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In the service of the brother of a man's words, in the light of the human Mirrors, in which the soul that "the sins of many carry on himself" is reflected on what never falls, what the moth nor rust will not stir.

"The world is tight, and the mind is vast. They think they live easily next to each other, but things in the area painfully collide."

Understand,; Where the lifestyle lends itself to struggle for existence

Blockbusters of ambition through "talent agency" the scent of luxury and acquaintances with "exotic travels" to the world metropolis .... may be your ticket to the big leagues***

All the benefits of the earthly life from the tree of knowledge Good and evil on the faces that have forgotten the hope

my filigree Creative expression in different ways …

Para-a moral Demode for better or for worse, sickness and in health until death do us part