Between old myths and contemporary stories embedded in computer games; Some of the characters in the game are alive, and the real and virtual world is beginning to break. * It's a matter of being a face, is not it?

"He did not strive for reputation or glory, nor did he desperately care to be in favor of others. He simply did what was right and therefore liked some people as a person (John 8:29, 30). But Jesus was aware at the same time that people were overwhelming and that the affection manifested by his multitude would not be of long life."

But let's get the bombs and the gels now and get back to the ground floor. Popular, meticulous partymen and nurses. Cheers, unreliable and charming fools that people are prepared to eat from their palms and beautiful, dependable and responsible girls who are simply bored of them. A stupid fool will probably have a larger number of names in his cell phone and will love the company more. Life is so disgusting, is not it?
To make things worse, smart, educated and responsible people are not only different, they are even better. And who likes to be near those who are better than him? And, let's now finally outline the brutal truth, smart people often have the intrinsic need to show others that they are smart - do you know anyone who loves it? Do you know anyone who likes to remind him that there is someone with more brains from him, who better clutches things? If you're wise enough, you've already figured out the magic formula. Ameri told me: 'Dumb it down.' Kill in your desire to prove and learn to be more silly than you are. Then people will believe that you are really one of them and will accept you better. Nobody likes to feel that someone is looking at the height from the height.
Why are so many people today so goddamn obsessed with being accepted? Glory, even if it is Warhol's 15-minute, or the one that manifests itself in the sense that as many Facebook friends have become a kind of social imperative. Reality show programs and a whole bunch of starlets that are famous simply because they exist, without ever having anything to do, they created the impression that today everyone just can be popular. You do not have to know how to play, sing, dance or write to be popular. Just point the hips, paint with the duck face and be ready to go into the camera. In short, this is the world where popularity criteria have been dropped more than ever before, and that is why today everyone can be popular if they only do a little bit of effort. So what would not you be then? If you do not, you're kind of stupid, do not you?

They drink the most expensive champagne, breakfast caviar, drive in angry cars, but it has not always been so.
Many celebrities did not have easy childhood and every day their day was a struggle for survival. Foolish parents, disgust, hunger - all these things they experienced before they found their place under the reflector lights.
And swimming today, upstream, in the current of the 21st century is the weakest possible factor and the greatest talent we can possess. There will always be someone who wants our head to look down - under the water. And breathing below, despite pushing in the mud .... This should know.
Sometimes in a huge wandering, I forget how many years I have. How much have I done already? And how foolish it is to prove to someone whom this is invisible.
"Look at him, you wear uniform, and your academic career is guaranteed. It's a shame that football is not so; You wear the jersey on which you say, say Zlatan Ibrahimović, and you hit whenever you want...
Sherry Holmes once said his famous, "You see, but you do not watch. The difference is obvious. ' First, learn to observe the behavior of other players. Establish what is called base in their behavior before you go to do anything else. That is, what is normal behavior for them? This helps you to spot anything else that may have to do with 'unusual' behavior when its maps go to ruin (or wine in the sky !!!) - sniffing, playing with a ring on your hand or tapping your toes on the table. Nothing bad about talking at the table, but it's worth focusing on what people are saying and how they say it. Do they break away from ordinary chat and suddenly start to talk too much, or suddenly completely shut up until they have been quite talkable to a minute? In detecting someone's tics, you want to look for any changes in their baseline, ie normal behavior. Every behavior can not be controlled. For example, I would like to imagine yourself in a situation that you just did not win. No, seriously - I want you to close your eyes and really visualize it. I want you to really feel like a winner: triumphant. At the top of the world. Now think about what the rest of your body was doing while your thoughts were taken up by this idea. Did the corners of your lips blossom? Did your arm lift up and touched your chin? Such things can be subtle, but they can be obvious as a neon sign on your leader.
If you want to be popular today, there is a constant presence on social networks. The messages are carefully thought out, elaborated and often require the people who deal with them, and the question that arises is how we got in a situation where virtual "followers" became the ultimate currency?
What began as a way for suspicious individuals to travel to the world of celebrities is today a way of life, at least if you do not want them to forget you quickly. It is no secret that any well-known person behind him has a team of PR specialists who carefully publish press releases and the public, but they are largely engaged in running their social networks today ...
You work hard and manage to fit into (no) society. Well, at least you know that. And pleasure comes from that awareness. Namely, to think that I live just as my soul desires, would not open this post, people who are constantly failing to achieve the "human qualities" that I have enumerated so far. Some feel bad about it, try to "fix" and spin in the infinite loop because they can not or do not want to perceive their character and are unsuccessfully trying to change. I give them an example of comfort. This is not a kind of general human thing that would be solved by universal quick-fix advice. The lack of satisfaction comes from the lack of individual needs. You probably have an ideal that you would like to achieve, the only thing I can tell you is: "Think as much about what you want sincerely and make every effort to do that." And, yes, try to find the harmony between desire and reality, your own possibilities and limitations . And that's it.
Why Define Trunks of Truncated Neurons as a Problem? If someone is satisfied with the swamps of his life, who are you to judge him?
Why do you mean that he or he must "change," "must look at the problem," "solve the problem," and assume that it is not automatically satisfied and that the ideal of socially acceptable character is to be attained.What is such a obsessive desire for uniformity? It takes a lot of patience and understanding. Some people simply trumped and as such have the right to their place under the sun. Then I looked around and noticed that such and many other people were. We are probably in the majority. The great, overlapping bottom of the hierarchical structure of mankind. Sometimes one of the people points out and does something that stands out and rises from the average. But we can still be happy that we are bad because we simply suffer when we want to be different.
However, a man who is willing to read and learn will discover great differences between learning and practice, Think, therefore exist.)

"And I would like all people to be like me (unmarried); But each one has his own gift of God, one such, the other one. "(1 Corinthians 7: 7)
Do not make yourself a figure or figure of anything that is up in the sky, or down the earth, or in the waters under the earth. Do not worship or serve them. For I, Yahweh, your God, I am jealous. I punish the fathers of the fathers - those who hate me - on children up to the third and fourth knees "(Exodus 20: 4-5)
"Therefore, as the Holy Ghost says," Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as in rebellion, in the day of temptation in the desert where your fathers tested me and tested you, though they have watched my forty years "(Hebrews 3 : 7-9)
And as far as my own opinion is concerned, today and I'm not very creative, I admit. The topic of "difference" is all morning, my head on my head, and as yet I have not got a concrete shape, I decided to start writing and see what will happen in the end. Ready to defend the view that the differences between us make life richer, That everybody has the right to be different, however, when they find themselves in a specific situation to have that attitude and prove, then it turns out they are not only ready for diversity, but are so inflexible and in the rank of those who are spying on your profile on facebook by seeking something You could wake up and prove that your diversity is less valuable than theirs. What percentage of me are you convinced that you and one of your friends and acquaintances have at least one of these people. I have not always been the subject of tolerance towards diversity. Maybe I'm not yet. However, I made a big step forward in understanding other people's differences and finding the "least common content" when we are, as a human being, concerned. I've made a big breakthrough that I'm getting less and less drunk on throwing hooks and reacting "to the first." The beauty of personal development is that, in that seemingly opposite and so different from outside, you see what connects you, even if it was a common one value.
With the complex I will step in * and with my work and pledge I will make you accept me. You are shyly registered to be a free player, but you have been encouraged by this move. After the green light I still have something to think about. I can not wait for a negative reason. In the whole playing career I was playing in the jersey of every club I was defending. Meanwhile, a coach changed, and every new strategist draws my players. I'm not a mason but I'm a builder, at least I learned some basics from my fathers, brothers and sisters And how it is made of reinforced concrete.
How to fight / change attitudes?
Education against knowledge against ignorance, myths versus fact, contact cognitive fact + experience, protest against conscience and prohibition.A voice for civil society in which there will be less and less stigmatized; with more youthful enthusiasm a framework for evaluation; Making decisions and actions, expanding at the same time on their pioneering path of knowledge and experience, the cognitive component: knowledge of something that is the object of the stand.

I welcome the commitment of all participants to the realization of this work and I believe in further successful co-operation**