"Those things that are not made and the things that have made and would like to have not." - eternal cry for change-when the worker was a gentleman

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Then no one asked for nationality, financial status was not important, but people have appreciated the character traits. They were rare stories of people who are skilled workers came to the director of a working organization. Employees were given vouchers for meals, but ate in canteens or kiosks with hot dogs.
Working time was from 7 to 15 hours with a break which is usually carried out in the said canteen. Saturday and Sunday were holidays with the exception of those working organization in which the nature of the work required to be working for the weekend. And for the holidays, there are mainly the workers' holiday homes in which again went into the organization of trade unions. It could be paid in installments during the year, but this family vacation was quite normal and rare were those who did not visit any of these appropriately named - labor resorts. Wages were mostly paid in cash within the company. The money was enclosed in a special envelope on which were listed basic facts on employee and other information related to the calculation of wages. No major problems have been able to use unpaid leave, sick leave, and systematic medical examinations were required and implemented in all companies. If a death row case, the worker is entitled to a free burial. If it is struck death during working life, not in the course of a pension, in the same work organization can immediately employ any members of immediate family to its members allow it to continue to have cash income.
when everything was different and easier. One man, successfully led the huge mass of different beliefs to good. Today, ask anyone who felt the magic of this country with nostalgia will tell you how much is really known then enjoy ..

Despite all this, in some countries the renewal is still looked upon with disdain that sometimes takes the form of an open or silent persecution. Our people would say that some 'papskiji of Pope'. In the background of this is ignorance and containment of effects of the Holy Spirit or so and openness to criticism that the Pharisees is a thorn in his brother while in his eye to see something much bigger. Croatia is a typical case, the real ground on which for decades with sewage cast live and healthy baby.
Dirty water is gone, it can be self-critical confirm as an active participant Reconstruction over 43 years. During that time I have seen and experienced all that of those 'outside' and those 'inside', enough to throw a spear into the bushes and get away from it all. Well, I'd left the call, put the cross and stopped being His disciple

"You have to make some difficult things you need to do some intense stuff in your life, you have to achieve a powerful change. You have to do. You can not just sit there and hope that will happen."
Ready for tomorrow? The will to enjoy life? If so, why not enjoy? What concerns your joy?
This is not about laughing and fucking joke all day. There is also not about to get a regular salary to buy a bigger house, get a new car or go on vacation. Yes, these things are good, but enjoyment in everyday life is not based on emotions, events or things. We all have responsibilities and things to do
And probably the biggest thieves of joy that I discovered are constant feeling of fatigue, exhaustion, pain and a lot of pain and effort. Thank God, I have learned that we can overcome the constant bad feeling so we make better živorne elections. We can choose better eating, drinking adequate amounts of water, exercise and have a real rest each night. These tips may seem unimportant, but their effect is profound. I'd gone through it, I began to tell myself, "This can not last forever. And it will pass."

I am...

"Do not try to to satisfy other people. Nobody is worth more love than you yourself. I'm sorry that I had not been aware of the youth and that so much time was spent trying satisfy other. The money you lose you can always make money, but even just five minutes of your time you threw, it will be irretrievably lost. " - James Altucher

What is wrong with you? What right now passes you and you'll never be able to go back?
For example, Aristotle in his work The policy states that even peace and well-being dangerous, if one country does not know what to do with free time.
Sometimes it's a good idea to do a reset. You know when your computer is stuck / freezes, you click, or "will not" and as far as doing the same thing as usual, the system does not respond. It is time to reset.
Something computer "Unlock the" and his chance to start anew. Basically, 95% of computer problems can be solved with it. Or those "exit and re-enter."
The same is true with us. Sometimes we get stuck, we rotate in an old movie, and as far as we know is not good for us, we're stuck. This movie may be that when you play in your head some of their failure and can not seem to get over, when persistently going back to a situation where they hurt, and you're not to leave, or you're thinking "what would happen if any" and dreaming about how life would be nice, but if ... complete sentence. But you did absolutely nothing about it and take.
alternative-Take time for yourself and start digging. Am I satisfied? With what I am, with what I did? What is missing? What I want more? Honestly examine your own life on the side and make some decisions. Sometimes unpleasant. Maybe get out of connection or business relationship that you choking. You might decide to forgive a friend who has betrayed you. Perhaps courage and run the project that you have long been in your head or dare to go on a journey for which not to come, "the right time".


I'm very angry when people say I'm happy because I do not have children because it is a big commitment. And other things are a big commitment but are certainly worth the effort. I think the maternal instinct in women who know they will never become a mother and sorry for that, so strong that it can not even describe. I do not regret for what, except for the children. "- Caroline Zelonka

"I regret that in my twenties I did not spend more time with their parents. When my mother died I was very sorry that we have not established a true friendship. It was very demanding, sometimes irrational, especially from the perspective of a young man. But now, when I I at that age, entirely her understand and realize that in respect of most things was right. and today it after some disappointments want to call, but the same second, I knew I could not. it was only later realized how much we actually need. With death there is no bargaining . it is final, sudden and personal. Last night I spent with her in the hospital, I asked her would she mind to go home because I was very tired. She said that I fully understand that I need to rest and not to worry. she warned me that careful driving home. I know that nothing can be changed or that I stayed - she still died - but when from today's perspective, remembering that moment, I realize how precious these last minute and the door as it closed that night, he would never open. " - Jim Wagner

"Health brings a freedom that few of us realize before the loss." - Rita Lara

"I wish I never in my life so much time and energy spent on care. Caring is a terrible waste of time. I think the concern may reduce exercise: consciously trying to eliminate worry and think of things from the positive side. One of the things characteristic of people a lot of care is that in their lives real stressor does not really exist. We care even when they do not have to worry about. One way to eliminate the concern is to focus on solving a particular problem when it comes up and reduce the time spent in the care that is not going anywhere. " - Karl Pillemer

Now I await many personal decisions that will allow you to live that life more or less completely.
"U mom je tijelu vrijeme i polako me slabi Ja slušam al ne čujem: vrijeme nema glasa i bezglasno me biva manje svakog časa.Zaludu bi mi bilo zaustaviti sve ure što na sve strane jednako se žure.što na sve strane jednako se žure.

Social networks are an endless stream of information that never stops and that is a short-term fun to some extent. After that becomes addictive and carries many negative things with them. When you look back and you realize you've spent hundreds of hours on social networks - you have achieved? What do you get? Do you have any use for it? You probably have, but you also have a lot that is not very positive, prefer to spend time on their personal projects, try to start a company / startup, spend time live with friends and family. Life is too short for Like pictures and posts to people and reading endless news of which do not have any benefits. We have nothing against social networks just think that this time can be better and better spend.

outsourcing in light of the fact-'Imamo right to resistance in the name of their own dignity! We have no right to remain silent!

Today about 90 percent of newly employed women work at a certain time. Even 64.9 percent of these women are of childbearing age, and more than 40 percent of the childless, although it wants. It seems that the work on a specific rule has become today. Well, if this is of temporary contracts more flexible either the new Labor Act, women followed the era of long-term insecurity and discrimination, is not it?
It seems to deliberately produce insecurity and fear among the people, especially in young women. Especially if the young woman's mother. On the one hand organized insecurity, on the other hand indifferently environment. And then you're alone in your fears and anxieties as an individual, and the policy you at the same time says that you need to take care of herself. It is the dehumanization of social relations. Callousness has become completely legitimate, and care for the level of frailty in this environment is increasingly disappearing. Capitalism kills solidarity and promotes competitiveness, but usually at the expense of another. To me, it really has nothing to do with democracy, but to me this kind of existential compulsion to do with totalitarianism. The uncertainty of existence and fear are powerful agents of government and pacification of any resistance.
It is stupid of Croatian citizens to their own fate and their own lives and the fate of their children are placed in the hands of only politicians and politicians. Tailoring the laws they / will lead primarily their individual or group interests (formerly beautiful example of pension reform: pension reform you, and privileged pensions us). This passivity of the citizens is so nearsighted that terrifies me. I think the cause of the feeling of helplessness, the comfort, sometimes laziness, certainly ignorance and apathy. So you can not be apathetic / on in this situation. You have no right to it! You can not know what you achieve or what you can not accomplish if you have not tried.

What can we do? I think that we need to keep trying to explain to young people to take with a grain of what they are today offers, to think critically, to organize and provide organized resistance to injustice and dehumanisation. Organized resistance and the right of resistance are what makes us human beings, and we must work to ensure that the name of his own dignity, in the name of responsibility towards their children, but also of others, together stand up and say, 'No more! There were too much '.