The Matrix Buried alive in Anthropology of patriotism the connection between past and present

died societies whose history can not be determined through written documents, but only through the material remains **
Differences in lifestyle does not only exist in different times and regions, but also within the same society. Today the country have regional particularities based economy and different living conditions. Even within the same city there are differences in the way of life of certain communities. This is true not only for immigrants but also for differences between the sexes, sexual habits, as well as ethnic, age and class groups.
Anthropology records all these differences, but seeks evidence and the basic unity of all people.

Can a little more cheerful topic, where I, you or me or you do not yell at this our human existence and humanity that surrounds us ..Constantly wander through the paradigm which Abbas good does not affect my mood a majority on your ..I tried to write about fashion as any other person, but since my movement is limited mostly to the internet, I realized that this is not an issue that can normally be traced to the quality and overall satisfaction in spite of the fact that I belong to a beautiful art without the faculty of design and fashion ..All I was dissatisfied with the exhausting and I saw it as a positive that I wrote on this subject would have to be constantly at the center of various events that you can not afford, and after that I started to read some articles about specific people who poštujute as gods and with time as soon as you miss excuses and show you the strong personal character until then all men were perfect beggars or sated with an excess ranked with various titles and ranks.As I understand it and see it and you do not?
I know you would rather read a nice story or a combination of these books have to press that unfortunately sold below cost that are not earned; inspiration is important as itself Scope and level of education or my imagination worked because reality does not allow me to go in and water and that revive a particular story through a book or a novel ..
O people, to censure and glory; how many people accepted my ways of seeing certain topics, these are just my small crumbs because we are constantly treated as taught too long if you're writing to your readers tired easily ..too many topics  touched my sensitive nerve; exhausted me and turned into another nervous person even though I'm partial liberation and recovery of my mind and soul, least of all the time I feel good and not that plunges to some strange feelings of physical weakness chili even hurt ..
Do not torture me various terrestrial necessary little things might be slobodinija in writing, but when I see certain texts and repeating themes through the Internet or TV from jumping and trying on my little way to stop all this, because of all the silly nonsense mass too sick and unhappy, one-eyed jack and easy forgetful and too little careful.The human is to forgive, but we call them losers rather than winners and still under the name of God.
Hear when I give my soul, do not jump to my every whim but think how you all this can help you to be more aware and more appropriate parent, mom, dad, son and even grandfather, perhaps a politician ..
What I was sat in a chair today that something I write, it is not certain bitter coffee ..I did a few things on TV or some sad stories about people, say capable or enemies of the law but they are saying that they are patriots.I myself at certain times of events were strange thoughts or opinions, and now I wonder if I was wrong .. * ??

Patriotism  is the most prominent aspect of love for his country. Patriotism can also be considered the
idea, ideology and movement. In many countries there are patriotic political parties that stand for that love of country put in front of all the ideals and that it remained subordinate to political values.
These are some of the few elusive or known and for years they have been referred to the TV and journalistic articles; normal to the newer or older history can not own all the process .

Edward Snowden American called. whistleblower and former employee of the CIA and the National Security Service of the United States (National Security Agency), and private companies on matters within the NSA. Snowden is presented to the public classified documents that showed the existence of a large number of classified projects such as monitoring. PRISM and Boundless Informant, and documents showing that the US spent hacker attacks to computers around the world, including during the G-20 meeting in London, 2009. in Hong Kong and China. Snowden has handed documents to journalists The Guardian and The Washington Post in June 2013.

Julian Paul Assange programmer, editor, activist, publisher and novinar.Assange became known as the editor in chief and founder of WikiLeaks, the organization that publishes secret information and confidential documents from anonymous sources zviždača.slavu gained through their work in WikiLeaks, which he founded, 2006. and since then began to appear in public around the world and talk about press freedom, censorship and investigative journalism. WikiLeaks has come in the spotlight of international publicity when 2010 began publishing military and diplomatic telegrams of the US Army with the help of colleagues in the print media. Bradley Manning is accused of providing WikiLeaks telegrams. Official sources of the US military have repeatedly reported about the military personnel in connection with WikiLeaks or "supporters of WikiLeaks", which presents the risk of being accused of "communicating with the enemy", the Ministry of Justice of the United States in several cases considered there there is evidence that Assange accused of several crimes.

Who is right ??
Holder was originally for Snowden requested prison, but now did find justification for an affair that has shaken America, but the whole world. I think it's actually acted in the public interest because it encouraged discussions that led to the changes that we napravili- said Holder for The Axe Files, reports RT.However, Holder was then pointed out that Snowden should be punished for leaking confidential documents, arguing that this violates American interests and that the agents because the affair was exposed to danger.-Ono As Snowden did and the way this is done is completely inappropriate and protuzakonit- said the former Attorney General.The famous whistleblower Jullian Assange speaking at a conference to mark the tenth anniversary of the beginning of WikiLeaks. Assange said that WikiLeaks released 10 million documents for 10 years. Daily it was an average of 3,000 documents.- You discover a lot of documents, but the reactions of governments and states of these documents reveal a lot - said Assange.Can not we attack the drone? - Clinton said at a meeting at the State Department. Many who were in the room began to laugh, but soon stopped when they saw that she was not joking, reveal sources. Clinton Assange described as a "relatively soft target" who "freely walk around" and sticking his nose without fear of reprisal USA.
National security is a term that can be defined as a state of protection of fundamental values ​​of the society and of the corresponding institutions, protection of vital national interests, the integrity of the national territory and its institutions, or more generally as a political safety of the nation. The term "national security" changes its content and scope in accordance with the historical, political and geopolitical changes and circumstances. Also, its meaning depends on ideological and worldview starting points. Defining national security every single society, as well as any theoretician, expresses their values, their fears and hopes, all of which is conditioned by the specific situation in which the company is located.Sources of threats to national interests can be external and internal, and may take the following forms:an armed attack or aggression by other countries or otherinternal armed rebellionterrorismdiversionespionagekidnapping and hostage-takingpolitically motivated violenceviolent separation of national territory or the annexation of the national territory of another Stateviolent change of the constitutional and legal order or prevent their establishment, including state / military coupexternal secret effort for the realization of the impact on the national political and economic relations and flowsattempts to revise the nation at a disadvantage or addiction to another country or international organizationundermining or weakening national defense and military powerundermining or weakening of national economic and financial powerthe attack on the facilities of vital infrastructure and public and protected communication systemsthe disclosure of classified informationgreat natural and civil disastersepidemicacts that are prohibited by international law such as illicit trafficking in arms, drugs and people.
Croatia is trying to build a state of national security in which will be secured by its freedom, sovereignty and territorial integrity within the framework of internationally agreed arrangements, human freedom and rights of its citizens, political and social stability of the society, sustainable economic development in conditions of freedom and enterprise markets, the rule of law state, internal order and personal safety of citizens, and healthy and stable environmental conditions.
We are small and young country by all laws also tell us that we are all systematically assured full citizens with all human first, which are written in our constitution.Since I am not a politician, various industries and diplomacy; the above persons who are listed there in our so-called whistleblowers who are trying to prevent a variety of politicians and lobbyists to influence our social system; that, if they were easy in this struggle, no evidence and evidence of proceedings in court as witnesses they were in it all alone.The people are in some cases grouped in parties or associations and trying to differently affect the illegal and non-judicial decisions as individuals and various influential groups.I generally do not want to again initiate various cold war and that our children have to learn over again in the school system and to again live in fear of some dictator or various types of terror.To give you an excuse to be understood politics and politicians, is not likely to accept anyone as constantly witnessing throughout the world; the various upheavals and global irregularities and if it is not happening with us and affect our lives.I had a normal life through time for different thinking, and about politics, or perhaps because of my knowledge of, or the sightings and reports on TV and maybe I am a woman from another a presence until now have not accepted the fact that I join in any political party.Strong as I am or do-gooder would not long survive in politics because she has two or knife blades, sometimes dull and sometimes too harsh on the man who in many ways may die.Maybe I have the same variety of turmoil experienced within the work and understand what is global in any kind of life going despite various academics, scientists and universities and in spite of the legal system ..Selling the nation for political protect their own principles? They sold us during too many years colored people we promised hills and valleys and in the end it came down to their enrichment, buying expensive tie and departments or works of art yacht and various numerous villas, under the motto "all in behalf of the people ".I think I now understand why I deal sad theme; I want to live like my family and our children of the third generation;and it now rather than when in a grave string my bones or end up in a crematorium.They have to understand that these people are they very good and humble and do not tend to their wishes; have a high school, fakutlete and medium; aware of their power.Our Domestic Economy and our little human economy and our income does not have to be violent buck than just normal life.They are the people themselves or when blinded by the loss of the politicians in space and time, why can not remain the way coffee are born from their parents, at least what they are taught through childhood and it is not to be corrupt thieves, fierce egoists and centrists or, God forbid, like Al Capone modern *.They will answer themselves, no matter to you is just an illusion or a lie through newspapers and TV? If it is only our perception of why you security services and courts stretched like chewing gum? Everyone wreck even the beggar his little pale face.

What I will say for whistle blowers; people have no human power as God's not for any mechanism or forgiveness by God or man, and I'm responsible for every procedure and to d just about this publicly write-what to say about this; that roar through the bird cvkut, and only hurts me, but there is already written, and at least 10 one reached enlightenment.If we drop this off in the original Croatian language most people that me and monitored and does not belong to this country and native language will not try to compile or read because it is still a lot of work.If you translate it into English then a little more mature people with my speaking will not translate them because most flourish in an environment where you only used the Croatian language and have no contact with English or other foreign languages ​​because they are dedicated to their small lives and small moments of surfing the Internet or socializing citizens. I'm not very easy because it's my cause headaches and frequent changes of address to various profiles on social networking sites, I do not want to remain hidden but do not want to ridicule or running after me and withdrawal sleeve quiet person like this speaks about the life and lives and attempts at altering life ..Vukojevic is a retired judge of the Constitutional Court of the far right political orientation. He is the past few years one of the main political strategist HDZ president Tomislav Karamarko. Vukojevic for a long time very often, and in some periods of the day comes in the headquarters of HDZ. Formally, there is not employed, the party holds the position of Secretary of the Club of Founders of HDZ, Karamarko and close associates claim that just Vukojevic figures as creator and initiator of most Karamarko public political appearances. These appearances mostly focused on forcing ideological and world-view of public discussions that began HDZ classed according to a rigid right-oriented political party, which is actually a reflection of Vukojevic political views.



Vice Vukojevic, claims the report, to maintain links to the French military intelligence officer, Second Secretary of the French Embassy, ​​and delivered to him the secrets of materials during the war.Vukojevic as Assistant Minister of Interior and Chairman of the parliamentary Commission for the Investigation of War and post-war crimes in the period from 1991 to 1994 "the intolerable and hypocritical manner gained access, this was done copies of files from person documentary funds of the former State Security Service of the Republic Secretariat of Internal Affairs Socialist Republic of Croatian. "This is a dramatic appeal to only a part of the files of a dozen pages of the Service for protection of constitutional order in July 1995 in which it warns of the suspicious activities of Vice Vukojevic, one of the most powerful people of Tudjman's regime, which is still one of the most influential people in HDZ, Tomislav Karamarko. Complete file labeled "SECRET" and includes a list of 205 files which are said to be the Vice Vukojevic alienated from SZUP, Nacional is the strictest secrecy submitted HDZ member, a member of the moderate party power. This member of the HDZ, one of the party members to observe how deep dissatisfaction within the party growing influence of people from the former intelligence milieu."Sensationalist-politicized manner, with the present abuse, with a view to compromise security" and so that "construction and insinuations caused panic, fear and psychosis". Then the list published them in the newsroom plant bombs due to their "systematic disclosure of the presence and action of the Yugoslav secret service UDBA and KOS in the Croatian state." SZUP reacted so compiled mentioned secret report claiming that behind this list actually are "editors in the shadow of" Vice Vukojevic, Nikola Stedul, Bozo Vukusic and Antun Babic. The report argues that these editors conceived contents to be displayed and provide basic information or documents for articles. What is all the way Vukojevic procure documents or trying to reach them, is described in the report: "In particular deceptive manner, 19. 4. 1994 attempted to gain insight into the dossier of Bishop Joseph Arnerića and others, saying that this has an order and approval of the President, as the direct testing with the President proved false, and Vukojevic denied access.

Is this true revelation; I as a reader can only guess?It is possible that someone deliberately throws a spam or text to attract attention or someone humiliated.It may also be true?
But all the pounding and the one and the other way by journalism so they become yellow prints rather than normal newspapers that serve to publish the truth.
It can not be put on the scales even say something smart because they dig the information and it is not complete and more especially before 30,40 or 50 years and especially if you have not participated as a witness of the event can be obtained half or insignificant so-called evidentiary
Avengers feats and hunt different political structures and machinations of course there's that and deliberately created with the help of specialist events as well as hard evidence.
Reasons ** do not ask me ** I'm not here to create a mass mania various fears *

insurance coverage of sustainability of the political system and the constitutional order
"So far we are faced with a serious lack of adequately educated and trained staff who can cover the area of ​​cyber security," said Professor Mike Harris Burmester, the lead researcher on Grant. "The growth of the Internet and its penetration into almost every aspect of our lives makes it an attractive target for terrorist attack. It is necessary to develop new operational doctrines, the ability to apply the Internet for the public good and to train professionals for the protection of national infrastructure including banking system, stock market, power grid and military information. "I am nevertheless aware that everything connected to the Internet or any action remains written trail about me I'm a little snowdrop and fledgling but besides various trick menacing person to me is not about any danger or tragicomedy ..I follow the rules as they are in my capabilities, more reading, exploring, music and movies have no need to pirate downloading (dedicated to something else), I'm certain time yelled / screamed, I was perhaps the only day one of the more reasonable if it comes spring?In the goat, momentarily did not senile or rest naughty actions that occur on the Internet can not remember ..Mostly it depends on the person's age, with age many things evolve, and you no longer have children's curiosity and mischief.


ideological-political clearance through information and propaganda, disable public action their

political opponents;Greater ideological and territorial appetites.



The White Paper is just that, a list of persons for whom its unnamed assemblers consider them because of their unacceptable political views should be prevented from having a public act. It is debatable variety of topics, while the authors of the White Paper does not even try to explain what is in one of the many examples presented unacceptable thinking or wrong factually incorrect.


Department of state security showed more understanding of the real problems of the former Yugoslav society and has started preparations to counter the Greater ideological and territorial appetites, while the party ideologues held shaken cult of Tito and the YugoslavUnlike marginalized party fanatics, the State Security Service acted professionally. It did not deal with cases outside the republic borders. The list of persons over whom he spent processing no Serbian and Slovenian dissidents. By far the most common categories of processed persons are Croatian nationalists. On that list are all members of the Croatian political leadership that after 21 sessions had to resign, all members of phantom committee fifty on trial for subversion as well as all the prominent leaders of the student movement of 1971..*corruption in public administration, state institutions, and government and public companies one of the most important challenges the Croatian which endangers the functioning of markets, economic growth, reduces tax sources and damages the state budget, and creates uncertainty and loss of confidence in state institutions.
Through numerous complaints As stated in the annual report, it is evident distrust of citizens to justice, but also the legality of the decisions made, and therefore the judicial system and its performance as a whole. Citizens unhappy merit judicial decisions pointing to illegal conduct of judges, arguing that it is favoring or abuse of judicial office.



It is unfortunate that journalists should write about this in a certain way, but it's their job but as a rule with such matters dealing with safe service no matter what role in society have certain people; no cover-ups than solving rather than continuously throughout the centuries stuffing all garbage and dust under state or prime minister or even the presidential carpeting ..
it turns out that the policy only those who maintain the purity of these carpets most loyal politicians and holders of this society.