"The world is tight, and the mind is vast. They think they live easily next to each other, but things in the area painfully collide."

-6th century BC.-He was a slave, very clear and knew how to narrate beautifully..
Two frogs went to search for a new home as their swamp went dry. They found a well, and the first frog suggested to jump into it without thinking. The other replied, "What if this water is too dry, how will we go out?"

Nothing should be done lightly and swiftly
; that our weakness must not be an excuse for doing business and that what we have once started, we must end; not measured by quantity but value, and quality is always more important than quantum."

It is devoted to women's everyday life, to women's past and present, to thinking about the future. For the lives we live but for which we can read a little, or otherwise discover, in public spaces, scientific institutions, mainstream media, all those The levels of power that determine, obstruct, organize, judge, advocate the daily life of women without having to ask women about it and maintain a system that prevents the exchange of knowledge. Despite age, origin, place of life, women's life is primarily difficult, , Full of bans, fears and shame, lonely, that they did not want to do anything, nor did they create the women themselves. In that space where I can work freely, as small and as it were, we discover the creativity, the inexhaustible hunger (and the fulfillment of that hunger) for knowledge, caring, perseverance, joy of creation, love. But is not the deprivileged position in itself a place from which a depressed thought is declared? And is she the only one who can even set up the optimistic links needed for a future system breakdown, for some abstract interest set for better days, links to the momentarily incomparable "lost" thinkers?
You will write, paint and record what I want and want, and be happy to give you extraordinary inspiration for what you do "- I hear a terrible, almost threatening voice somewhere over my shoulder. I look up at the computer, toward the ceiling, and I see a small, tiny, sparkling ball, the size of a spit. That's ON! I personally appeared to me, in her form BEFORE THE GREAT PRACTICE; I think you might be a little insisted for some time before a paranormal occurrence. Always be aware of this - continue to be less flaming but somewhat more intimidating and bigger balls like tennis - I LOVED I SURVIVE for a fraction of a second
. I especially watch the creatures of you Earth and other higher civilized creatures. I especially choose those who have the prerequisites to be my emissaries, my oldest child, gladly, each and every one in all time and space. At the moment on your planet I give my creative and, mystical energy, signals ...This is how the astronauts eat in my orbit And how they are trying to establish a delicate balance between the comfort provided by home and healthy nutrition in the universe.

The state of the art requires more energy, for the body never really flies in the null gravity.
In order to board the space station you have to go through the interstice between the two shuttle. When the pressure equals and the door opens, the metallic ionizing odor is sprayed. I've never felt anywhere in the world, it's unique and very recognizable since June after returning from the universe. "The air chamber smells like ozone, or gunpowder.
Favorite Spectacle at the International Space Station, he says, was "easy to fly - push and spell magically from one end to another. I always make a bumblebee on my face, every time. " - Sometimes we even posed like superheroes, mostly Superman
Sweat is actually nice to you, It creates small basins under the pussy and on the head ... into the eye. If you run sweat simply go to the walls and equipment. So we have to clean it all the time. Almost always we have towels to get rid of sweat. Interestingly, sweat is collected in a recycled condensing system. After we dry the towels and recycle the water, it becomes a drinking water.There is no one to infect you. The worst thing to do is headache, as we do on the Earth as we take a pill, or some of the crew gets injured by some blow or is forced to hit a sharp object.
Vomiting is problematic, because in the absence of gravity, content is simply rejected from the bag and returned to you in the face. Plan ahead, take the cleaning towels, and firmly close the bag. Live in the same air as garbage.
Sometimes we hear the sounds as tiny stonewalls hit the space station, all of which is accompanied by a metal protrusion that spreads over the sun's heat. The solar panels are full of small holes due to micro-meteors waving the universe. I watched as a big meteor fired between me and Australia...Wherever you look, in any direction, everything is the same for hundreds, for thousands of years, Entering the atmosphere is really dramatic * Surrounded by a white hot plasma that measures thousands of degrees Celsius...Sleeping is also an adventure. Some astronauts like to relax and freely float in the cabin as they sleep, swinging in the unlucky state. Most people prefer to sleep buried in their sleeping bags, some even include a head pad, thereby achieving the sleeping effect of their bed.Because of this, they can not eat as they are on the ground, because their food and food will go away and spread around. In most cases, the astronauts' food is found in the hens, from which they are heartbroken, and they can eat something with a spoon. Some food in the cell refers to its proper form (for example, fruit), and it is dehydrated and refers to powder (cheese, macaroni ...) so that it is necessary to add some water to it before eating it. Such food takes fewer places than the "real" food and does not break because there is no refrigerator on the station to store food. Of the permitted dish additives, there are mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, while pepper and so are used in a liquid form so that it can not be fired and stuck somewhere where it is certainly not a place.Are you wondering how they are bathing? There are no bathtubs and showers in the stateroom (space station), so the astronauts bathe with damp sunbathers. They can wash their teeth in the standard way, but they have to keep in mind that some dental balloon balloon does not leave.In any case, the astronauts imitate the best possible way of life that would lead to Earth. Regardless of the astronauts' difficulties, thousands of people are reported on a daily basis hoping they will be chosen for astronauts, as the glimpse of the planet Earth from afar is completely fascinating, and the flight to space is an unimaginable experience.
Now you know what this Earth is like about my life;Everything is at first glance normal but in reality totally different from yours.You admire and love every day and die 24 hours 356 days of the week; animals armored woman; this storytelling makes the beginning of this lesson that makes its ending. It is read so that all animal events are applied to humans, and then the lesson is extracted.Often written through humor and allegories, and they always met people and their relationships through the life experiences and the stories surrounding it.
Black humor is a humor that usually revolves around serious topics such as crime, illness, and death in a satirical or grotesque manner.
He often deals with current topics and uses paradoxical characters. It is often controversial or polemic because it involves the question of whether to mock a certain thing and where the limit is of good taste.
And as usual from the plain teachable narrative I went through my space station to a different thematic dimension that has nothing to do with the simplicity of writing and thinking, which requires a cautious approach in explaining and explaining the principles of these letters to the world. What does not stem from the constant and insatiable need for power . This is a stone platform that serves as a speaker. Commonly under that term does not imply a beautiful but non-contradictory word; Empty words, loopholes, but the need for public speakers and writers to initiate listening to the arguments with the arguments. Not a regular way of communicating in situations where important messages are to be transmitted, so that they can both socially and elite for the fundamental utility of the power of initiating the soul of man and thus the possibility of establishing deeper The link between people's strength and the weight of the written word. Ask people not to manipulate the unhealthy mass and persuade them into something irrespective of the true state of things.

The power of persuasion or the power of a realistic and logical conclusion? As a kind of gradual shift from the ideals of mastering the soul
Social science that studies the content, forms and techniques of communicating thoughts and messages as well as the ways in which they are received, ie whether the message is understood and accepted, whether the desired effect has been achieved and produced the expected behavior.
This is not an absurd life, and that I am out of boredom with my feet as a servant of this public; Even at the very beginning of this book there was no baroness or charge of some strange and mysterious world. This is not a wonderful toy store that could not go unnoticed between any child. These are always illuminated so that the children can enjoy their beauties. A pilot in that red cloak where there is a yellow canary with one pair of sad but small brave eyes.
I do not think he was expecting anything like that in his dream, such a relationship with himself. He always said, "God is merciful! Can everything be squeezed out of the river for four decades? It can squeeze, it seems to me, a real flood from a little wet cloth!"
I ... well. Anyway, I resented and I did not. He was aware of the risk, but showed that I was right. Despite everything, I still think it is worth it now. What do you think?
Brief look out the window with heavy curls. Ah, every one of your years is like one another ..
The shaggy pieces of the Earth were still halfway through the sky when the question was filtered out of Generator's curiosity to the Centrale. Here they are: king, lady, hunter, skater, top, sand ...
We are approaching the Sunset system at a speed almost equal to the speed of this message. Your Sun is the brightest star in the sky ahead of us. That is the same sun that we had our common ancestors ten million years ago. And we are people like you, but as long as you've forgotten your history, we have remembered ours.
We could stay in touch, but it was too much to be done in a universe that had a hundred trillion stars. By just a few years ago, we did not know if any of you had a lifesaver. And then we caught you the first radio signal, learned your languages, and discovered that you had long since gone out of the wilderness. We come to greet you - our longtime lost relatives - and to help you.

We've learned a lot about eons since we left the Earth. If you want us to bring you back to the great summer that prevailed before the Ice Age, let's do it happy. But the most important thing is coming: we are carrying a fairly simple code for the unpleasant, yet inconceivable and harmless change of the genetic code that has infiltrated so many colonists. Maybe the mutation has already happened naturally - but it does not matter if it is not. You can re-enter the nations of the Earth, in the society of cosmic beasts, without shame, and without any obstacles.
They have been stopped for four times and they hardly ever live any time. They did not forget them. When they last stopped half a million years ago, they saw that the Earth became poultry sacred - literally: the human species vanished and the dogs became civilized and resembling humans. Yet, they recognized what they really are and what they are. They only managed to feed some young mace, but then they drove them into their time machine, again in the future. "- they sometimes use really shifted ideas, and in a black humor they talk of a man who" enters "into his own body so that Cured of cancer through a long battle with technological but also social-legal obstacles.Open in a real utopia ... all but one who has to suffer, which is a condition for the happy and happy life of others. Citizens are aware of this, but most of them live reconciled with this fact. However, some of them can not bear the truth and quietly leave the "city of happiness".
Space trips, extraterrestrial civilizations, time paradoxes, robots, distal societies ... the world of science fiction is rich, diverse and imaginative, and many lovers of the genre prefer the very shorter form, ie stories. Science Fiction is a "genre of ideas", and in a limited space story, it is far more challenging to elaborate ideas and convincingly present other worlds than is the case with a novel where a writer can thrill his imagination on hundreds of pages.
The plot arises when there is a possibility that it will no longer be needed for society, which is the main protagonists that trigger unexpected moves.
Expedition from the Earth explores a planet destroyed by the supernova explosion and finds the remains of advanced alien civilization that failed to escape the fate. Ironically, it turns out that the destruction of their stars marked an important moment in human history. Generally speaking, the loss of privacy in the digital age, this narrative is like created for you. The story is both sad and cathartic, and reminds us that nothing lasts forever, though that Does not necessarily mean that nothing has a sense.