peacekeepers dead and gone, hide and seek, and they, rock and roll, back and forth, more and

As for behavior, primates are often very social; groups living in the 'flexible dominance hierarchy', a phrase that means something like: the leader can change the activity of the group.
It is, working on artistic expression -what else when this computer is not listening and after a couple of days can pick up Windows.I was productive, in one day create four interesting pictures, unique and exquisite and I was thrilled with them despite the absence of certain media called black ink, tempera in fact all possible versions of color in any form.I'm a little played with collage and painting techniques and not believe it'll take two pictures with the same motive re-create.
What is it that thrills me, if you are wondering why abstraction-two years ago I realized that it somehow easier to incorporate into any space and that you do not interfere with visualization acceptance, tired look to it but it is always modern from different angles and ways, gives liveliness and freshens any space-it is likely that some of my the feng shui, because in a couple of hours invested in imaging although undesirable for my backbone, my mind finds peace, focus, refreshments in the loose strokes and never again repeat but always a new surprise and a pair hours of silence at the service of art and my health.
In order to understand what pictures I'd have all his artistic image to describe particularly because they contain the story, in the ordinary strokes I find a void that meets the second motif and expanding the whole story or the sight; that you can do better than that, of course, or forced or overloaded painting or too proud to prove I'm never yields certain results.
I do not need dried branch lineage but something lively, cheerful mystical but understandable and possible interpretive in artistic language.How many images I created, uncounted but each view when I open my folders be surprised that every new opening folders better and more meaningful and that are unique, and that itself is making progress and regularly refresh their style, which sometimes do not know is not alone whence re-emerges.
At one point I have an illustration, in the second painted a fairy tale in the third illustration for children's picture book in the fifth serious message, opening the mind and prevent drowning
in the traps of ego goes to a special mysterious simplicity of some young girl's soul, which lags behind the adult woman.

Discover yourself regardless of your age again and enjoy it.
Being lively is the first of a million reasons to live, and last and all other roles are genetically engraved in our Id.

I have seen better and worse days, worse days converts each person in a sluggish weaklings, no motivation, hidden in the bedroom under the covers for a couple hours or 24 hours until you feel better; I'm not how I pictured the rest of my life. It sounds desperate, though I was a little popular education and reading several biographies of certain tvz.mysticism artists, do not try to compare them lowered with yourselves because you will not be transformed into art and art-minded mood person than in something pretty sad and pessimistic not unaccountably.
Be in every way his; do not want to describe themselves as Frida or Picasso; a life spent locked in solitary art studio or an iron corset that keeps you alive.So far I've seen a lot of artistic story unfortunately sometimes deeper look and sometimes in the crowd nodding data and all your screaming yes, but not for some wicked from commenting-another mazalo, brush and has a much better and most special.
Of course you are most aware of it; he who does not want us to beat the brush and let go to play football or engage in music, writing or sculpture.We are here with ordinary human lives superhuman; it is mentally investment and exhaustion and soul or spirituality in many ways.
Academically trained artists, so I take them admire and enjoy what they create, of course, to learn and to their images and techniques or asking or build your own gallery but so far only on social sites, maybe one day somewhere in all of this and expose but I do not know if I'm ready to be in any way give up.
There is one funny detail from an interesting comedy series, came two young and they saw a great picture and ask for the price, since the male member realized that he can not afford to come with a certain picture in your hands-but it's just a poster or a photocopy of one euro.
Probably would I do with my pictures and framed originals and sealed in one of their folders safe deposit boxes in my closet or even frozen in Epoxy resin that is forever preserve for future generations;just a shame that something did not forbid it from my youth; for then was painted something else with different motives and meaning now I have unlimited limited to what in recent pictures, and can not longer get out of it because I somehow fills and everything that I write in a certain way.
Why now write about this topic, it's time so I'm not limited to just letters and Human superhuman behavior or perpetual concern for this our society.
Some now and others tell their stories in a special way, I've moved away from gray theme and trying to fathom the bright shades of our lives Despite the sad and difficult issues that we are constantly flying before the eyes on our local or national television; sometimes mass that we are choked and does not affect positively sometimes for pursuing the various earthly struggles for better and my better your tomorrow.
Selfish not Selfish but I noticed that you sometimes too pre burdened with issues that I do and I am writing while trying to juggle from their emotions and thoughts easier topics for my posts through the posts.
I'm glad when I recognize that other enlightens at least a couple of percent of their thinking through my only scratched with a fingernail topics.
That people change and try it for yourself after certain years of investment in family and society; dedicate themselves and something they have long aspired to or were other people or obligations walked away from it.I'm one of you; directions are different to us as well as lives, or we otherwise all one.

My flapping blue, white or red signal flags are because of my life experience, prevent tragedy and comedy and I want equality for all but of course depends on our efforts and dedication, I'm very angry sometimes and disappointed for not able to do more-it is not because of my politics but globally extended to most of the strong wishes chair or leader, and this leads to various disintegrationin this society.
Physical currently not anywhere to jump in and lend a hand assistant although I suffocating closed space certain ghetto ideology; I am not of those who would stand in the corner and just obediently stood like a statue and clapped one above and approve something if I knew that the faults and know that I will not stop to listen or will only my interview or proposal to appropriate that their not promote me as a living being and reasonable individual who has a positive effect on their being.
But without a revolution of red, yellow or green no progression-I for negotiation, dialogue and agreements and not for weapons and violent changes, to give you and our fathers have told and those who no longer and those who are still alive.
And we we can not change the past, nor to make up for mistakes but we can at that school to change directions and affect the third, fourth or even fifth generation.
People have to travel, work and build their lives; wailing that in ten years that our country to have a million people less? The borders are open and all are welcome, this is a beautiful country and there is room for all, as well as other countries of the European Union or under conditions to respect the laws and the free will of all, if there is a no hospitality to individuals somewhat startled, unskilled and somewhat narrow-minded or even those who think it will be something less for them (talking about other people's personal goals) and they are not my goals ; I was just one of 4,500 000 000 000 Croats.
Who can be than let it be Helium Comet, who is an engineer and let be a star and I'll be on the ground a special planet; still we can join.
Various campaigns and other cloven on behalf of the company I dont have a legal right to Do it*
but there are various companies within these countries that is financed by our citizens but are free to always activate and to reassessment enjoy this small society of great heart and sometimes confused little children.The same goes for all other countries and contingents, from America to Europe, Africa and the Arab countries up to Russia if necessary, Alaska or Antarctica.
How far are we away from each other occasional just a few clicks or words as far as we are small people and sometimes for miles depends on the politicians and laws.
I follow the news every day and hope it will be still better, to be better-ants are ants and people they did not even mad angry hive of killer bees, and nasty is the pride and defiance.
I hope that one day we'd all be serious and grown up and responsible than before.
It is difficult to write both locally and globally but I think the text is very user-friendly * on behalf of all of us at least a generation from 1973, the name of hard work, sweat, sickle, hammer, coats of arms and flags from the previous political system, in the name of the people and the planet earth and not Jupiter or Pluto, not 7 or 8 billion Cro-Magnon of a million and a half years than civilized society.
Cro-Magnons are identified with Homo sapiens sapiens recent form in the time range from about 35,000 to 10.000 years Prine today. Identification of Cro-Magnon can refer only to the fossil findings from the Cro Magnon, and Cro-Magnons are all members of one phase of humanization. Recently, this term is avoided, especially in English speaking countries, and instead introduced the name of the anatomically modern human or anatomical recent one, because rather speak about people who generally have the anatomical structure as well as today's people. In the future communication from the relevant authorities in our language more appropriate to use the term anatomical new man or anatomical recent one, since the dates of the modern here has some other connotations or dubious. This would avoid some of the problems associated with oznakpm "Cro-Magnon", which usually refers to all wounds new people in Europe (as opposed to previous Neanderthal), and sometimes to specific human groups that can be distinguished from other from gornjepaleolitskih people in the region.
The term "Cro-Magnon" is, however, still very often used in popular texts, because it seems obvious difference with Neanderthals, but also applies directly to the people and not to complicated, most often questionable, chronological succession of phases that make up the upper Palaeolithic. This obvious practical value are challenged by archaeologists and paleontologists support the idea that the term Cro-Magnons no formal taxonomic status because it does not apply to the species or subspecies nor archaeological phase or culture.
*specifically the question of human evolution - the "light will be thrown on the origin of man and his history," was all Darwin wrote about this problem.*
*and the others were beaten before the idea that their boundless mental capacities and moral sensibilities of human beings could evolve through natural selection*