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with millions who daily check who splashed them and who did not

poštujte činjenicu da Baby nitko ne stavlja u kut**

As a rule, when the dictator dies, his cult dies with him. But when a cult of personality lives 35 years after the death of a dictator, we have to wonder what was ruined and sick in our society? Are we at all capable of accepting democracy and human rights, or are we still Balkans who can not handle bribes in their hands?
Life above the possibility of a status symbol ** average Croatians and Croats overloaded with the creation of the semblance of property, luxury, and glamorous lifestyle. This view sees irrelevant defects and does not perceive the relevant virtues of society; To show yourself in a better light, impress someone or the environment, become or remain accepted, many people are trying to capture status symbols at all costs **.
"In order to gain and retain respect for the people," Veblen writes, "it is not enough to possess wealth or power alone. This wealth or power has to be inspected, because respect is be…

Break monotony and refresh your living or working space

Release your imagination at will and imagine how you would love to look like your empty wall.
For coloring the walls the synonyms are different - licking, slicing, finishing, smoothing or holding.
And that's not all!
But whatever this process is, it is about the same, one of the easiest and most cost-effective so-called.Do the tasks yourself. Though it's not my mother-in-law, I've always been involved in drawing and other forms of creative work, so this is one of the ways to do something that I love and cheer someone's glamorous home at the same time.Wall painting is still relatively unobtrusive in our country. Gift with him every day, not consumed, can not be damaged or lost.In this holiday season when many people in life make changes, the painted wall as a gift is a little thing that greatly changes the living space - and we know that small things mean the most.Decorating and painting the walls is an ideal technique for creating a new dimension of originality and interior…

Our Values | Ethical standards in business Trust and Parting / Alarmingly weakening citizens' trust in institutions

Confidence means the feeling that the development of a situation or event will have a positive or anticipated course. An important feature is the existence of an alternative flow. This distinguishes the feeling of trust from the feeling of hope.Trust also means the expectation of a person of trust or organization to shape their future actions within common values.The basics of trust are credibility, reliability, and authenticity that relate to the present as well as future events.The use of the concept in science is different, so even within one discipline it is often controversial.
Of someone's private thinking in psychology as defining transaction costs as "measurement and settlement costs", generally accepted cooperative and social networking standards, or community affiliation.People who believe in themselves can trust others. People who do not believe themselves can not trust anyone. Trust comes from self-confidence. If you are not trusting to yourself, you can not…

And stay marvelous in the noble country of Slavonia ALTERNATIVE, ECOLOGY AND BIO GARDENS philosophy or metaphysics

If you expect from me philosophy or metaphysics today or some crazy stunt or joke, I'm not in that element today. Apart from mere writing, I am concerned with other small actions of ordinary people and life.Tired lately of tracking politics and bad gray and dark rainy weather..The evening is for a vacation and sometimes I go late in the night and finish my wall art.And sometimes I get lost in the darkness of sleep and a bit of peace.My posts as well as topics are allowed for my choice, my blog headline without obligation to clients or advertisers.So who are interested in news or events, discussions or thinking or literature-you can always reply to my e-mail.How it will evolve and in what direction sometimes depends on the idea and research awakened, and sometimes I just want to relax and go writing a different course.It does not mean that I have gone or left the main theme-that is what makes part of human life, how am I am or how serious I am and at what moment it is difficult f…