the character of the good life in an intelligent manner because the failures give taste life as well as successes

Of course, first I admired squad plant or my living room just is not abundant in certain climates and there is too little light and I've probably gone too far with the watering, so one dear famous Succlent called Watchtower.
I'll have to re-transplant may save the plant.
The homeland of fat plants are dry steppe and semi-desert areas of southern and southwestern Africa and Mexico. These are plants, learned the difficult living conditions in their natural surroundings, just ideal houseplants because tolerate dry room air. Since they are usually small, stunted growth, do not take up much room, they are also a great advantage.
Succulents and cacti are grown in light, humus, permeable and sandy ground. At the bottom of the container should be quite thick layer of coarse sand or debris, for drainage.
This bird lately too tongue hangin at night and for all is to blame television in the bedroom, I wanted you mal luxury in it and rest in a warm bed and what the TV captures my attention are various crime series that we are somehow more interesting than ordinary soap romance with a variety of rich dynastic families and upheaval in their lives, that there are too many and mundane life.
We have reduced the internet and mobile phone as you and I do not possess.
Over time, some things one understands; what is useful and what is useless and make you addictive and only big expense.
We laugh at certain jokes and people create them yourself in a certain way because of some their  like weakness to resist the influence of some new fun elements like social station, small Gaget or downloading music for Rigton,I' never breakaway from technology but some of it not turning into practical application.
How to stay healthy is correct; the issue is and doctors struggling as well as various geniuses and academically educated people and all the great scientists.
As someone pleasure, not for me to answer or forbid or sometimes smiled when mention that our kids all rounder in the cheeks, in my day we did not have internet dijetinjstva even cell phones, forever out of the game or school, as well as some obligations in accordance with our small years; normal to us once something was not right but it can grow with time.
But the media and think if it overemphasize that will have a stronger echo; it would be better to prod the conscience and be positive reactions or wake it contrary to the people; negative resistance fighters as well as a sense of insult and humiliation and inferiority.
I speak from my experience and my different fight, because the media talk about it as much as the old and the shifts are counted in increments, sometimes perhaps in meters.
Our children, just more out there in nature and play with the ball and other games as well as a dispute or a walk-too are all closed within the home and lack of range in their age, what they bring from food into the body easily consumed because they are young and metabolism works well.
I thought yesterday's post for translation but I mind and I do not feel in the mood for it, I woke up with someone whispered in my ear and I did not like.
Some ailments responsible for the young man simply can not forget still bother; is supposed to think and constantly doubt every living thing ?? Or will ask with whom I was all those years hanging out and learning about? Excellent question that I have the answer, the people like you, apparently all ok.
But it was something along the way bitten in the ass but themselves slots in some strange sound and I look bad ...
As I previously probably God knows how many times to repeat; do you know what is a free man and do you know what is to be liberated women?
In these cases, you will not succulents help cure your rights of freedom, because it can just figure out the answer you personally.
Dependent, vulnerable and rejected, the "seesaw" between intimacy and escape, symbiosis and separation-reality through the "foolish" glasses compromise, specific strategies in attempts to resolve "impossible situation"...

"I can not choose what I feel"
creating the illusion that they are simply things "happen" and that it is not a choice, and therefore no personal responsibility for the consequences.
We can not rationally decide which would we emotion "should" feel, but what we can to control their flow and channel external manifestation of presenting raw emotion through refrain from emotional extremes that would have been satisfied with their personal "destiny".
Do you agree to change ?; because it means Lighten, Heal, Deliver, Cast, Strengthen your heart, enrich, Turn over a new leaf, Devise your life, open to new opportunities!
What is it clear recognition skills, understanding, control and their positive guidance because an increasing wave of aggression - teenagers with guns at school, traffic accidents, embittered partners who take "justice" into their own hands ... All these images and words entered in everyday vocabulary and the password is not a day more cheerful phrase "Have a nice day", but irritable "Come on, go ahead, I'm glad!"
Our passions, when expressed in an appropriate manner, contain wisdom; water our thinking based our system value which is the mixture, variation, mutation and shades, which assesses the ability to reflect strong impulsive and sometimes irrational emotional influence and which forms the operation.
We who are thoughtful and conscious thought to arouse them and thus able to create extreme acts and consider possible effects.
for optimum distance means the ability to be pretty close to some, yet its ...
Being the dependent and independent at the same time. Feeling clear boundaries between self and other. Respect their own and others' limits.
Overly empathetic person empathize with others much more than in the average limits. Not only is willing to listen to others, understand them and support them, but often can not protect yourself from other people's negative emotions and energy.
The capacity for empathy allows us to better understand the other, but also to be easier to "read" and feel their energy. This ability helps us to experience life from a different perspective other than their own. However, this is a feature that can be harmful, so it is important to know how not to be subject to other people's emotions and energies.
It would be good to take action that you would no longer harass the things that you have nothing to do. It is important to store energy for yourself and the people you love and that in their system do not miss the information, emotion and energy that you damage and draw strength.
Our brain is an amazing, over 24 to create 80,000 thoughts, but we can choose what we think. What long as we think they thought forms such as blockades go into the subconscious, and govern us and our actions on an unconscious level. 'I do not know why I reacted like that. Our ability to choose a positive or negative approach to things and events that we daily event. Seemingly difficult, but believe only a matter of decision. On the right is to be thanked, and on bad information, misunderstanding or whatever, we currently do not match, do not need to jump and angry, but ask me what it teaches. What I have also contributed to solve the misunderstanding, but to learn from it that are no longer repeated.

Life is a comedy for those who think, a tragedy to those who feel. (Horace Walpole)
I go, see plural, not me but I ..
I was a little retained but honestly after a full bowl of popcorn and romantic film (I'm not doing his watch), which is still going on at last I continue where I stood, and it is not safe on the film "My George" or my Joe Doe ** .. but I'm not Madonna with Ukulele ..
Wow, under the romantic thoughts on Love Story..
Love stories for her and for him for a beautiful end for all who love a happy love story and a sad story for those who like their watered about when reading about unhappy love.
I looked out the window, there is a slightly raining ... damn gray city that I wish somewhere where there's sun, color and at least an ounce of air.
With its 45 years and 17 years of work in the hospital, I already pretty motherfuckin track. You know how it is, night shifts, racial nurse, although I'm happily married, I've never resist. I guess I'm attracted to the female world, and why to hide, well fuck, and there were no women in a group that did not get laid. There was a lot, but I really am not a voter. Then came a young nurse Tanya. In her twenties she looked formidable. Short blond hair, a pretty face, very pretty, tits and backgrounds are very promising. Its appearance and the fact that it is new, it was a challenge for me. Often I was secretly watching thinking about how to behave on my dick. What I was hindered her to dig into their panties, this was what we looked somehow innocent, and never accepted jesting as the other women in the collective.
In fifth gear I - Section (Diana)
We met fully by pure chance ... to look completely different, yet so much of that joint ... whoever we are and now see or meet together ... in the eyes of them read the question ... are these two work together ... that we laugh and have fun ... so we try to inspire them even more shocking his behavior ... it's not just the age difference but just the whole...***-Continue reading but not on this portal..