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Break monotony and refresh your living or working space

Release your imagination at will and imagine how you would love to look like your empty wall.
For coloring the walls the synonyms are different - licking, slicing, finishing, smoothing or holding.
And that's not all!
But whatever this process is, it is about the same, one of the easiest and most cost-effective so-called. Do the tasks yourself.
Though it's not my mother-in-law, I've always been involved in drawing and other forms of creative work, so this is one of the ways to do something that I love and cheer someone's glamorous home at the same time. Wall painting is still relatively unobtrusive in our country.
Gift with him every day, not consumed, can not be damaged or lost. In this holiday season when many people in life make changes, the painted wall as a gift is a little thing that greatly changes the living space - and we know that small things mean the most.Decorating and painting the walls is an ideal technique for creating a new dimension of originality and interior uniqueness.
Walls are the largest available surface that can easily be used as a decorative space. It is not necessary to paint or paint the entire surface of the wall to achieve the desired effect. In some cases enough to paint just part of the wall and the space will become completely fresh and new. By choosing different tones, colors and motifs, you can give originality and modern look and enhance your home.
Mostly, this art is not for rent and is intended only for my space, tastes are different as well as home decorating methods.***

We are always surrounded by walls. No matter whether we recognize the signals, the walls always send them to us. Even the color of the wall itself makes feelings. Yellow color is associated with intellect, happiness, and energy, while red color is often used to stimulate people to make quick decisions and raise the level of passion, dangers and love. Blue is considered useful for the mind and body. Each of them affects its own way.Wall painting is an art that, unfortunately, is not appreciated at this time. Everyone would want something, but they would like to be free.

Do you think the situation will change? Is there an opportunity for art to appreciate as much as it is worth?I do not know. Somehow I think that today's pace of life people sometimes have no time to notice some things. We are busy with the money and the money so much weighs ... People have become shriveled even when the bread is in question. But I do not blame them because the situation is such and we can not do otherwise. And art is today a luxury ...Through mural and graphite plotter, who has an attitude and an aesthetic feeling, can specifically enrich the character of a street or city. A population wishing to leave a unique trace of life, friendship, politics, religion, is a whole supculture, can leave its trail in a legitimate and creative way with the development of artistic value and cultural significance.
By painting, you choose the uniqueness and adjust the space entirely to yourself or your needs, requirements or desires. Will you choose a smaller creative detail in the form of an additional accent in space that may already be sufficient to emphasize the required personality of the space itself or you will decide To create the focal point of the entire space, the thing is entirely your decision. To the same extent as the decision whether painting themes will be tailored to the purpose of space (such as most commonly painting children's rooms with your favorite cartoon characters or books) or painting you want to have a completely opposite experience in space.
Mostly my motives are related to my painting on paper, first I go with a certain shape or frame, and then certain motifs or ideas are born, the colors are somewhat strong between the artwork, the abstract art and the old paint on the wall.Completible scene When you look at different stories as well as shapes and characters, and in that moment revitalize your imagination.

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