And stay marvelous in the noble country of Slavonia ALTERNATIVE, ECOLOGY AND BIO GARDENS philosophy or metaphysics

If you expect from me philosophy or metaphysics today or some crazy stunt or joke, I'm not in that element today. Apart from mere writing, I am concerned with other small actions of ordinary people and life.Tired lately of tracking politics and bad gray and dark rainy weather..The evening is for a vacation and sometimes I go late in the night and finish my wall art.And sometimes I get lost in the darkness of sleep and a bit of peace.My posts as well as topics are allowed for my choice, my blog headline without obligation to clients or advertisers.So who are interested in news or events, discussions or thinking or literature-you can always reply to my e-mail.How it will evolve and in what direction sometimes depends on the idea and research awakened, and sometimes I just want to relax and go writing a different course.It does not mean that I have gone or left the main theme-that is what makes part of human life, how am I am or how serious I am and at what moment it is difficult for you to say-superficial know-how are overwhelming and deeply subtle; From my self-I hide my soul rather than my body, though my fellow citizens would not agree with me because very few people or nobody about the latter are dealing with what I'm dealing with.Young people -double younger than me want change *, the future and a good life.I think at least 1% of all this gives them a platform for struggles and encouragement, although I'm a bit different, but not the garbage for this Present just the future builders of this society with the big In spite of the fact that through the media they promote quite some other values and scenes.Do I Do Something Different From Others? Somewhat, in my own way, but each in the end represents one cube in the puzzle and assists in its own way to any and whose development.And gardening-the mockery of real stars, musicians, painters, performers, and others, mostly do not deal with that action, are already paying other people to do it for them. And most of them enjoy some other things, depends on effort, effort, and events as well time.Successful life, quotation, numbers, earnings as well as popularity I am still far away from it but do not forget who I am and what I am-here overnight does not become a richer unless you accidentally hit six of them on a lottery.
So how is me as a woman to hold the so-called dick in women pants "are translated to open up and write about his policy and discuss a variety of topics, of course I do now despite the fact that I still unknown paid a price.How is it? Yet it is not for the public.


Only sketch of strange patterns The creation of an instant star from unknown people was the first step in creating so-called pseudo-genres, with huge PR staffs creating the image just because they are constantly present in the media.Only one example where so-called "persons from the margins" came to the center of public interest. The public space is simply crowded with reality stars, rising singers and singers, people without a career and achievements that are already writing autobiography at the age of 25 ...
Why is this creating instant stars and judgments, essentially, dangerous for society?
It would soon be said: by promoting the banality and superficiality and imposing constant presence and fitting on to all as the key "values" and "qualities" one needs to have to be popular, lower taste standards and change social values. The most noticeable effect of promoting such people is, of course, young people who, in countless characters from the underworld, cheap starlets and other people without biography and quality, see the patterns that are "cool" because they do nothing and have everything, even for themselves The same scenario.
And in the colloquial speech, the term "get up," which is the direct consequence of this approach and the worldview, is already overwhelming, where negotiating means entering the goal without selecting the means, followed by awards in the form of popularity and unpolluted title and glorification in the public space. Why Would, in such a setting, some young man, at all, have the motive and the interest to invest in himself, gradually builds his future and achieves his goals without endangering anyone? It's no longer price. On the contrary.
Hope for something or dream of something - what's the difference? Perhaps that dreaming about something can mean something bigger, something that is difficult and sometimes impossible to accomplish. While, on the other hand, hopefully something sounds more certain when it comes to the possibility of a final achievement. It would be interesting to observe from the divine and contingent perspectives of what people are dreaming of a people. A nation in which, for example, TV show-type Reallity show in striking nightly nights has a surprisingly great look. And yet, in parallel with the broadcast of such an extremely provocative and uncanny program, the stories of their major actors become at a flashy rate of interest to the public and exciting issues that are being written and read. What these instant "stars" are most immoral and predictably in front of the cameras are more interesting and popular. It would be interesting to enter the dreams and hopes of people in the world where the most popular daily newspapers are full of jealousy, cheap sensationalism and media lynch. Undoubtedly, the "most popular daily newspaper" implies intellectual and moral bread every day, that is, what the people daily eat and unconsciously raise and "enlighten". In a country where books are almost unread, cheap and easily accessible daily newspapers take on the enlightenment role and have a significant impact on the creation of a system of values, public opinion, and worldview. What dreams and what people hope for their failures and frustrations replenish and cure By baking beer in front of large screens set up in public places to better track and enjoy the athletes' successes, national heroes that the media so carefully raise to the level of deities. These same media, by the way, are cautiously and abundantly advertising the already mentioned beer, this "refreshing" drink that fits so well into the world of healthy and sporting lifestyle. "Of course, just have to be moderate!" - they will tell us. If the same national heroes and national teams are disappointed with the bad match, people will still be drinking and maybe on the road to the apartment may break some tram or showroom. Or a woman who is constantly quarreling and complaining at home. What does such a people dream of? What does an individual hope for in such a social environment? What is the potential future ahead of his imaginative eyes? Is there any time and will to imagine? Does she dream anyway and do her dreams have any real basis for fulfilling and bringing happiness?
The second picture of the society you will not need to know, and the whole series of super-new, idols, talents, who later fill the newspaper columns with scandals as the last chance for fame, because they are nothing else and can not present themselves. The Judaic nature is such that the public are more interesting about the negative aspects One's career or life rather than positive ones. For this reason, the belief is that the celebration is not becoming valuable work, honesty, extraordinary results, but vice versa. Stellar status is proportional to the number of scandals. When you add a long-established American theory of sex selling everything, you get a recipe for the success of various severines, nives, czech, mexican, ciganovic and the rest of us all known actors on that funny stage called the Croatian show-business. Television Journalists - Honors With Exceptions - Are pulled out of the bosses in which the bosses are held, so that they are largely nothing but loyal servants of the governing garrisons, and not the appropriate and self-conscious public service workers. On the day when our front page stops with our finger in the eye of various unqualified and developed politicians and immoral tycoons, and when we pay attention to the real problems that are trying to conceal just such stories, then we will be able to say that we have quality media and a healthy society
When you always nod, you swim with everyone, but you do not know anything, and when you are honest, at least you crystallize the situation.
Life standards and perspectives of the great work of the population are truly endangered, especially workers, retired, young, women, even part of the intellectual elite. Relatively declining quality of health insurance, unemployment threatens, and the retirement system is in disintegration. This is why a growing sense of fear and inability to create aggressiveness on the streets, stadiums and schools, on the other hand, is fueling passivity, lack of confidence and unwillingness to change, and the third is young and the most educated in economic emigration. There is a strong general conviction that our present state of affairs is deserved and nothing can be done! The political elite is unable to respond to current economic challenges as well. The parties polluted and plagued the political space, subverting it to personal and collective interests, not to the aims of workers and citizens. Politics has become a springboard for all those who have a lack of ability and an overwhelming ambition. Entrepreneurs are either naive who quickly fall away, or tycooned and hated the favored policies that provide them with jobs and influence over the market. Not to be taught, not to work, the culture of ironing the card without the cover and admiration of the instant-stars of the Big Brother and Farms. It has been sponsored by the sponsor, idols are becoming people of no character, knowledge, education and morals, and the remedy for hopelessness and lack of perspective is sought out in games of chance, bookmakers, casinos, corruption and thievery. We are surrounded by negative models of success from media fictional stars, overly enriched, corrupt officials, to the frailties that survive because of the support of politicians. And the omnipotent politics most people just get rid of and politicians are rightly perceived as unscrupulous fighters for armchairs.
That the extraversial bread really has seven bark, best known by those who tried - and failed, or decided to return to anonymity. It is not easy to be a star, sometimes because of happiness or persistence, or lack of talent, and all these stories are concerned with the issue of "the 10 biggest instant stars of Croatia! Music, act, sport, and even politics - all have instant stars, and we remember their striking ascents and fast media falls, as well as always, with urns commentators/In short, I am not on such lists and there is no news in the newspapers or on television*.
An English musician, Elton John, does not submit to new stars, which is just one thing - to be in the spotlight. In an interview with the BBC, the famous singer said today's celebrities, especially stars of various reality shows, are 'unbearable'. 'They want glory, no matter what the consequences. They are ready for everything and everything to be [...]
This blog is open to everyone, some may like it to some and not, who surfers him and when and how much I am not really familiar with because I do not have managers or PRs or someone else who keeps track of it, and also those who are maintenance payments This site on my google account. I only see the state and number of visits and that's all.But of course, I'm also careful to express myself and how I write it.

I have not done the research, but probably most of the Croatians hardly can list all the reality shows that have been on our television, especially the winners, over the last ten years. Temporary glory on some of them was disastrous, and some of them benefited. Most of them with the money they won did not do anything. Some of them have not achieved anything with short-lived glory. In fact, only those who understood this as a party were successful and from the beginning were aware that both money and popularity disappeared as quickly as they came.
Who is the star today in our small country, is a very stupid question. It is better to ask who is not, given that self-proclaimed artists - the evening stars are coming out of the newspaper daily to the living room, screaming from the front pages of the yellow press so much that I lose my hearing for essential things. Such people are creating media for which there is no better hunt than a person who looks good, does not think too much, and is ready to do whatever is required of her to get her five minutes of glory.



briefly about the country where I live*

It is important to know the number of inhabitants in an area not only for the calculation of the demographic situation, but also for economic, political, health and other opportunities in a given territory.Croatia belongs to small countries, as shown by the 2001 Population Census, when it was counted to 4,437,460, of the population (results published on the web site of the Central Bureau of Statistics . According to the 2001 census, Croatia is ranked 117th in the number of inhabitants on Earth. As the surface of the Republic of Croatia is 56.594 km2, its population density is 78.48, which sets Croatia at the center of the scale on Earth. As Croatia does not have large cities, such as the United States, Germany or Canada, so under large cities there are settlements with more than 100,000 inhabitants. In this way, four cities can be distinguished: Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Osijek.The municipality is a set of rural and urban settlements that are politically, economically and otherwise connected. Pursuant to the Law on Local and Regional Self-Government NN 33/01 and the Act on Amendments to Local and Regional Self-Government Act NN 129/05, the Municipality is defined as follows: Municipality is a unit of local self-government established Rule, for the area of ​​multiple inhabited places that represent a natural, economic and social entity, and which are linked to the common interests of the population.According to these laws, there are 479 municipalities in Croatia. To the Law on Areas of Counties, Towns and Municipalities (NN 90/92), Croatia had 104 municipalities.In the composition of the city as a unit of local self-government can also be included suburban settlements which together with the urban settlement make up the economic and social entity and are associated with daily migration trends and everyday needs of the population of local significance. Exceptionally, where there are special reasons for this (historical, economic, geoprometric), a city can also identify a place that does not meet the above mentioned conditions. This law has established 127 towns in the territory of the Republic of Croatia.Pannonia with glorious scene staging immemorial.The tantamount disappears unobtrusively from the darkness, lined with the hump of the mist.Above wide river valleys. The vault is filled with the blueness on which The horizons are far more clear, and the exalted silence enhances the drama expectantly. The first flickering rays are transmitted to the Big Flash and the GoldenThe curtain eaves the eastern part of the horizon. A Sign for the Beginning of the Liturgy of Life ...And so 370 million years ago, when the oldest came from the sea The land of this part of the continent and began the life of nature. More than 8000 A year he is culturally enhancing, until today's pan-African-European Landscapes with a harmonious array of resorts in gorgeous.Colorful fruit fields and gallery forests, along with the joy of the most numerous.And the most varied bird species in Europe. Spatial Code by East Croatia (which unites Slavonia, southern Baranja and western Srijem)Is distinguished as the original spatial entity of Croatia and Europe.The complete experience of eastern Croatia is unthinkable without getting acquainted with Slavonian villages. It is a decoration of the cultural landscape and heritage treasury.Embedded in the collective consciousness and identity of the local population. It Equally refers to the assembled, planned-based villages with agrarian Landscaped open fields on lime plateaus and eastern-Croatian terraces.The plains, as well as on the rugged road settlements with the occupied property,And the distribution of parcels in the form of a fish bone in Posavina and Podravina.In them, the centuries-old knowledge and experience of different cultures has been transformed,Linked to the common life of a wealthy, fertile and generous Pannonian country. And as a self-contained, Slavonian cultural heritage "archived"For future generations. This, among other things, was mirrored in the luxurious Slavonian Culinary tradition, abundance and variety of unmatched gastronomic specialties in Croatia. In the overflowing Slavonian.The word concept of the home gets a new dimension. From scented wheat Bread from a baker's oven, over a young cheese and pork, poultry soup or Mushrooms, roasts, to the finest meat products and after-processing A rite of chickens, such as unknowable walnuts, dried meat bacon,Ham or hot Slavonian sausages made with red ground ,Or a pinch of pepper.One must not forget the notorious winner,as well as hunting specialties. With all this and plenty of different things vegetables. And just the desserts, from lavishly varied and varied designs . To try these and many others Specialties, there is a celebration of the Slavonian wedding, the glittering festival of the local Culinary traditions. There are a few areas whose appearance and life are so great in rivers as What is eastern Croatia. Rivers are all marked by this end,Give him rhythm and intonation. The wide streams and valleys of Sava,The Drava and the Danube in this area are permanently affected by creativeenergy The ends through which they spin. It is shaped wide wide Plains with gallery forests, oasis of biodiversity. To them from The memory of the current is the cultural influences that have been rich and refined This space and contributed to its cultural boom - from the Sopot A culture of fishermen who lived in the souks, from the small stone Time, through the Vulgate culture from Eneolithic to the present time.Such significance is also evident in developed coastal areas River Civilization,Cities, whose urban and architectural-stylistic characteristics Testify to the cultural impacts of wider space. Podunavlje, Posavina And Podravina are not just the regions that the rivers have given names, but Have given their different characters to the way in which they live. AND Enjoys contemporary water sports competitions, in the famous Fish restaurants or rest and recreation in the green zone along Word flows. Because of its omnipresence - in the landscape, in the collective The awareness and culture of the population, the rivers are a spatial place in the east Croatia, by which it is recognizable within the regional mosaic Croatian. They were, they are and will be a place for gathering the population,They determine the rhythm of life and direct it to the future.


Little about the ecology / section of a few everyday events by me

Of course, we have various weaknesses that we describe as mischievous, that is, as our flaw, which we can not solve for various reasons. Some of our little hedonistic pleasures are the habit of our minds.And yet I do enjoy all the benefits of nature, but I do not go into various recommendations and ways of healing because I am neither a professional trainer nor a biochemist. But some of my little knowledge is sometimes even inexpensively-with some teaspooning you can somehow cool or calm down but still You yourself have to deal with those who are dealing with those years.Chilling is a medical condition caused by biological causes. The grunt begins as a flare, burning the pain behind the chest, spreading up to the neck. Often it is accompanied by a feeling of food return, with acid or bitter taste in the mouth. Heartburn can be associated with the onset of more severe symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Healing the heartburn can reduce the intensity of these heavier symptoms.

Dwarf tea? No, thank you!
Nana (mint, mint) can lead to heartburn. Although dandelion is considered to be a beneficial remedy for stomach pain, this tea can cause or exacerbate heartburn symptoms. It's on the list of foods you should avoid if you have heartburn. Nana leads to relaxation of stomach muscles, which sounds like a good idea if you are "stomach painful". But this can be a problem if the lower esophageal sphincter, the muscle that separates the stomach from the stomach, is released. As we have mentioned, if this circular muscle is too weak or too relaxed, gastric acid can return to the esophagus and lead to symptoms of heartburn. - USE OF THIS HEALTHY PATIENT LOOKS FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY LIVING OR ALSO ASK AND GREEN GREEN TEA (STORY EXPERIENCES AND PRACTICE IN WHICH I LOVE YOUR MEDICAL PRACTICE)
Juice of mint

Fresh mint with cold water. Then finely chop. The powdered mint mix with 5-6 tablespoons of sugar and LIMUNTUS well and mash. All pour with 3l water and allow to stand for 24 hours.
After 24 hours strain the juice through cheesecloth and the resulting liquid, add 3 kg of sugar. Let stand for another 24 hours to sugar melted. Stir occasionally juice. The obtained syrup pour into glass bottles or in plastic if you want to freeze.
Van freezer can certainly stand up to 2 months in a cool, dark place.
Use juice diluted with water. With a few drops of lemon and a few ice cubes will have the right summer refreshment.Peppermint is widely used in the diet.It is ideally suited for soups, salads, vegetable dishes, pastries and refreshing drinks.It is very well matched with vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peas and fruits such as pineapples, lemons, oranges and melons. You can add it to yogurt or chocolate too!Basil does not like the sun, and mint is shared with others - People often get tired when they put basil into the sun. The north, ie shaded and semi-sloping, are ideal for it, as well as for the mint.
This was briefly informing or so-called awareness of the people;All of us most of the time on a black and white COFFEE with sugar or without, juices, luscious or filled bubbles (carbonated) eating fatty or rich cream on cakes and the like, as sometimes sins burdening his digestive organs hooks Doctor Help**
If we take a little bit of genetics, there is a bit of wrong nutrition and a lot of stress, and about alcohol not to talk, eventually the mucous membrane will 'obey' and develop gastritis.
Who is more IN DANGER man or woman ** DEPENDING ON/ OR ABOUT YOU * :( AGAIN; I Made a little KINDERGARTEN WITH plantlets FROM NATURE; I did not go shopping in SOME GARDEN CENTER, IN SEARCH NOT JUST managed SOMETHING SPECIAL TO FIND OR TRANTINČICA AND WILD MINT were given place in the earthen pots.SADNESS IS WHEN YOU HAVE SMALL yard, and there is also my dog, PA WHAT LITTLE WOMEN EATING reduced to PAR pot with various flowers, but eventually survives SOMETHING OVER SPRING AND SUMMER PART OF A THING AS A DISAPPEARING example SUNOVRAT.
AGAINST seasons can not fight as well as certain places, such as is shaded, shade and constantly sunny spot.I'm sorry to hear that I'm sorry, but that's the other thing about climate and continence.
The garden will 'defend' spices from parasites, and not the various Bubamare chemicals are pure herbs from the ears, and the pesticide from the base will disperse mammals and mice. Plant herbs everywhere - they smell the parasites with their scent ..
However, if you do not want small bullets to surrender part of the bulk, you can use proven and unprofitable protection methods.
The shelter helps against mold and rust - 800 grams of dry plants are crushed and flushed with boiling water. Then pour 10 liters of water and let it stand for 36 hours or the key for 30 minutes
When there are no cats, the base mice are left behind
For the preparation against the mussels, volcanoes, mice and dirt of 3/4 pots, fill the leaves with baskets, pour the water and leave for a few days in the sun to "dowel". Pour and dilute with water at 1: 5 ratio and pour the soil as needed. You can also spray it against the ears and the caterpillar.Herbs adore teaspoon-Many weeds that gardeners are trying to kill are actually medicinal plants that help not only people but also other plants.The most important of them is the nettle from which an effective anti-ailment is being prepared. The coprons are poured with water and left to stand all day - no longer because the preparation will otherwise lose power. The exact ratios are not particularly important, but about a kilogram of fresh, unpublished horseshoes are placed ten liters of water, the best rainwater.(Well, if someone saw me with a bag and gloves in the field, I was in picking horseshoes*)Tomato is the easiest to protect from fungal diseases with milk - dilute it in a 1-10 ratio and spray it every two weeks. After sprinkling, sprinkling should be repeated. Milk protects and cucumbers.A chain of other diseases and pests The broom helps against rusty leaves, fungal diseases, mites and red spiders. Sprinkle (1 kg of fresh or 150 g of dry) soak in 10 l of water and let it stand for 24 hours. Separate a splice and a little water in which to soak and cook for half an hour. Pour, pour the remaining water and dilute 1: 5.(For this I'm not one hundred percent sure-it is necessary to check the application*)For a healthy and varied garden it is also necessary for herbs and flowers. So the most basic plants in the garden are neven and cadmium, which by their smell invade the nematodes and so they work healing on the ground. It is good to insert some flower into each open pit that will attract useful insects in the garden or herbs that works healing on the ground and with its odor causes the parasites.Types that are always desirable:◦ camouflage - works healing on the soil, improves the taste of cabbage and potatoes, potatoes also have an influence on the protection of potato grapefruit, attracts the ears and thus dissociates them from other plants◦Bosiljak - is very agreeable with tomato, it rejects the parasites◦gaillardia - attracts useful insects in the garden ,Even - it attracts some of the flies, which are the natural enemy of plant lice,◦ Small - attracting useful insects in the garden, sunflower attracts birds in the garden, fed with fertilizers rich in phosphorus, the damp ground causes its roots to bond nitrogen to soak the surrounding soil.

You can grow Rukolu (Eruca sativa) as a year old, but it is recommended that you grow it as a multi-year old, because you will always have fresh leaves to cope, with a break during the coldest period of the year. My garden does not rush, so rush is one of the pleasant surprises of every spring and I never know where everything can be found.
On the fall of autumn, I parted a handful of handkerchiefs from one box, intending to no longer hang on that spot, and covered that part of the garden with hay. But in the spring again there were surprises in the form of fresh green leaf runners. The roots of the plant sank into the hay and let the leaves, the contact with the ground obviously did not miss it, and the rucola was delicious and aromatic.
Rich in vitamins and minerals*..But of course these are not cultures that are otherwise bred in this area-but can be tamed and domesticated.
Rukola is mostly consumed fresh, but it can also be cooked and cooked. It is rich in vitamins C, K and A, and potassium, manganese, iron, calcium and zinc. It is full of antioxidants and has many important health features, and despite being very tasty, its aromatic leaves are good for health and are very nutritious. As it is easy to breed, it does not take up much space, it is a great shame not to have at least one row in your garden or a pair of pots on the balcony. In addition, the market is fairly expensive, so its breeding is economically justified.
WITH SOME FOOD am familiar because of a certain OCCUPATION AND WORK WITH THEM, AND NATURAL planted and arugula ..Only the garden is too small for so many hosts so we can arrange for the garden to turn the garden into a small garden on the ground, vegetables are always in, salads, tomatoes and other delicious fruits and vegetables but can not be exaggerated because they are just Short supply for a small household of 4.5 people, but delight from the garden is always desirable.
But as it progressed and grown And my data remained unknown /And I was can not alone consuming*
danced rucola IN THAT THE GARDEN only this PERIOD **
but I did domesticate mangold and zucchini ..
Truth will and inexhaustible selfishness, and there is no power in you that in any way effectively oppose the sins of immersive wounded blood and nature.
"Then an angel brought to me the river of life, crystal clear, exiting from the throne of God and the Lamb." (Revelation 22: 1) "He is our only peace." (Ephesians 2: 14)
Therefore, a friend and a friend, father and mother, son and daughter, as long as you breathe in this tear valley, do not forget: far, far above the star and the eternity dream is Love, and Love is eternity. And it all begins now and here, for beside you is breathing the one who is to come.