Targeted screening (mass, selective, multiphasic screening) diagnostics risk in the name of development of health education

What is the current value of the pension?In Croatia?

ANSWERThe average value of pension for one year of pensionable service - the current value of pensions and from 1. July 2016 . is  61.59 kn= 8.33 Euro

Srednji tečaj HNB na dan

1 EUR = 7.424175 kn
1 CHF = 6.935241 kn
1 USD = 6.910066 kn
1 GBP = 8.550242 kn  

Good morning Sunday and my people; it is now called the prevention and suppression of masschronic illness; Tertiary prevention ** The first part titled "lives as a woman suffer like the rest of society "and a jar like a man."The term "prevention"You might want to look cute in the pictures, frivolous and even sympathetic but I think you are convinced that this is a very serious personality.From arduous turmoil despite only getting to know the facts have not come out of the vicious circle of issues that we are getting worse and the legal and medical condition of my status as one of the free people.All these past posts have been attempted to be framedone smart easier instructive way because we are our fathers and grandfathers could not be placed on their knees and prvesti us the wisdom of life through national oral tradition.It's not the lack of caffeine or another cup of chamomile tea; I will initially proved that the tea can normally be to function as a person, just nervousness remains my people and not to be the only one of the so-called peaceful sleep wake upset...

Croatia is aware of the commitment, under the Charter of the United Nations, to the common and specific actions in collaboration with value of the human person, as proclaimed in the Charter, Recalling in particular the international standards on human rights, which are set in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social, Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil organization promoting higher standards of living, full employment and conditions of economic and social progress and development, Reaffirming its commitment to human rights and fundamental freedoms, social justice and dignity and and Political Rights, underlining that those instruments proclaim that the rights recognized to them should be guaranteed to all individuals without discrimination.The third tea; who would have thought that I was so thirsty ** this will be a good rinse with healthy beverages, training towards a healthy habit is always welcome dabogda and stayed; but I do not belong too easy wedding parties ..With the hypothesis of health-psychological point of view that our ability to work depends on the state of health, harmonization of health and mental capacity with the requirements of the job that you use and the motivation to work.

OUR WORK HISTORYA person with a disability is a person who has a long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder its full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others.Persons with disabilities with the remaining working ability is a person whose disability in relation to the ability of non-disabled people the same or similar age, the same or similar education, in the same or similar conditions, the same or similar work has the effect of reducing the possibility of working to train and employ.As an exception, a person with disabilities with the remaining work ability is considered and people with disabilities whose performance levels expected, but on the basis of reduced actual and estimated the general ability of such persons he deems it in the interest of preserving its physical, sensory and mental abilities.The right to acquire vocational rehabilitation of people with disabilities which is the competent body of expertise found fit for work.CRITERIA AND PRACTICERating temporary inability to work to determine the relationship between the worker's current state of health and the demands of work and working conditions under which the work is performed. An evaluation is recognized worker right to an excused absence from work due to illness or injury, as well as to determine the state of health, because it is considered that the worker is not able to perform their jobs a certain time which is usually determined by the duration of illness or rehabilitation of injuries and the duration of the temporary rehabilitacije.Ocjena inability to work is often incorrectly referred to as the assessment of working capacity. These two terms must be clearly distinguished, because they are two different ratings. Common to them is the only state of health radnika.Privremena inability to work has only transitory character and lasts as long as the problems due to some disease or to cure or healing an injury.
According to provisions set forth in law enforcementcan have these ratings:- Permanent loss of working capacity - disabled for work- Occupational inability to work when work capacity is permanently reduced by more than half compared to a physically and mentally healthy insured the same or similar education and skills, or the remaining ability to perform certain (other) jobscorresponding to the education and skills of the insured- Residual work capacity exists to professional rehabilitation because the work capacity is permanently reduced by more than half compared to a physically and mentally healthy insured person of the same or similar education and skills, but can be trained vocational rehabilitation for the job.- There is an immediate danger of disability if the person continues to carry out a practice that is distributed and performed due to working conditions which should clearly outline so it is necessary to move to jobs that require the same or similar education and skills in order to prevent disability, and where can work with work effort that does not worsen her condition, in accordance with labor regulations. This assessment can only refer to employees and with them the special regulations equal persons- It is necessary to continue treatment and rehabilitation medicine (disease is under treatment, or established disease has not been sufficiently treated, or were found pathological conditions which are not sufficiently defined but need further medical treatment and possiblytreatment)- Disability does not exist, which means that the person being assessed can work full-time in jobs and tasks to which they are assigned and performed. If there are medical contraindications to perform part of their tasks, they are specifically listed.Therefore, the physician who treated the insured, when it determines that the treatment is completed, the preparation of all documentation, and together with his findings and opinion as well as general information about the insured, with a description of operations performed, delivered to the Croatian Institute for Pension Insurance works expertise.Here I tried to shorten and throw something that is not only important for me but for the whole system of my country that is our working people, not me with the view to list the various laws, and writing and technical explanations since there are professional people in the field of medicine.Sometimes we do not like their decision but I think they must be very conscientious as they try to figure out how to politically lead a positive decision to the detriment of both sides.Why are some of their decisions as they are, there is more of elements as accomplices who were in season socialism used various sick leave as well as now in the system, there are some individuals who because of certain people or experts passing through a variety of judicial or disciplinary proceedings.But this writing went away from my problems and the path is unknown; I am a living being that needs some assistance but also my freedom to normal breathing and work in this society.All these years I have not spent to to someone amused over my health and life.
The operation removes the difficulties
The fact is that the majority of patients after surgery feels better because it frees up the nerve. However, surgery can not cure one damaged disc surgery. If the discs as a bump in the spine worn or torn, it can not be repaired and back pain therefore can always recur. In addition, any operation carries risk. Thus, for example, may be formed scars to cause pain that is difficult to be treated. In the long term, statistically the aggregated results in patients with surgery and without surgery same. Therefore, before deciding on surgery should think twice. Some experts believe that the majority of operations drives conducted hastily and unnecessarily. German Society of Neurosurgery for example, when deciding on surgery recommended three-step process. The first doctor diagnosed intensity and frequency of pain in the back and legs of the patient and examines whether there is a lack of sensation or paralysis. In the second step, with the help of computed tomography or magnetic resonance determines whether the cause of this injury disc. The third step is to determine the concept of therapy, and the rule is the following: in the case of paralysis are opting for surgery, but if they are present only back pain, does not need surgery.
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too many times I hear from other people that the experiences of third parties; erroneous interpretation and translation and hearsay..