salaries depend on years of service, contracts, taxes and other Dacama with which participate in the construction of your country and not about sex, that allow you to be considered inferior depends on your upbringing, mood, obligations to family and inner strength to grasp to grips with life; the years of growth, the old and get more life experience and maturity against our youthful years.
Biology copying or your sex guilt because of their position in life.
All we can be female gamblers and go get any credit and move in any business, again it depends not only on you but also the current needs of the products or any of the services and the amount of income for the inhabitants.
They say too few women in work to management positions, as well as politics, and for that you need a high school and a fucking great gard.A not give you someone to blame from the family or society ..

The history of the feminist movement very clearly shows that feminism policy collectivity and that has nothing to do with the fulfillment of individual female desire and whim.The reason most often denounce women, especially those that are lightly themselves as feminists, lies in the discrepancy between feminist politics and the way in which this woman about her bounce and can not speak. Instead of assertive speech about the values of feminism for women, hunger to those same women feminism used to own affirmation and to the detriment of emancipation.
empowerment of women?

At the terminological level, the problem occurs in frequent alternating use of the term "Equality" and "equality" in our language, or in English "equality" and "equity".Gender equality often comes down to equality. The prevailing notion that should ensure equality in the pre-conditions, but not necessarily equal outcomes. In that sense,Today the basic norms in the policies of the developed societies of Western countries are equality in the exercise of rights, equality of access to different segments of society,
equality of treatment, or equality of chances and opportunities.
Gender equality refers to both women and men, inequality is not "Women's issue", but equally affects men and how many women.Gender equality does not mean that women and men are the same, but that they have the same chances, rights, and that applies equally.

The broader conception of gender than purely normative and assumes International Labour Organisation: "Gender equality means that women and men have equal conditions for the exercise of their human rights and to contribute, as well as levying get of economic, social, cultural and political development.Therefore, equality Equality means equal social evaluation of the similarities and differences between men and women, as well as their role. It is based on their full partnership in the home, community or society. Gender equality began with the same evaluation girls and boys. 
The report measures the size of the gap between men and women in four areas:
- Economic participation and opportunity - salaries, participation and leadership
- Education - access to basic and higher levels of education
- Political empowerment - representation in decision-making structures
- Health and survival - life expectancy and sex ratio.
Results are interpreted as the percentage of the gap that has been reduced / closed between men and women, and allows countries compare their current performance in relation to its past performance. The index is designed to focus on measuring the gap / difference between the sexes in these four areas, but not to the degree of development of the country in a particular area.

it is impossible to write all what I wanted to say on the subject; I was not that of which create the scientific work but can only show you a little bit as some of my life's knowledge.
Of course it is not my life was not without some bad experiences but it does not mean that I have the whole world because of this hate establish some crazy group or political guideline.
Too many discounts or I conciliatory; on the contrary I have not but I can not be rebel in the way that some people might react.
Does that too soft; on the contrary I have not but I can not be mad knight flying instead of the malicious dragon let the windmills at other people's imagining or frustration; I'm here to take my lights from the eyes and an alleged saintly areola for a better tomorrow by them; or some stupidity the so-called trends with which our full head as with the aim of manipulation or used on behalf of the company.

The survey conducted by us showed that the burden of household and tasks fall to women, while women cook (60%), cleaning products (71%), more childcare, while men play with the kids
former President of Finland openly said that the family felt her male part of the family helps, but does not give a lead role.
the creation of conditions in society which will contribute to the families achieve equal distribution of social, family and parental responsibilities between men and women.

(Well, it depends on the individual was female or male)

In the last ten years in the EU strengthen the neoconservative forces that, among other things, they want to restrict women the right to abortion, and Europarlamentu directly attacks the reproductive rights of women and MPO. Women must have the right to autonomously decide about your body and life. Of course that abortion is the last reserve and that better contraception and education, but the problem is that contraception is expensive and does not go to the Health fund - says Tajana Broz.
(In the 21st century  greater nonsense after so many years of teaching that abortions are taking place with all possible medical and ways of self-protection.)

The role of men and women to be seen depending on the social, economic, cultural and personal characteristics. Psychologically it is a big difference in what someone else is asking and what is expected of him, and frustration is due to unspoken expectations. Often we assume that what is important to us and important to others, but too few understand. We are traditional culture, yet are different relations between men and women in the city and in the countryside, in the south and the north of Croatian ... On the equality of women and men affected by the pressure of the environment because, if in the middle of a man doing housework, say to him henpecked person.
But it also affects how women are able to fight for themselves. Where's the glass ceiling for women? The issue of gender is the issue of how men and women are compatible and how they share the same beliefs, and communication between them is crucial.

Women generally go with the kids to the doctor and because the men themselves go less to the doctor, but rarely go, and with a child, with whom will go to the doctor when their situation seems dangerous, or they think it can wait. Mothers are more emotional and protective of children, and blow on cold - says Kuterovac Jagodić.
(Not true all this is my father, without days some schools and performed 50 years ago)............

Glass ceiling and sticky floor
Stereotypes act to overestimate the differences that exist between groups;
Stereotypes act to cause underestimation of differences within the group;
Stereotypes distort reality because of overestimating the differences between groups and underestimating the differences within the group has little to do with the truth;
Stereotypes are usually negative attitudes that people use to justify discrimination or conflict with people.
Law on Gender Equality of the Republic of Croatia- "Gender Equality means that women and men are equally present in all spheres of public and private life, to have equal status, equal opportunities to realize their rights, and equal benefit of the results achieved."

"My daughter thought that
Men and women are equal, and
Then she lost her job
because of the pregnancy. "

"When you become old
women become invisible.
People you do not
notice. "
"If women complain about
sexist comments
object will be to
have no sense of humor. "
"I let my wife
that the free
time for yourself "

"When you do not go on
semaphore immediately
Green, we regularly
play, my husband
almost never. "
"The companies we were rejected
the appointment of the Investment
project because I
"Potential mother", in
Married two years. "
In Croatia, there are a number of regulations and measures dealing gender equality. women has long been available for education,political and public life, business sector and entrepreneurship. almost no profession in which no women and vice versa - a man.It is not surprising that many people think that today women Men or equal to equal society.
However, the reality is different.Many women daily
faced with numerous problems because of their gender.Many people, especially women, complain the load at work and at home, lack of time,nurseries, kindergartens, day-long programs in schools.In societies that seeks meet the needs of all members / ca community,recognized the need to Men and women share their
roles at work and at home.

(Again duck "or a lie * My parents are side by side doing work and performed OTHER FAMILY AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES*)-over 60 years

Do the men and women equally?· Women on average earn 20% less pay thantomboy· In total incentives of the Ministry of Economy,Labour and Entrepreneurship in 2005 women participatingwith 27% share· Most of the unemployed, 59% are women· Women on average earn 82% of the pensiontomboyDo women and men play an equal role in raising children?· Less than 1% of men used maternity leave· 60% of alimony is paid irregularly· 90% of single parents are womenDo women and men are entitled to the same selection or are underthe influence of stereotypes?· 79.6% and 90.2% of computer engineers are men and womenmake up more than 80 percent of employees in the trade andtextile industry· As many as 71% of women are employed in the administrative court, a65% of the municipal judge· In a Zagreb clinic tenders have been invited forspecialization surgery. At the tender last threewomen and one man. The director of the competition annulledand after the re-publication of specialization is assignedfour menDo women and men equal power in society?· Of the 100 managers only 6 are women· Only 11% Mayor· Men are 85.6% of the ownersof agricultural land· 64% of educationalstaff are women andonly 33% are director· The representation of women in Parliament is below 30%, inCounty Councils 14.5%, in Chamberscities 15.7%, and in the councils of municipalities 8.4%· 85% Ambassador men
Are women and men are equally safe?· 72% of the victims of mobbing are women· Perpetrators of violent ponapšanja in family87.4% of men· Victims of domestic violence in more than 60% of caseswomen· Men are usually afraid that someonesteals a car, a woman from being raped· Victims of sex offenders in 79.5% of cases are women
Picture of women:/ lobbying;education;information
reorganization, improvement, development and evaluation of political processes in a way that gender equality included at all levels and stages by those are involved in policy making. implementation of gender mainstreaming means the daily public political activity
government, national, regional and local according to the strategy and practice
equal opportunities for women and men.
Commission unfortunately not visible enough, not effective and their role, way of establishment and scope of work not precisely defined by law, nor by any other legal act. Instead of being public services to respond to the different needs of women and men, often not those who sit in the composition of the commissions do not know what their role or simply where to start, how to direct the policy of local or regional authorities to equally respond to the different needs of women and tomboy. It is necessary to seriously consider changing the law.Gender Equality and the new structure of social and social councils, the local authorities, which could perform the intended role of gender Equality, based on a new approach to public services,built on the perception of the different needs of women and men, in all parts of society, with the promotion policy equal opportunities and the cessation of discrimination .


VII. MEDIA statute**
Article 16th
(1) The media shall through their program concepts raise awareness about equality of women and men.

(2) Any public presentation and representation of women and men in an insulting, degrading or humiliating way, with regard to gender and sexual orientation.

In seven of evaluating the offered general diligence men and women have the highest rank given values, love, loyalty, honesty and humanity independently in the community where they live.
In assessing the five offered family values most places in the ranking took the values, the child and family.
The differences in the valuation of marriage respondents from rural areas are valued by more than those in the city.
traditional value system means relying on the moral qualities that were previously enabled individuals have effect, groups and societies, and now there is a parallel system of values in society and reflected in human behavior, "as duality or ambivalence in public and private life."
Security system makes LEVEL VALUES: individual, group, social, national and humane GENERAL and EVERY MAN LIVES IN ALL FIVE LEVELS.

Modern family valuesWhen you change and development of society and his views appear modern family values.They can be divided into the value of parents and children.These two groups have much in common with each other, but one that belongs to our children, have more severe and progressive karakter.To happens naturally, because each generation tries to take only what you need from the previous and adds its own, current at the time of family values.Of course, concepts such as love, trust, respect, mutual assistance, kindness and understanding of the fundamental values ​​of the modern family.But, unfortunately, they are in serious pressure from a variety of factors caused the problems of society.Thus, the results of public opinion polls family values ​​for young people are far from being in the first place.They are historical: career, education, relationships with friends and parents.In order to maintain the family as the joy of our life, it is primarily by example to show our children what it really is actually.Even if some of us did not grow up in such conditions, can not be absorbed, while raising the real value in a relationship, you should try to each other and make this world a better place.

Why is such a schedule housework *

A man at home performing heavier tasks (bricklaying, or chopping wood) and housework and child-rearing is considered as an easier jobs that women without problems and difficulty performing / tactfully or capable in them and some men allow them to hold the three sides of the wall of the house.

What do you think I watched through my childhood?