Understand,; Where the lifestyle lends itself to struggle for existence

I heard somewhere in Osijek once a week that some people came from people and sold them from pins to locomotives, since I was not from Osijek and only one day learned that I live in Sjenjak, I wonder if somebody can tell me where this "market "Be and when? tnx ...

A car driver, Sunday before noon, you go to the crash-stopping road and you see at one time a crowd of people and a car and everything to the left on the overpass at the bypass.

Maybe sometimes I look like this**, but this is not my picture, but imagination in human thought can be anything: I'm not puritanical but not a serious sinner, but do not put me in the context of a star planet or future starlet because the young girl is younger than me for at least 25 years.
I hope to stop you from painting that I do not paint and I do not publish such photographs, a little preoccupation and overwhelming for this painting exibition. Since morning is brighter than yesterday, it may be in a couple of shades but we will go further. Despite all the difficulties I learned In a few years I'm too limpid and my belly button or certain parts of the body will never bother you to meet in public.
Now if the men's layer of the public tells you what this young lady is doing in the picture, what a percentage of the daddy or mom's bodyguard and her fiancé, that every job I work depends on the people and their life choices to which borders they are willing to sacrifice their cheek and pride.

And yes; Time is bad, so I'm left in my warm bed, that's just one of the places where I sometimes get used to the results for some old and new stuff or stuff. What can you find there? I mean a car market or a buzzing drinker ..
I usually do not go there to buy a used car - it should still have more money in my pocket but little things are always good as well as various discounts, if you think that all of the goods you are wondering would find it useful to find it as very rare If you think there are only people with a bit in your pocket, you might be able to cheat because it is a leg for lega and leggings as well as for old antique stores that pieces can fit into your home, but of course from needles to locomotives you probably can not find You can bargain at a certain height or price level, but there are nuts in addition to various stitches and bigger pieces, as well as green market and various handicrafts, so who wants some bottoms. That's why people sometimes like to hunt for some tiny hunting. You collect collections you will no longer find anywhere in the world ..
You also have places to gather, stuffed with leg and food as in some good old days-you want half a dozen baking lamb or a pork chop with a variety of beers and a couple of beers or wines and sprouts always come as big as society and fresh air and sun by Opportunities and sometimes unusual meetings and conversations.
And there are our friends in Rome who are careful not to stay naked bitches all in half the price and cheap ones as the rest of slavons and barents and other minority peoples as well as cross-border cooperation with bosnia and herzegovina and other various suppliers of diverse assortment of goods.
Sometimes I'm strict aunt;so it's just a gimmick, our dear xy sex is not a pms, sms or menopause is a little crammed and nervous about life and family situations but we still carry a pile of love and attention ... Different as you only have only the bad ones Human whips that feed on other emotions, and because of the red scratch-like scabies as well as human reactions we lose control and scratch, we frustrate and transmit it like a flu to a younger population.
You do not have to like an atom to break the atom in order to understand all of our world, a variety of newspapers through populism puts sarcasm, a few licked you sometimes want to be tempted to treat you proud nerve and sometimes you just a little bit excited to laugh because of some stupid shell situations that have nothing to do with human reason ..
Why do I write today in a lighter way, this is a topic that is less painful and less exhausts the mind than the inability to change the state and influence on the circumstances of the event, has nothing to do with politics, but only with simple human lives, and nothing to be embarrassed-wearing a mark Some other brand. The more people will think about the family how to dress comfortably, how to undress for the whole month the food for the family and watch out for the schooling of children that they also mimic for burek and at the same time take care of the house and the obligations called directives or various private Loans.What comes goods, sometimes it was going to Turkey, sometimes getting a cooperation with China I remember that the city market came to the Czech Republic whether authentic or Romanian but can not say 100% because I was a kid while I was My father took a hand, but I remember those little fragrances of Jasmine perfume yet in high school but they were years old ..

But if this text accompanies these scenes throughout Europe and the rest of the world (seen in my eyes and not on television), so you have nothing to be surprised despite the large department stores that exist in our county.
Of course I was also visiting the Fortress/Osijek at the antiques fair? I mostly threatened and much of what does not belong there.
But I'm not complaining, only when I do not have a certain amount in my pocket that I can afford something at that moment. One objection that the market is looking for investment in some basics, but also the city as well as the managerial properties are directed to something else so I reconcile and not complain. We'll go ahead.
Give people a job to have security and self-reliance, and for the rest they will somehow squeeze and take care in the long run, because the choice still exists. Sometimes you add plus or vice versa.
Normally we are usually dressed because no one is going to wear a new dress or an evening dress for such events, it is said to be a little place for relaxation and leisure, and every kuna market makes it easy for you to take care of your family budgets as well as your family, do not worry about steak It's just a piece of meat like fish caviar, we carry gold as a jewelery but we do not consume it because it belongs to the metal family.You can prepare your own home as well as many other national cuisines and if you can jump into the restaurant then take your family and, of course, at home moments.
Again, at home, it is a week for the rest of the whole society and for the working people, so do not look at the wider families on that day.Tram in the house still exists, one goes to work another at school and everyone is only somehow happy at the family table at night It depends on the mood.So * every one in your small corner in the house until tomorrow morning or working morning.

And of course I'm not done writing, if you have a brothers or sisters, you know what the legacy of older cousins, cousins, friends or friends is, or go to the store from the other hand at least as far as clothing is concerned. Parents do everything to ease the expenses of their home, Because you would like something else. You will not find the models in the groves of expensive goods, especially if you are bidding on some of the styles from the past, for example, 60.70 or 80 years old or you can always find fashion magazines and go to a tailor if you have money to give you something special Make it tailor-made ..

Buying second-hand stores has become more and more popular, and many trendseters love their styling to complement well-preserved and, above all, advantageous used pieces.For a successful purchase in second hand stores it is necessary to arm with patience and effort. The shops each get some new stuff, which means that the offer is quite dynamic. At first you may not find something for yourself, but with little effort, you can dig a few design pieces at really low prices. Every patience and effort in second hand stores is worth it!