free love..emotional condom “like sports, lifestyle, showbiz and fun and other drugs'(Translation: sex with no commitment )

valuable minutes in unnecessary communication...

"I'm sick of these connections without obligation ... where to hide and hang out only in four walls ... I got up the courage and I wrote him everything I think and I'd like more to me is our behavior on children's level, etc .." from the pen one sexual revolutionary not Me**

Emotional needs of women is not easy to satisfy and therefore decided to mantra - "It is easier to recover from bad sex than of a bad connection." The remains of a bad connection is not easily cleaned.
Therefore believe that men are much easier to deal and cope with those things down, while not complicated either get the whole woman.
And then some things to be simple, not complicated. Sex is easy, and the emotions are tough. Dicks are undemanding, and men are complicated. Women do not like complicated!
Yes, consciously you may say that they are adults and that alone can make their choices, but deep within them a little girl they warned that too free sexual behavior wrong and that the sentence surely follow.
The concept of "fuck-buddies" in recent times current within the popular genre and fine resting on the modern all superficial, emotionally unavailable to male-female relationships in the real world in which both sides are often too proud to confess feelings or simply fear of ending broken heart.
New forms of relations, including the famous "friends with benefits" - the relationship without the obligation of fidelity and other intimacies that form a "real" relationship.
The sexual revolution began in the Sixties liberalized the (sexual) relationships between people and snatched them from the shackles of the so-called monogamous relationships.
At first, so arranged things sound great - both partners know what they want and why they were there, and on the other hand are completely free and without any liability to each other, especially in years when the marriage, kids and liabilities comprise remote thousands of light years.
the stereotype of men as insensitive seducers and women as emotional tyrants**

(Not) defined relations relationship in which it is exclusively about sex and their youth leave the relationship that you meet and where the future questionable; ends up frustration and regret.
When a man says: 'I am not serious with that woman, "he really meant. Not tied emotionally to such a partner as deliberately chooses the one with which it has no intention to 'go further than sex', you will be hard to maintain a relationship that is based on casual sex without commitment. You must give each other complete freedom, but in this case you will want more.

Perhaps it is indeed unfair, but women have different historical heritage of men. Members of the stronger sex throughout history are encouraged to conquests, including the conquest of women. Women are more centuries orientated to keeping families, bending the nest and search for stable and secure connections. Such a long-term legacy can not be ignored and is an integral part of the life of every woman - wanted they admit it or not. Even in the most modern woman a very broad understanding of crouching guardian of the family that will eventually occur, if only for a moment.

The evolutionary impact "Hollywood clichés" stamped "R" rating by Theorizing about the rules of five compounds ("I saw it in the movie ...") that seductively winking double standards of the genre**

Sita Rom-Com who tell her everything would be O.K., and unable to meet Prince Charming, then a prince from a fairy tale, decides to be "emotionally shut down as George Clooney." Eternal bachelor mentioned and fresh straight Dylan, in the context of that will only "work and fuck like Clooney". -seks without (the) relationship, as something normal guy to play tennis or shake hands, and whatever happens, remain friends, believing they can keep emotions out of it (of course, can not)
Question: "Why film never shows what happens after the kiss?". Answer: "The show, and called porn." And without obligation and tear, with all the amenities.

The more often you have sex, it will want more. But to longer were unencumbered obligations, Prune schedule - make a break of five days every two to three weeks. Research universities Texas A & M found that levels of the hormone oxytocin fall if it is not exposed to your semen. Cooling period will calm her body craving for intimacy, and when you go back into operation - again will be in the original mood for optional connection.

However, the researcher, professor of psychology Zana Vrangalova year revealed that "connection without obligation" can make people depressed.
Apparently, if you feel better or worse after such a relationship depends on what your motives.
Vrangalova says that with the team came to the conclusion that if you enter into a sexual relationship to be a revenge, himself raised the self-confidence and avoid unpleasant feelings, you will probably be after the same "bite conscience".
On the other hand, if you want sex for one night to explore their sexuality, have fun and enjoy, since it can only benefit.


If we talk about the younger generation, the answer is yes. Many young people do not know what they want in their life, but know very well what they do not want. Serious relationship with the obligations, responsibilities, reporting on where they are, what they are doing and where they're going, where rare young person sounds interesting.
Sex as much as was without emotion is an intimate act, and therefore fertile ground for emotions. And it is inevitable that they will develop sympathy, but if you develop on both sides, we have a nice happy story of two lovers. But more likely is that one party develops sympathy, develop more sympathy for that of another. And then be told that feeling that we have a lot of intimate relations, but without intimacy, so many meetings, and no companionship, so much time, and there is your time. These are the emotions, it is ... oh hell it is and love, and all that's out of a relationship with no strings attached.

In fact, women are twice as likely to have an orgasm if you are in a real relationship, but if you have sex only recreationally.
More specifically, only 40% of women reach orgasm during the "casual" sex, compared with 80% of men and 75% of women climaxing during sex in a serious relationship.
Sexual adventure women scientists compared, and dinner at home. She will go when the guests to dinner to get food, but will not be able to say is not what they want to eat, not how he wants it to be prepared, so in the "casual" sex.

Here are tips from a specific women's magazine ***

Men who are looking for a one night stand should their sights on whose face looks like the face of actress Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci.
And women on the hunt for a husband should not try anything with men like Bruce Willis and instead seek out men softer face of Leonardo DiCaprio

The study found that men are more attractive women interested in sex with no strings attached, and women are less attractive promiscuous men. Women in a small number of selected sex with no strings attached, and want a stable men who will care for them and their children.


Short and sweet ... that you support such a link, ie. If you've been in this relationship ... as you is prevented to proceed or what you thought when you had such a link ??? Oh, everything is allowed to write ... all !!! (Clear who has the courage)

- Magnet-called casual sex

There are some underlying sexual differences between men and women why men hard to understand women and women difficult to understand men. Although there are individual variations, we will list a few, almost universal, facts about men that women can never understand:
- daily fantasies about having sex with various partners and in different situations
- masturbate during these fantasies
- during lovemaking "spices" Sex imagining another partner
- these same men who used sex to show love, can manipulate the sex and make love for the sake of sex itself.
Most men sometimes want to have sex purely for physical needs no desire for intimacy or connection. The man sometimes wants only the female body. She can not sleep, be drunk or even watch television; it does not care. Women sex equate with love and intimacy, and it made it very difficult to understand. Women are often more important closeness and the feeling of being loved than sex itself. And this is achieved with a beloved partner. That's why they like sex instinct, purely physical needs without feeling, unknown term.
Women are also often ask why a man paid for sex when the sex in our society can relatively easily get for free. The man does so because he wants only "in and out" quickly and without obligation. This way of thinking is inconceivable women.
More incomprehensible is for women to understand how a man can have sex with a woman he does not like at noon and then expect sex from the woman he loves the same afternoon. This totally draining and soon after joining of sex and love, it is hard to understand people who are not men.
One of the reasons why it can is sexually mature males that occurs in puberty much earlier than mature enough for a relationship and intimacy. Therefore, for many years, or until the moment when sexual power begins to weaken, sexual energy constantly threatens bond which is formed. Lust and happiness
The man often feels to be in love when in fact the case of lust. If then declares his love - it is usually the woman prematurely. This reckless statement about love (lust) man intimidated by a woman before you encourage the development of links. If so soon fell in love, then you will quickly and fall out of love, their thinking.
In sex without love and men are very easy to engage. When they are "lucky", is considered to be very good and desirable development of events. Often does not matter who they are "lucky".
Because men use sex as a way to emotional ties and also completely separate sex from emotional ties, and women use emotional connection as a way to sex, obviously it takes a lot of understanding when it comes to sex in our society.
Both men and women should remember the following: If you think you're right, and he / she is wrong and disrespectful when thinking about sex partner, you prevent the possibility of intimate relationships with the opposite sex. For a successful relationship requires adjustment and compromise: if we truly care about our partner / partners then take care of what you will / is hurt. Evolution we have gained understanding that allows us to conduct impulses, therefore it is not beyond our control.
If you already can not change, women may be able to comfort the fact that men behave stereotypically "male" to be secure in their masculinity. Do not act so that frustrated women.The power of the media is enormous. It enters into every house and reaching out to every family and individual. Everything we see and hear affects our way of thinking. And how much time we spend every day in front of the TV or with paper? No one can hide under the glass bell.

Developed societies do not leave individuals to self-care and coping unsystematic in acquiring these skills, but encourage different social strategy media literacy, following positive international examples and recommendations.
UNESCO is still in the seventies raised the question of media education. Based on the idea of ​​the importance that the media play in the life of individuals and families, have asked to meet at the international level scientists to explore ways to incorporate media education in the educational systems of all developed, however, and less developed countries. The media are neither harmful nor useful, and can be both. Though the public interest, are dangerous and harmful foreign media, excessive violence, pornography, stereotypes, sensationalism and tabloid, they can be a useful source of entertainment and information. Both methods affect the social socialization and identity formation of children and adults, and even national identity. Stereotypes: The mass media using stereotypes shape the understanding and view of the world. is defined as the group of generalized and widely accepted beliefs about the characteristics of the members of the second set. Bit stereotypes in perception that every person belonging to a group such as "type" and not of a single individual. For example, the stereotypical belief that all blondes stupid and brunettes fiery. As the stereotypical belief that men are better drivers than women. Stereotypes are often not entirely untrue, but can be proven only by empirical research, Why are the media literacy stereotypes are an important part of media messages and content? Because I can be a direct form of transmission untruths or half-truths that are not always fun and funny, as well as attitudes about blondes, but I can not just be carriers of racist, nationalist, macho, promiscuous, etc.. View of the world, but this view maintain, reinforce and promote.


mutually beneficial relationship

Someone like you, we should have me up and let me go ...??

When one party is not capable of binding: the reasons are fear, emotional tails, or trauma from the past love life. Such people often opt for casual sex with people they know, and they think there is little chance that bind. The problem may represent the other hand, accepting the offer of sex for the reason that perhaps harbors some feelings and wants to be with someone (currently incapable of binding) at any cost. Also, it is important to get things honestly explain and define, in order to avoid unnecessarily hurting the other. A helpful hint: If you really care about a person who only wants sex from you, fight against their personal desires, you might find some time to be ok, but later you will only torture ... I know that if you are already in love with their combination will not so to escape and give up, fortune favors the brave, and there is a chance to emotionally heal a person who was once just want sex from you and to sail in a wonderful relationship.
But older people today are in better physical condition than their peers in previous decades. Not only are they in better physical shape, but are sexually active than previous generations.
Although many will sound incredible their research has shown that today's retirees have more sexual partners and more likely to engage in casual sex with casual partners, the Daily Mail reports.
As a result of this behavior has increased the number of patients with sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes, chlamydia and gonorrhea.
"It is commendable that people in the 60s and 70s have fulfilled sex life, but should take into account sexual diseases. Older people are not accustomed to using condoms, because youth survive in a society where there was no AIDS, and sexually transmitted diseases were not so frequent, "- explained Hall Maggie Mansell..

#must be distinguished from psychological mental violence, the rational from the irrational, active from passive and destructive than constructive as intentional physical and / or psychological damage to the person, living beings and inanimate objects by another person ".#