historical point of view, the principle of equal distribution of power; do "a moral person governed by reason husband and wife taste" enter and exit the personal momentum

*brazenly already a couple of times ridiculed on social sites and by serious, idols and stars and starlets and perhaps the media ..

first look at your Facebook profile...
We all know that Facebook profile reveals a lot about us, so that this has become a great place for potential guys can learn many details that interest them about you. Here's what usually men seeking women on Facebook profiles.
What we once found out about potential partners in the first few dates, now literally we can find out in a couple of clicks on social networking sites.

called "strong"... Oh, friend, do not boast the volume of his biceps, but the volume of the heart. Your strength is not in how many opponents can pull down, but how many enemies you can forgive. Your power is not measured by weight low that you can pick up on the bench, but the weight which you will be able to raise through the building home to his family. You are not strong and in good shape because after each workout in the gym you can squeeze a puddle of sweat from the new Nike jerseys before drink half a liter of protein purchased with money your parents. Indicator of your fitness are dripping sweat that will soak your modest suit while you're hard-earned money to raise a family, day after day, without asking for tomorrow, krijepeći only thought of his wife and children are waiting for the occasional sip of water to which you have earned. You are not a winner when on PLAYSTATION defeat while friends, reclining on the couch of his elders, sipping beer on you threw hard earned money your parents, or, better yet, stole, while a seller in the neighborhood plus the market was not looking. Winner when you successfully and continuously defend born children from bad influences of the world, raising them in love, generosity and self-giving.
How much does it take you to meet someone?
No rules. But some types of people simply can immediately "read". There are also certain types of men that almost every woman simply "must have" at least once in their life.Here's who ...."Bad boy"Women on them just constantly falling and they're easy to spot. Most often have tattoos, they are loud in the company, have interesting stories about their childhood mischief, and rent his pay - parents."Bilder"He is a fan of the gym and can not imagine that one day avoid training. In this regard three of you: you, he and a gym!"As a brother"He is witty, good and convenient. And all the while wondering: Is he perhaps your brother?"Drunkard"At the beginning you are attracted by his bunt, roc`n`roll style, but when you realize that he was drunk at a birthday of your grandmother, you are aware that there is a problem. Eating something along the way, and his home can hardly be called: home.SeniorHe has retired gray, knows what she wants in life. And it will not. It is particularly charismatic and attracted you to his sex appeal. However, there is no reason why at my age I am still.
These are the types of men that women must have at least once in a lifetime

There are certain types of men that almost every woman simply "must have" in your life. At least before marriage.

Yes ahhhhh......
road movie

Before the advent of the women in your life, there is usually a car. And there are so-called your friends. None of it will not be with you much longer, but both could survive the journey by road, which you will remember after you absorbed by large commitments and loan installments. When you are with a lover, notes Dr. Petrick, often you are someone who really was not you. This does not happen when you are with your friends. "You fart more and more to burp," he says, but this is not the only benefit. The main benefit is that you can truly be you, said Dr. Petrick.....
Already me in the eyes scratched so obvious artificiality of the countless social phenomena of our time, and in a special way this endangered see key feature of the stronger sex - maleness.
Defense mechanisms: repression (repression), denial, rationalization, reaction formation, projection, displacement, regression, sublimation (compensation)
When both sexes interact in the service of generosity and mercy, psychological, physiological and neurological fact statistically speaking weaknesses before they themselves become prey, the ways in which your brothers and sisters affect adult life affect us more than just a common gene and doma.Stimulus for overcome their fears or correcting certain trait own character, without endanger their own identity and beliefs.

All who helped his younger brother with the task or borrowed makeup older sisters know that our brothers and sisters strongly influence the formation of our personality.
According to the latest research of our relations with our brothers and sisters play a greater role in this what will become of parental support, intelligence, social skills and work ethic.

hierarchy, asymmetry, marginality, deconstruction ...
The brothers and sisters are trying to be different from each other - for each set there are thousands of other brothers and sisters who are actively trying to take what different lives, and as age closer to the more trying.
Older siblings are usually smarter - on average, older siblings have three IQ points more than younger, supposedly because they receive undivided parental attention in the crucial early years.
Firstborn usually more respect the rules and academically focused, while younger siblings prefer to take the plunge - Caspi says that children use different strategies in order to gain parental time and resources, and they depend on what their birth order
The boys with older sisters are less competitive - on the other hand, the growth of children of the same sex increases the chances of competitiveness, which can be good but not necessarily.
If you, your parents often compare the psychological impact will be in your adult life - studies have shown that people who are often compared with his own brothers and sisters a lot more concerned about their own economic success, and that people who earn more than their siblings more satisfied with their lives.

brothers by his father and mother and sisters were not brothers nor  naughty twins women of other men and women of our global world Equality.
Many girls and women at the beginning of a relationship is extremely careful in order to say or do anything that might jeopardize the otherwise great relationship. One of the Pandora's box that can not be opened it with a label that person male sex that you like comparing somehow with his older brothers with which you share a genetic heritage, family life as members and parents and other relatives.
The team that is in society occur and positive and negative events acts and irregularities and that we are constantly serving and displays works of education and culture change behavior in communities, each display in the film was a Hollywood or Bollywood or representations of soap series as well as the yellow press and some similar gossip .What at Jesus' table, plenty of family disturbances to the individual and society that does not mean that all of what you receive such information from companies or individuals all istina.Abauth diseases and patients will not because it solves country through education society.

tips of magazine....

types of women to avoid *
She knows how to take things into their own hands, has its me and not boring nodding head, which is a smiley face on everything he says. It is also self-conscious, price themselves often and too much, but it makes it sexier. Dear men, a little more caution and deeper analysis once they are more than desirable, because your femme fatale is perhaps a fatal mistake. If you have some of these traits think twice. Women who are dominated by at any time they want to show themselves as superior beings, because they are actually too insecure and dissatisfied with themselves. Strong people aware of their quality never have the need to point their eyes at the man baton with which he trained. Therefore, a woman who cries out for things always under control and presents itself as a cummerbund that no one should fool, in fact itself can hardly be to file and also boasts to hide their weaknesses, too, often tell men what they want to have to them they bought and love in all the material things of the world. It will more delight wrapped gift, but all your kisses and passionate embraces. When you have free time, it is not enough to sit home and make love, but going to the costly restaurant is necessary to make it absolutely satisfied. For such women luxury is important and they will your man first when substitute wealthier.I always be wondering whether it would not be a problem if you your better half does not neglect because of their comrade. If you still doing the theme of what she was doing with her friend and cancels your plans to spend time with her, a woman still not completely cleared away with teenage life. She does not understand how much attention should be paid to the partner for a stable connection. Or simply do not care much for you, a friend of her simplest valve by which relieved of the duty to be with you, the most common characteristic of high school days, many ladies are applied and when supposedly matured. Your friend has a girlfriend or it's simple is not interested in your girl, but she wants at all costs try to capture it. At you seen as ideal bait and a shortcut to succeed in its intention. The benefits you to reach out to your friend first in a friendly way, and then the conquest. However, serious and experienced man such girls easily dismissed by themselves, because such a move interpreted as a typical example of women's immaturity and whim. Therefore, do not let you chasing for such a girl, but laugh at the whole situation and forever her turn back. Like a Hollywood star .....

She was accustomed to being pampered. But are not we all used to love and attention and always yearn to have it and in that regard? When it comes to emotions and care about your partner that there is no division into male-female requirements, because on compliments and attention no one is immune, and everyone is necessary. Therefore, do not too much to be enjoyed in the role of her protector and become her servant. Respect is the foundation of each connection and a good relationship, but if she's just looking to satisfy all their desires - does not respect you. Surely you do not want in her eyes you're an errand boy, who she is always at your service. Women who behave like stars, and your man treated like a loser, can not be good partners. Do not let you next to a woman who always wants to do only what they purposed, because there is equality in the relationship and healthy relationship impossible.
One who constantly complain ..
You are not a beautiful voice say something she does not want to hear, not the hug when she needed it, you have not put a glass to the right place, you put on a shirt that she does not like, you breathe too loudly. Appeals has no end, because she always finds something that can give you objections. These are women who simply are not with the partners because they love them because of what these men did, but because of what they want them to be. If you can not get it at will they will cry, cry or calm tone complain because most banal minutiae. Often a man because of the constant sermon loses self-confidence and creates a guard to his nežnijoj half, which do not show a lot here his soft side. Confront her loud and clear and say that it is over once and for all with the constant complaints before you've finished the story any further with it. Women who you compare ..
Her ex-boyfriend is doing many things better than you and that you do it often puts it clear in times of strife. Sometimes women do it to men made jealous and after such remarks awakened avalanche of passion, because you shall try to prove that you are all better and that it belongs to you. However, women know how to complain that the current guys and compare them with former precisely because they are not satisfied with the current connection. Whatever the reason you do it constantly shifts as you are something worse than her ex, to be sure not to suffer. The fact that someone hear about his former experience working primarily out of respect, not because he always thought that the best current partner who is this woman or a man ever had. Therefore, rid yourself of stress and unpleasant situations if someone compared to any other man. Tell her that if she is not satisfied with you, the other, who knows that the price of your quality, and will and how be.
When you tell her to go out in the city with friends, it changes several colors on the face and moves with ljubomorisanjem. Admittedly, there are many examples where the jealous woman jealous for a reason, and in the end turns out to be their uncertainty was justified. But there are cases where this jealousy comes from personal insecurities girl and she was there with his skepticism shows with every man. If the catch to surreptitiously looking at your phone, you rummaging through your bag for training, twists his pockets trying to find someone's phone number or search stains the clothes of the woman's wake, out of your head that all this ultrasipmatično and sexy. Allowing such situations of connections hell, where you will burn both. Women who are obsessed .. You did not think that her very second you do not respond to the message or to spend a night without it? It can not be without you even two minutes. When you open your eyes she stares at you, checking constantly where you are and with whom, with friends witnessed just about you, it simply ceases to lead your life and live your. If she does not want to introduce you to their friends, thinking that you will fall in love with any of them, know that the reason simple - she's obsessed with you.
Women are increasingly trying to hide their emotions and show how strong seductress, that all men revolve around his finger. Therefore, you long for someone who will know that you and show love, and that will not hide his emotions. However, excessive emotionality known to ruin relationship.
Never forget - women are not for everyone and always right. And there is no division into sinless women, who all work as expected and bad men, who are cockeyed and unstable. And, more to the women's portal are reading this text, which, otherwise, writes women. There are those the fairer sex who consider themselves people destined to empower and enlighten all other women of all male chauvinists on this the planet.
Here, you need to immediately distinguish two things - promiscuous woman and sexy, sensual lady are two drastically different things. Promiscuity only has to do with changing partners and propensity to fraud. Promiscuous woman can not satisfy their sexual needs with a single partner and she is not the girl who was on fire in bed. Sexologists have long found that for good skills under the sheets necessary continuity in sex with one person, with which to try many erotic fantasies and gained the epithet of a good lover. Therefore, ladies that go like a bull in red as soon as they see another interesting man, not necessarily good lovers. On the other hand, when you become her apparent instability and constantly changing partners, will remove her as the girl with whom you have a relationship, because nobody wants to bite, which is chewed several times..

original identity and place in the family*

Imitation and identification

In life we ​​establish many superficial or deeper relationships with people who can help us to develop our own personality and maturation. Each of these relations is an opportunity to "capture" other people's words, thought and gesture and for comparing those with their own. A stable relationship in private life or at work includes a small dose of competitive spirit. It is not so much a consequence of the desire to outdo each other, how much desire that through comparison and emulation work on yourself and improve some of its characteristics. In some cases, imitation can go to identify, especially if to imitate a person has the character of a leader. This does not necessarily mean that a person who is under the influence of such a dominant person of weak character or that does not have its own personality, you just never been encouraged to express their thoughts or not sufficiently sure of himself, or thinks he does not have anything interesting to say so and not trying to show their potential. Therefore, such a person asking for support in another, usually in the person who is most admired. In sociological terms, the family is considered as the basic cell of society. Also seeing parts and developmental psychology, when the perspective of society replace the perspective of the individual. Our earliest relationships with their parents, but also with brothers or sisters, create specific forms of emotional connection. Thanks to them, we understand the world as a place that is safe, where our needs are, where we are loved and safe within the same family, we get the lessons that prepare us for many later life battle. It is impossible that you pulling around the robot and cubes with my brother nothing is taught about fighting spirit or that anything you did not realize how the world is a just and fair place when parents your younger sister, allow them to leave the city in the time when you buy Barbies for my birthday!
Relations between brothers and sisters have different forms and stages. From being violently beat when we are small, tells parents or from jealousy to cut your hair sister's favorite doll, to the fact that later in life to each other become mainstay and support, especially when the parents are no longer alive, and when our brothers and / or sisters only the remaining members of the primary household.
a phenomenon that exists in these relations. From being as young we have to fight for attention and love of parents with someone who is in the family for more of us to the fact that we as older more experienced and, conditionally speaking, smarter, and the younger we can be mentors, but also to their acquired knowledge about life and the world around us exploit in order to establish a relationship of dominance over the younger sibling (just because it is fun to see. aut.).
The siblings share 50% of the genetic material of their parents. In addition, they grow up in the same family. How then usually grow in completely different personalities, when this calculation covered the most important factors of development - genetics and environmental influences?
Brothers and sisters, even though growing up in the same family, have unique, different experiences, for which their personalities are formed in different ways. Let's say, if one child is born when the mother and father had thirty years ago, and the second with the 35, it is clear that both the father and mother during those five years going through different experiences, which are influenced them. No one remains completely the same person over a period of several years, and - in addition - the birth of the first child is far more specific in relation to other children.
People come into our lives and go from them. Each of them left a trace, something that makes them remember, whether by good or not. Brothers and sisters, as members of the family are very subtly woven into our personality. Their influence is considerable, and the relationship that we build with them can represent a safe harbor when we grow up and realize that nothing in life is permanent, how events and experiences used as alternate on the treadmill. And they know that the whole of his or their lives are always around.
this should not pronounce...

My brother is smart, and you'll never be like him*

Comparisons are men sore point. At least one of them. Comparison with a brother, father or a male friend is something that you should definitely avoid, and remembering the former especially. It is quite humbling to men and most often will withdraw, deeply hurt.
The need for self-realization need for respect and self-esteem needs for belonging and love need for security (continuity, order, predictability ...) need for survival.

The term "fully functioning person" a fully realized person openness to experience, acceptance of self and others, spontaneity, simplicity, naturalness, the desire and need for helping the experience of freedom, democracy, creativity,
Prosocial vs. antisocial:
Prosocial: predominantly good mood, balanced, calm, better respond to disturbing events, after the stressful situation quickly returning to "normal"
High psihoticizam: aggressive, antisocial, solitary, self-centered, unemphatic, insensitive to the suffering of others, impulsive, prone to cruelty and aggressiveness

Social identity:

The external manifestation of a person, which leaves impression

It develops through relationships with others; by changing the social role

People differ according to how observe their behavior and seek to manage impressions - self-monitoring

Movies On Brother Sister Relationship - * inlove with my blood sister *??-commitment on my part to strict ethical principles towards human relationships in general, and especially to sexual behavior.

According to research in the US, much of the rape is taking place among family members, and even at 46% of raped children attacker was a member of the family. According to a survey from 1994, which was conducted by Langan and Harlow, 61% of American rape victims were younger than 18 when they experienced rape, and 29% of all rapes occur in children less than 11 years. 11% of victims raped by their father or stepfather, and 16% of close relatives.


Youth of the Swedish Liberal People's Party claims that incest and necrophilia should be legalized. Their argument is that "action can be strange and disgusting, but laws should not be based on squeamishness".
The party demands the abolition of several laws that legalized consensual sex between siblings over the age of 15 years. Also, legalized the procedure voluntary bodies after death for sexual purposes, without the perpetrator necrophilia be prosecuted.

Consanguinity is calculated by generations, or lines, and the knees or degrees.There are two types of blood kinship, kinship to the right or direct lineage or line, and relationships in the lateral vines or lines.In direct lineage sister are all persons who were born or originating in a series of one from the other.They are related in collateral line persons who were not born one from the other, but have shared the same root (parents), or a common ancestor (grandfather / grandmother, grandfather / grandmother, grandfather twice removed / šukunbaku, etc.).Relationship in direct line or the line is calculated according to the rule:• In direct lineage so the knee or degrees how the birth, or how many people, since it takes away or drop root.Accordingly, the father / mother and son / daughter are related to the first generation of direct lineage; grandfather / grandmother and grandson / granddaughter are related to the second generation of direct lineage; grandfather / grandmother or great-grandchildren / great-grandchildren are related to the third generation of direct lineage.Kinship in the collateral line or the line can be determined in two ways, by so-called. Roman reckoning and the Germanic computation.The church is earlier, until the entry into force of the new Code of Canon Law (1983), used the Germanic computation, and the rule was:• In the collateral line, if you have both sets of people equal, so it is among certain people the knee as much as birth in a row; If both sets of people are not equal, so the knee as much as the birth of the series, which is longer.Now, since the entry into force of the new Code of Canon Law, apply to the Roman reckoning, a rule for calculating as follows:In the collateral line so the knee as much as people in both generations together, because it takes away or drop root.According to the present - Roman calculating blood kinship: two brothers, two sisters, brother and sister are related to the second knee lateral vines (according to Germanic manner in which ordinary people in our country still account - the first knee); children of the siblings of the fourth related knee lateral branches (the German - the second generation); and children of their children are related in the sixth knee lateral vines (according to Germanic - in the third generation).Aunt and cousin / bratična, aunt and nephew / cousin, uncle and nephew / cousin, uncle and nephew / niece are related to the third knee lateral branches (according Germanic mode - the first with the second knee); son / daughter and granddaughter / a of siblings in the fifth related knee lateral branches (according German - the second to the third elbow).In which the knee, either directly or lateral vines, two related, particularly if they are distant cousins, can be easily calculated if you make a chart and printed the names of all persons who are to be determined in which they are related knee.


Gathered as a family in the community of prayer, we open the door of your home and your heart to Christ the Lord. Guided by his Father in humanity, on the human family attended the joy of their togetherness and the moments of pain and disunity. He sits down and for our table to be part in our gifts, our joy, our worries, our anxieties, all that together we share, but also everything that we dare not acknowledge each other. Before him nothing remains hidden. Leaving is his grace march, saber their minds and open their hearts to his presence