Pessimist sees all black, Optimistic see light at the end tunnel,Realist see light locomotive, train driver sees three idiots on the line-cunt is sex organ and asshole character trait.

The Arabs say, "The rain is everywhere the same, but causes in the swamp growing thorns and flowers in the garden."
"We stand on the brink of a precipice. We look in the abyss-catches us pain and dizziness. Our first impulse to recoil from danger. It is incomprehensible why, we remain. Little by little, our pains, and dizziness, and horror sinking into a cloud of emotions that has no name. Gradually, imperceptibly, receives the cloud forms, like the pair of cylinders which is converted to the spirit of the story of thousand and one night. But from our clouds on the verge pravalije grows and becomes a form of tangible, much scarier than any ghost or any demon in the story, and yet it is only a thought, a terrible thought that our Lady and the core of the bone intensity sweetness of its horrors. It's just the thought of what we felt at the precipitous fall from such a height. And this fall, rushing to disaster-precisely because it is connected with the most terrible and the most disgusting of all the most awful and the most disgusting images of death and suffering which have ever given birth in our imagination-that is why now it badly desire. And since we are on our minds strongly discourages the edge of the precipice, so we insofar plahovitije Primic it. There is no nature so impatient demonic passion as passion man who trembling on the brink of a precipice dreams of breakneck jump. Leave it for a moment an attempt of thinking, is to be inevitably lost; as a reflection on us only makes to maintenance and so it is, I say, not what we can not. If you can not find a friendly hand to stop us, or if we fail to sudden exertion we drop down to the ground, turning his back to the abyss, we will jump into it and die. "
The room was firmly shut, lowered the blinds and flashing neon lights of that hurt my eyes and because of that it is impossible to determine the time of day, and whether it is at all out there day or night, and whether it exists at all that out there, and if at all there is anything of this world, space, abyss and time.
The walls are painted with oil paint plain, dark and stained, somehow dull greenish, but more by the spirit than by their color. The paint is peeling in places. But this environment is not definitive, it is variable, dependent on the fluctuations of internal state of the protagonist..
Sometimes it is difficult to understand why these things are happening. The point is that you need to know the psyche, both from a female perspective, but also from the perspective of a man who has the experience and seen enough of everything from the scientific point of view if you think that it makes no sense. Then it is very important to know how to proceed further with his head high and most importantly, how not to repeat the same situation.
"Jaime," he says, "wake up!" Jaime answers, "I do not want to get up, Daddy." The father shouts, "Get up, you have to go to school!" Jaime says, "I will go to school." "Why not?" He asked father. "There are three reasons." Said Jaime. "First, because it is so boring; secondly, because the kids tease me; and third, I hate school. "And the father replied:" Listen, I'll tell you three reasons why you have to go to school. First, because it is your duty; second, because you are forty-five years; and third, because you are the headmaster. "Wake up, wake up! You grew up. You're too big to be asleep. Wake up! Stop playing with their toys.
I'm not quite sure how much resentment devastating and painful for whom overcame. There are some strange, perverse attraction between what is happening outside and what is taking place inside: as to stimulate each other. I caught numerous times resentful people to simply enjoy them as reality gives the right. However, that same, terrible reality, as if they do not jeopardize the. When you inform them feel very hurt. Obviously, the resentful people have to build a special system of moral values in which their position actually - unbearable. So, for example, if they are living in conditions of general economic crisis, violence and state terror, they are constantly trying to prove that they are the main victims. The fact that you do not starve to travel freely around the world, not to arrest or offset the dark streets, as that is something that has nothing to do with the general situation. (They are, in fact, is so exceptional that it is normal to have nothing to do with the general situation.)
And it is normal that we are not all the same, and that we have some habits that others do not like. But you can not change other people to make you feel better. After such a should send thousands of other people to psychiatrists, but alone would not go, do not you? It is possible that you suppress a problem that this behavior other sub, but it's time to razriješiš with you and not with others. Communication is, unlike the information, two-way process, in which the feedback is an integral part. In the communication, in addition to exchange thoughts, ideas, feelings, experiences, experiences, important and mutually influencing, more than exchange words; overall our behavior conveys a message and affects the person with whom we are in comparison. It means to exchange messages, thoughts, participate in other people's feelings. The term interaction imply "interaction of people with each other and take positions that inherently mutually determine behavior."
I've never had luck with visits to Elysium. Admittedly, not those trips just was not God knows how, but somehow I always managed to make me feel like a donkey, and that every time sorry I came.
When you turn off the camera all politicians are embracing and smiling under the scrutiny of writers, publishers, librarians, translators-Kind and mood "center forward"..
Take care of my nerves, man. Cut the crap.

+ (Ignoring him): When some of the things you say, an open heart, you might regain your friends. And you are like this and still do not. You can have who knows what kind of idiot, you can acquire new enemies, because you and these old, obviously, not enough. And you can be happy, because you have your group. Everyone should have their group. That you, my people, something very valuable. A group of people who support each other - does not have to be big - can and a small handful is enough. But what is most important, is that they are still friends, who can help to get out of the shit. Thus, lawyers or call for help, or doctors, or pulls itself. And to start you should just be a friend of myself and pronounce that damn good day.

♥ ‰ and burst out laughing. ♥: Good afternoon! I am bankrupt. ‰: Good day! I'm epileptic. ♥: Good afternoon! Menu had strayed dog. ‰: Good day! I have hemorrhoids. ♪ And I'm a foundling. Good day! Roughly mock. + They watched in disbelief, turning to the others as if in them asking for support. They wholeheartedly accept. ☻: Hello, I'm an alcoholic! ☺: Hello, I'm an addict! ♂: Good afternoon, I'm addicted to poker machines! ♪ Hello! - I'm a fascist!

+: Well, a lot of bullshit. You got it. Thus begins. It helps. It is necessary to say and sit among friends that you regain. But above all, be quick bite shit and say it. (Mumbling.) For as you, obviously, you are not able to.
The team was in a standard mood:?
Perception of the "homeless" in public is bad and are often labeled as bums and punks, drunks,not only vulnerable categories of society, but certainly the least favorite because they are adults who are in his life made the wrong decision, they could not resist the guarantor who has taken over their lives, maybe they were in the loan and lost their jobs or their partner killed of being lost because of the whole situation neglecting themselves and all around them but found themselves on the street. Everyone carries his own burden of life, but not everyone has the same ability to fight and cope in all situations. It happens that one problem creates another person and revolves in a vicious circle from which is every day more and more difficult to go out and at the end of a person touched bottom and is found on the street.Every person is a world for themselves and their owner's problems & constraints and therefore it is important to get to know each individual person as a whole, and how it could be to understand and help him in a quality manner. It is important to know that people are the problem extremely sensitive and important to be accessed with a lot of love and patience to feel that in them recognized the value of man. We humans often like to suggest and make conclusions about someone else's life and easily condemn, but we forget that this is someone else's life and someone else inside you do not know and just do not know with which man is faced and which carries on the soul,not just what it is about people who are on the street, living in conditions unworthy of man, sometimes more hungry than full, but there is a problem of our closeness to help view with contempt as a decay of human society..
We hope that it is finally time to people and our fellow villagers to accept the new leadership of local communities, which should work to the benefit of all the villagers living in the area of the local community; they told us at the end of celebrators with the winning list and continued with a big celebration attended by a large number of residents,I am not sure how it determines within the list of who will be ambassador.
-for all fans..those bastards, bad guys, bums.. working people and the women..It's bad when our coffee is no longer slipping through the throat more leaking through the nose...
You have always to everyone ,, went against the grain "? Do not worry. According to the assertion Re Lindsay and Diana Rowe, author of the book ,, How to be the perfect bitch ", ,, embryo bitches hiding in every woman." To put your failure last forever do not have to be aggressive, but, as psychologists call - assertive. To put it simply, it pays to be a bitch your friends: Once you learn the family (otherwise, the greatest provocateurs) that you bitch, ,, ordinary "friends are a piece of cake. Instead you continue to exploit, they also show that everything has a limit: ,, Please, do not call me after ten, because I want to rest, "or ,, No, I can not watch your child while you play tennis. I got some plans. "... at work: ,, Being a bitch means look for what you want, but you will not get if you do not ask, "says Carolyn Basong, author ,, Seven stupidest mistakes smart people." It states that it should take a position ,, it's mine, I'm worth it. ' " Thirtyfour Sharon, an economist by profession, successfully applied this philosophy after some colleagues, after advancing, began her ,, plant the leg. " He immediately started gossiping about the company, planting impossible tasks impracticable short deadlines and so on ... Sharon did not want to get down on their level, but would not even let me continue to be so fun. ,, marched "in the boss's office and told him what was happening. She told him ,, do not seek help as a victim, but as someone who wants to know whether he will support when they confront colleagues and seek to keep fair play "
forget about the story of the good and docile little wife*
Today things are quite different, good girls remain spinsters while men simply crazy for women who have character or bitch, to make them a call, bastards, writes portal for the conclusion of acquaintances ..During the research for the book Men are saying that the self-conscious women very little, but to be just such women are most attracted to, "explains Argov that considers women's magazines to blame for the fact that the modern woman behaves like a half-naked desperate people who just do not wear a shirt with inscription, "Choose me!". what is available, it is not attractive, advises author, comparing today's girls with male losers that on a first date coming up with two dozen roses ..
The service life of perfect, sweet and beautiful women in relationships is very short. Once they win, the men suddenly lose interest in their so-called "trophy pieces. A good example of this is the election of beauty who each year elect a new unfortunate that life will spend in pursuit of players. If they were lucky, will end with a ring as we aged businessman of dubious reputation..