All the benefits of the earthly life from the tree of knowledge Good and evil on the faces that have forgotten the hope

Is it at all probable that we know it? Apparently not the problem we come to know. We wonder if we come to know, will we know it safe and true? If we really know if we can tell it to others? Is it just my personal impressions?
From the standpoint of modern science According to some judgments, the Bible could be considered as the first scientific textbook in human history, as it tries to explain the world around us and not just lay the rules for believers. The series of questions posed in the Book of Genesis are very modern questions, such as the origin of life and the beginning of good and evil. As the universe emerged, what is the meaning of sex and why we are older, questions have not changed, but the answers are. But there were before the Bible mystical works that were trying to explain the world, Genetics Intended for believers and unbelievers ...

The bearers of biological inheritance do not translate the human traits that have been acquired throughout life, while the inheritance of culture only concerns such characteristics! Culture is gained only by inspiration, training, and learning from other human beings (ie, non-biological). It is undeniable that hereditary tendencies can affect the speed, quality and quantity of culture and its individual elements, but they never determine what is actually achieved or transmitted. Genetic factors can, for example, influence whether one will be easier or harder to learn one or more languages, but not what, and even less, what, when and how to talk to each one. According to their cultural identity, people have not been born as believers or atheists, culturally superior or abnormally "cultivated" by the peoples, miners, soldiers, scientists or artists, since the birth of Bosnians, Americans, Chinese or Hotentots. They become by learning and upbringing, or by accepting and adopting the characteristic elements of the cultural particularity of the mentioned groups.
Someone says that what can not be said should be silenced, whether you are aware of how silent the heavy*Bring life to order and not put them in chaos.
Is it possible and in what way spontaneous, to turn natural security into scientific, ie critically secured, certainty? = This is a question that starts debating. In everyday life, we do not mind knowledge, but in the cognitive-theoretical plan we are struggling with these issues.
Insecurity is not just the fault of the senses because they can easily be removed. The suspicion has other foundations. If a man is placed in a different environment, his knowledge changes.
 Find the grain of truth that lies in every conviction.

The most famous and the most important story in which the whole story rests on the fact that there are two worlds. This line divides the world into two worlds. There are different approaches in them. By recognizing the world, the world is just an opinion. While there is another knowledge of the world of thought in knowledge. Our spirit is from the lowest point of observation to eternal ideas. The lowest level is guessing and these are shadows. The second degree is belief. The subject of this world is real things around us. Not in the theological sense. This is still visible because we still do not know for sure. Entering the 2nd to 3rd degree, we enter the thought world ..
The man I have to get used to daylight, watching the sunlight.


For our everyday life, natural laws seem unmistakable and we have no reason to doubt them (in some things it would be strange to doubt, like in the law of gravitation). Spontaneous security is imposed on us. It is necessary to have a reason and a foundation, and it can not have it in a deductive conclusion, but it is necessary to look for another basis and reason for security. We will look for evidence of the survival of the outside world and the acceptance of historical cognition.All the sciences want to deal with some general, conclusions, principles ... and here we have a history that deals with concrete facts. Is history science and is it necessary for that science? History does not deal with abstraction, ... No man is so individual that he will not be influenced by some determinants of long people or time. That his life and development are not affected by the achievements and works of other people. The fact is not an individual. It exists with other people and beings and enriches this active coexistence,Every human court was true or not, every statement necessarily excludes its denial. Anyone who tried to take their thoughts away from their judgments would have taken the possibility of thinking ..

The term "to be". The term means to live realistically, that is, what is there. This in itself excludes its opposite - not being. The meaning of this term can not be determined because we have no experience in it. Records of some of the known realities can be estimated by their own experience.
Universal value; Worthy for all with Taking a stand and RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TRUTH AND FREEDOM..

Who Early Ransom *
I did not catch the first sun, nor did I wait for a dawn in a clear tone, something changed my schedule, and that is to have my few good hours for a healthy and refreshed mind.
Early philosophical dilemma, I know that I do not want to cure my heart as crazy as such a maddening awakening; it is not a sign of health and it is not a nice day with which I started a deeply debated theme from which I can not see the way out.
Kant This argues, Aristotle, and Socratus is something tithing, and all that Tom tells the truth is written somewhere in some script.
In addition to the Easter Monday a few hours ago it was still cloudy, but it was finally supervised by some sun, there was somebody who does what, who and whenever it works. Maybe today I get a plus for the effort of writing and clarifying this gordy knot ..
The height of the reaction, which is largely self-evident in affirming that some are right, the human mind as the thought entity consists of more reasonable and distant places in various shades and is sometimes better removed for some reactions that are on our side and accidentally pop up and buoy In a moment and too much time needs to be raised.
Where I ran, various prints a few days ago And I came out somewhat from the writing line.For those who know the meaning of that word, the straight course of writing themes.Sometimes I just wake up with a single mindset that introduces me to the subject, possessing a computer, and with a variety of questions and exploring, I develop a further flow.If everyone writes in this way, I do not want to recommend, although at first it looks fun and interesting too much to me as a part of the mind exhausts and leads to subconsciousness, issues and worries, and the adult reason I embody in my life school and understanding for other people around me.Do you know what the price of all this is?
That is why sometimes I go to mind to supplement and narrow my mind and entertain my mind by painting some of the themes that arise and sometimes just to abstraction.No, I tried to look at a couple of cartoons and movies but people was a coma of life, and that was just one day.
Your answer, that you are currently available to work,
you would pray to God and day and night for just one day of rest.
My dear friends tried this life: 8 working hours should be devised both for god and man, as well as for days of rest or hours, but every minute spent more than looking at the wall or the ceiling in the living room or the bedroom.
Man is a work of nature and a man has built a house for his grief, but he does this gnawing outside among other people and animals as well.
What I liked instead of cakes and cooked Ham: sweetheart; i will cabbage, green salad and plain carrot .
And a pot of good soup.First they enjoy us and call on TV ads to buy ham and then bombard us to be scared: Croatians eat 1000 tons of ham and 30 million eggs for Easter ..BU,Ha,Ha..
And we'll all be switching to vegan most industries would be shut down and people without jobs and cattle without food..So that some joy other than the sun and the children singing voices and a friendly face, and a good word for us are merely pleasure.It's just one adult my life that for some reason loses its rhythm and quickly gets bad disorders thanks to the god that not all so sensitive;That I am not of those who suffer from severe disorders so they can not overcome the threshold of their own home due to various fears.
About old long-lost philosophers and scientists, their time has passed, take away the time of new discoveries and discoveries, but of course it should not be forgotten by young people. But do not bother to blot and blot the empty slime for the next 50 years and lose sight of something Has been proven, as proven, but not affirmed with new findings and scholarly discoveries, as long as they can stand at 20 in the early 19th century.
oh my, I will end on this way..