In the service of the brother of a man's words, in the light of the human Mirrors, in which the soul that "the sins of many carry on himself" is reflected on what never falls, what the moth nor rust will not stir.

All the girls and women and children as well as the flocks of servants and servants traveling to the New World of wider frames of social and general interpersonal relationships, an interesting dash that will bring more questions than answers. Nevertheless, we do not need to be prevented from thinking about this topic because frequently asked questions offer a much better solution than the general absence of discussion and response.
Do not fall deeper than guard your pure heart, clean soul, pure body for your duty, and pure righteous conscience, and again peace, serenity, satisfaction in your heart will come again. Listen to me and do not be indefinite, distracted, without compass, no purpose, no ideals.
Be a lady of discipline, Mrs of Labor, Mrs. Duty. The simplicity, the modesty, the purity of conscience, the correctness and morality of your condition, the nobility and the goodness of the heart, the determination, the consistency of the good will, the orderliness, the fineness, the elegance of the guardianship and the rule, the spirituality and the character make you delightful and pleasant.
In other words, she is a woman of which today's people come from her mother, who is still from her mother, and so on, until one person reaches the end. Since all the mitochondrial genes are transmitted from the mother to the offspring without recombination, all mitochondrial genomes in every living person are directly derived from mitochondrial Eve. Mitochondrial Eve is a female version of Y's chromosome Adam, the closest common ancestor to her father's line, though separating them from a few thousand years.
It is true that in our medieval historiography there is still a "hole" for understanding some of the fundamental processes of the development of a medieval society that must be fulfilled, but it should also be borne in mind that the results of historiography are not intended only for historians but also for the wider public ) Who are most often unaware of the details, the powerful mechanisms of society development.
It can be concluded that although society and changing its attitudes toward certain social phenomena, the needs of society on some rough grounds remain the same. And as the sun continues to darken the earth's sphere,
My dear God, if anyone remarks to me that in a game of cases only because of "academic academic title" - atheists could come to a strong conflict of thought and discussion, if you mention that you believe in a man or a tree or tree or an invisible force, everything is It is titled in a single name and all this is the first and second hand of the one who talks through all these our little works and deceptions as well as creative constructions and contemplating ourselves on this universe.
Why did I mention it, I did not open an eye as it should, but the other around me screams from the scenes and the history I'm just trying to mention and understand in a brief sense in which direction all of us have been flying together with this blue planet called Earth.
Now I understand why books are written, but why, through various evolutions of some revolutions, they are forbidden and burned: what is the truth, what is deliberately politically concealed a lie, what is a historical affirmation or fact, and how much reason in all this had the very role.
What massive strata I always talk about sick and try to do what other people are doing - to move away, to listen, but not to enter into a dialogue for protection and dedication to a more complex job.
And as I progressed into a living in this way, so if I am here and write and read as I am discussing, I just can not limit myself to having an influence on the outside; Feelings or feelings of strength have not changed - if I swear again (closing in a certain armor) after any release it is even more intensified.
It is good and normal to worry and be worried, but so widespread society is spreading depressive tradition and history so that it is difficult for a man to turn away from it and prevent it from translating all words and texts into the wrong vocal language of its mind by emotion.

How Much Does This Help Me?*Getting to know and eliminate obstacles, fears and prejudices in extreme cases*
The answer is * all that I have learned and experienced experiential and what is rooted in trying to sharpen my spell and look different in this world - I mean the real, terrestrial, non virtual I sometimes apply to calming some situations and a reasonable approach. All the unknowns and me All the moments or spaces I know for a while and almost half of my life have lived. They are in the best interests because they deal with some other knowledge and teaching as they travel and meet people in different parts of the world and of different origin, the code being me A bit more limited and short information I tried to look differently.Therefore, do not insult the scribes on my writing - this is a messiness and I am not mesians, but I try to be more reasonable than some other people at least in my wider environment. This does not say sarcasm through A closed society, or disrespect for the more experienced and older but sometimes this small frog can also positively affect Put some waves of hard-core emotional mistakes that are taking place at the moment of group pressures known as certain policies for shaping society for the collective good and preserving integrity of dignity and pride.
The group is not just one egg or chicken, it is made up of a couple of billions of biological forms that people, to the rules as well as to the natural laws that have to be precautions must be steel proof, because the time is not stopping .Do wait for a couple of billion years * if we have more time on this planet or we will all repeat ** from the very beginning the formation of the oxygen molecule to the discharge from the water to the ground as non-freezing.
So what's all this effort if it's going to disappear in one part of the explosion of a super new one?
Spiritual devotion and communion involves man's: heart, soul, strength, and humanity. Humanity or humanity should be a fundamental postulate that protects the human community from erosion and destruction.

"With its professional engagement, it guarantees high expertise, high commitment, patriotism, and humankind".-the same promises throughout the centuries(So fragile and vulnerable?)

About "Christmas," little God, the child of God, the still-still God, who still does not question us with his speech.

"I accidentally flew by plane, because of my long legs I had asked the airport officials to take the card to give me a seat in case of danger, where there are more places for us long-haul, with me two more passengers. There were more foreigners, the stewardess addressed the three of us, asking us if we first understood her language, whether we would be willing to help others in danger, etc. As she spoke, I was still wondering what all these warnings were about but When a flight went down, there was a small breakdown, so I realized how much the warning was still true, especially when my thoughts began to flicker. First I would not arrive on time at their destination, and then, laughing at myself , But what a destination, it will no longer be in this world.
But let's get back to the stewardess. The stewardess addressed three of us, even asked a few questions and was pleasantly startled by the conversation. But the two men beside me did not even look at her, let alone her answer. First I thought maybe they did not understand the language, which turned out to be untrue. I remained caught in complete indifference, the ineligibility of these people. And then it became clear to what extent people were indifferent, uninterested and did not care about others, especially where they did not have any interests. Actually, I realized humanism, how humanity is so fragile and vulnerable. Or, in other words, I understand that there is really no reasonable reason for mankind. Pure reason does not give us enough reasons for mankind, so I understand those two companions. Why would someone have to deal with another, why should they look at each other?
But, as I have said, the man in himself does not have sufficient reason, sufficient motive to look at, accept and kiss the other man. On the contrary, it seems to be the opposite, that we have more reasons and motives to write a man, not to accept it, to even hate him, or if we do not have any benefits to him, if we do not have any benefits, we are either cold or not at all. "
Many things in society and in personal life are considered irrelevant, or private, and therefore we challenge anyone who mixes it. But gladly, by keeping it right, we are discussing someone else's property and other similar social factors. Besides, we are prepared to endure any kind of disorder and disorderly behavior in society, except in the case of social injustice and unlawful engagement. It does not bother us that someone is lying and deceiving, and even from the headquarters in the state, which is inconsistent in their statements, but I am very sensitive if someone is getting money, wealth, better position, even when it is Either legitimate.
You need to be more interested in solving each case by asking for judgments about the omissions that you can not see until you are put in a situation to think thoroughly of each other by looking at others-intolerance towards others arising out of envy, because of our social or socialist conceptions of compassion and mercy towards Those who were on the windmills of life in uncertainty. Otherwise, whoever loses the desire to expiate righteousness, I regularly do injustice.
In one place they say "it is a real harm to create prejudices because they are ultimately rewarded only to those who were, or whose predecessors, were their initiators", therefore prejudices are like boomerangs, that is, they return to those who launched them "
Creating the conditions of self-imposed immaturity lies in the light of reason in rejecting laziness and cowardice of freedom of thought and action of individuals and policy-making, the government as a human being as a being of dignity.The balance of the relationship between the people of the world and cosmopolitanism is governed by the rule of eternal peace and the mobility of people and the brutality among the people of the world. (Motives) -decisions and boundaries of duty and civil wars among the spirits * the alleviation of their passion-The weaknesses of ethics and vulnerability of man and his passion-metal image of fear of unknowns.
You need to make sure you do not get the wrong lesson and message. In order to understand it well, we must give up our prejudices and conditionalities.
Egoism is the sick state of the soul that the man is self-sufficient - the center of the "universe". Unfortunately, this mental illness is much more common than it could be assumed.-The purpose of referring to prudence and seed tolerance.
Mentality or mindset (Lat. Mens, "concerning the spirit") means the dominant thinking and circuits conduct of a person or a social group of people, but also refers to the entire nations.
The term can be negatively conjectured as prejudice or stereotype. On the other hand, it can also be used as a description of the basic behavior of social communities.
For some, the collective mentality in Croatia is still 'deeply in socialism', although it has been a quarter of a century since the end of it.
This syntax is as easy as a slut: even when, for example, debtors in "Swiss" call for greed, and workers for laziness and inflexibility.
As soon as a dissatisfied group asks for help or protection of the state, and especially when the public sector blames it as "parasitic", and the employees in it are considered as "threats".
"Much of the people seemed to have just changed their 'national citizenship' into full citizenship, replaced the five-fold with a chess, and most of them kept it. Most of the attitude that a 'state' has to find a job, 'solve a housing issue', provide free health care, free study up to 40 years, kindergarten, tram ... and all without high taxes, without the sale of property, without any external borrowing,
Nadan Vidošević, another former HDZ minister and longtime first man of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, and today the tenant of the investigative prison in Remetinac, charged with severe financial malversations, also described in an interview the Croats as "lazy, uneducated, Who like to lie to them ".
Socialism - That is when greedy incompetent individuals join the group, and with their mass and gall size they are capable and clever to pay their mistakes and stupidity.
"Everything that is happening today in the economy of water are those who are considerably younger and those socialist consciousnesses have little or no traces. However, it seems to me that in younger generations it is not socialist than some other mentality of arbitration and irresponsibility,
"Just learn a little girl, everything in your country will be!" - a final verse and a poem in which, Tito and the tiny pioneer make a sort of deal: you give yourself, and the state will take care of everything else.