Blockbusters of ambition through "talent agency" the scent of luxury and acquaintances with "exotic travels" to the world metropolis .... may be your ticket to the big leagues***

Self, Private, Public, Mediated Interaction, Social media, Impression Management, Backstage, Front Stage, Performance, Rituals.

In a very difficult time, a blow to the no-curse of circles, suddenly falling over the edge of life into an endlessly deep bush - no bottom, no end ... "in the bohemian mile
All of them grew up without love, attention, and understanding, followed by one
Inside the world, mankind instead of the future of the horn in the inhuman world in which people cannabally insensitively knock each other out of the naked existence from today to tomorrow, waiting for the inevitable evil: Everything that seems to be a scene, a play,
Spectacle, ready to sacrifice themselves for an effective, unexpected and paradoxical scene*.

#in the organization as theatre metaphor, extant dramaturgical perspectives limit the ability to account for aesthetic experiences in theatrical situations...
Since there is a show business, there are also scams that are more than welcome in this business. It is not at all controversial as such in this business, it is only important that it be performed as close and as possible closer to the truth as it is then the most efficacious. It lacks a variety of soybeans, regardless of knowledge and education, with many acquaintances in various circles and with Expressed in earnest desire. He says, look at the performer and tell him what his manager is. To their clients, contractors, especially if they are at the very beginning, they try to organize everything: career, life, names, even love meetings, royalties, concerts, employers, front page, gossip, and media interviews, to the uttering of debts . Money, and sometimes thousands and hundreds of thousands of euros, is a fussy item in this business. Extreme managers, similar to the tycoons, are governed by the undefiled rule of the mighty: they are the greatest of all, and in public they do not appear. If they appear, then it is strictly smeared.
"Girls from this world think they have succeeded when they record a song or spot, appear on a cover page as a model, and then become a clitoris of athlete or tycoon, with such regulars having a few months and controlling every single minute of their lives, all in the name High society and material wealth.
Rising musicians, they are extremely sensitive and have a strong need for self-identification and universal proof. With them the tensions are strongest and the work of PR managers and producers in these circumstances draws a lot of energy. It is very important that your client "listens" to the media strategy and agrees with your suggestions and job selections. If everyone pulls to their side, then there is no mutual respect or trust, some relationships grow into friendship very quickly, and some never. And this is the rule that has been confirmed throughout these years in the business, because some relationships never go through that hard business line even with daily sightings and work. Which call "because it sounds faded or is" well paid " We talk about the fact that at most faculties this is the easiest way, and it is managed by "not having a fine diploma." As we have "fast food" so we have a "quick extract" made by "jumbo beans", "yogurt composers "And" yellow media. "The creators of this virtual estrade are the owners of discotheques and clubs, whose goal is to earn as much money as possible on the cheap work force. Eradicary journalists for 50 euros of fees from such beaver are the real media star and we thus get a false A comedy and a fake estrange. The composers and writers of heartless songs are coming to the scene, who are only interested in what they call a hit sale for 15,000 euros.
A business manager handles the financial affairs of entertainers, athletes, and other high-profile public figures. This person may work for a large management firm with several clients, or as a dedicated partner to one group or individual. In the absence of a large business team surrounding the client this person may wear many hats, serving as publicist, booking agent, and personal manager. By this distinction a manager is not the same as an agent. However, in states that require no such professional license, the manager may perform the functions of an agent: booking concerts, appearances, auditions, and other paid work like endorsement deals. In all cases, the manager will negotiate with third parties (promoters, booking agents, record labels) on behalf of the artist. This person is paid a commission for his or her services—industry standard is 10 to 20 percent of the client’s entertainment income.Some incompetent managers invoke staff pity more than pain, while others drain the morale from a conference room -- something akin to draining the available oxygen -- the moment they walk in;nearly six in 10 surveyed actually described them with the word "idiot." These bosses don’t mentor, train or lead their employees; they compete with them. The Claim Jumper takes credit for the project you spent all Thursday night working on ..A competent leader nurtures his or her employees’ creativity and invests in their success. In contrast, “no, but” bosses consistently shoot down ideas that aren’t their own, resist change (even if it means becoming more efficient) and hold staff to impossible, vague standards. Employees of no, but bosses likely have notebooks or email drafts full of interesting proposals and client ideas they were too discouraged to even bring up.Unfiltered uncles adhere to an “act first, apologize later” philosophy, but those apologies rarely come.There is a reason Hollywood produced a movie called Horrible Bosses, as well as a sequel. Listen in on conversations at a happy hour on any given Friday, and you will hear all about them. Bad bosses can be found at every level of management, and they often display the same characteristics.
Narcissist & Bully. Me. Me. Me. Terrible bosses are endlessly self-centered. Everything is about them and not the people they manage or what is going on in their employees’ personal lives. It is never about the team, but rather all about how good they look. Conversely, great bosses lead with integrity, honesty, care, and authenticity. Bullies manage through fear mongering and intimidation. Often a “screamer” as well, these people do not give guidance; they bully. They also create a culture of distrust, nervousness, and fear. Under their thumb, employees are worried about losing their jobs. Office politics begin to dominate employee performance. This bullying often includes lying about people behind their backs and leading active campaigns to turn friends into workplace enemies.
Suck Up & Always Right. How many times have you heard the term kiss ass in your workplace? Bad bosses are notorious for spending little time with the people they manage. Instead, they spend their time sucking up to their boss and only trying to look good in their boss’s eyes. These bosses have a compulsive need to be right and consistently point out how others are wrong. They can never admit a mistake and say, “I am sorry.” Tolerant of Mediocrity & Manipulative. These bosses care more about whether employees kiss ass than how they perform. They are tolerant of employees who do average or subpar work as long as they suck up and try to make the bad boss look good. Even if it is glaringly apparent that a poor performer must go, that person can remain in the position because of the ability to suck up.
Bad bosses are notorious for scheming and manipulating others, either for their own agenda or just for fun. It’s almost like a game to them, and they toy with people as though they are puppets. Sadly, this manipulation results in hurt feelings and an untold amount of wasted energy.
...through pseudo-events and self-conscious images constructed for public consumption,narrative and private image will serve as the object of interest,often tell a different story with discursive struggle for control;added to the grand narratives as a humanized or relatable figure,usually keep from sight; hide.

Fakest for TV?-dramaturgical perspective

Celebrities staged personal life events for professional gains
Despite the programme being billed as a true insight into the family life, even the outside of the house is FAKE"a lot of aspects of the show re-shooting scenes to make the stars look their best*
All the time I try to make people who turn into idols and various stars to understand them as people of the same kind as our little ones, but some are particularly excited from normal behavior and act what they are in fact and are not; their goals are different.
For some it is just a big profit and satisfaction of the media and managers as well as audiences, advertising campaigns and dialects who are at the end of their only friends and they say the best. Second, it is the satisfaction to the corrupt conversion and the fulfillment of their own emptiness with the spoiled entertainment for the high society ...
(faux-ments from reality )a frontier version of the angel in the house with a 21st-century social interaction and presentation of the self**staging a break-up or fabricating link-ups, or even instigating marriage rumours, these celebrities haven't shied away from using their personal life for professional benefits.From clever PR strategies for movies to brand promotions, celebrities haven't shied away from using their personal lives to attain professional gains on various occasions.
A scroll through a typical feed is likely to reveal improbable images of just the right artisanal pizza, attractive couples drunk in love and eyebrows “on fleek,” all captured in perfect light and enhanced with various editing tools.
Life becomes a never-ending junior varsity “Vanity Fair” shoot, and the pressure among Instagram’s regular users to present idealized images of themselves has only increased as celebrities have inundated the platform with their own envy-evoking posts.
"We do not content ourselves with the life we have in ourselves and in our own being; we desire to live an imaginary life in the mind of others, and for this purpose we endeavour to shine. We labour unceasingly to adorn and preserve this imaginary existence and neglect the real."
entitled “Daily Life,” color saturated"*pretty intriguing for production