with millions who daily check who splashed them and who did not

poštujte činjenicu da Baby nitko ne stavlja u kut**
As a rule, when the dictator dies, his cult dies with him. But when a cult of personality lives 35 years after the death of a dictator, we have to wonder what was ruined and sick in our society? Are we at all capable of accepting democracy and human rights, or are we still Balkans who can not handle bribes in their hands?
Life above the possibility of a status symbol ** average Croatians and Croats overloaded with the creation of the semblance of property, luxury, and glamorous lifestyle. This view sees irrelevant defects and does not perceive the relevant virtues of society; To show yourself in a better light, impress someone or the environment, become or remain accepted, many people are trying to capture status symbols at all costs **.
"In order to gain and retain respect for the people," Veblen writes, "it is not enough to possess wealth or power alone. This wealth or power has to be inspected, because respect is being rewarded only in the eyes of ...
How to get a good look at national mental hygiene; Because the cult of personality is easy to recognize: it is characterized by exaggerated obedience and absolute uncriticalness to everything that the leader does in the first place.
But there is no mistake here, it is not just about those who deal with the state and politics, but about all branches or ways of living and behaving in society and larger communities with quite specific overseas interests.

One "flute" has become a self-respect and obsession with millions who daily check who splashed them and who did not. "Lajk" has grown into a symbol that millions worship and worship. About the meaning of the coin "I like it", the Dutch artist Dadara, has launched a project-religion, in which a non-Nevada desert is built and an altar on which to stand the golden "like" and end in flames. In his "Likefest" he says we used to live in a different time. If we like what others are doing, we would give them a stimulating embrace and tell them, and today "lajk" has become a new gold.
"With the emergence of this quasi-humorous society and wild capitalism, some other stars, the stars for one day or the so-called celetoids appear. These are the stars of rijalitiya, starlet, in any case, people without talent and without interest "
-the one where the importance of how you look is, the more important the image than the essence. Sebe placement as a commodity: people will dress like she or buy products that are branded with her or her name. The symbol of this culture, in which everything is fast, calculated and instant wild capitalism under the slogan "Do not ask how I earned the first million. Only a question of good taste, but also the issue of ethics as the information that has a cellulite and which silicone breast or how much esthetic surgery or size Someone's penis is called a big influence of a black story of a certain politics on this everyday state-building. The symbol conveys something, the symbol reflects something, and it is said that the best kind of symbol is the symbol that most often transmits what reflects and holds virtually nothing for itself ...
There is a very interesting idea that is fundamental to the understanding of symbolism, symbology or symbols by itself, and that all that you see in the material world has its duplicate in the invisible world, "the inheritance of quasi-patriotism, based on personal interests and personal greed, the service of chief of boss Organized crime groups and talk about morality and honesty can those who beside cocaine in their panties and wipes conceal themselves. "" Spiritually enriched, with the defiant lurking, prideful of gadies, deprived of every desire for change, actually represent a serious anomaly of this society. The skut of the Lord or concealed in his shadow, only occasionally point to the insignificance of his existence. The state property brothers, the intellectual elites - the plagiarists, and colleagues witness the associates, - Privileges are your ideology, money is your conviction. Constantly contempt, complexes of scrambled dam System of distorted values, oligarchical approach to subsistence Societies, the shift away from the politics of fear, division and calculation with the politically disobedient, the ending with the security of the people of interest, as the expected course of growth, education and education of our children, students and young people on their way to knowledge, competence, success and competitiveness.

Nice to inspire you in one way, but only those ugly can provoke you to end up with two hundred pages in a fight against them ...
Personality cult as an exaggerated inspiration to certain circles of people through obsession or ostyatism, especially the youngest ones who are most easily influenced by the media, onion in various musicians, actors and athletes have found patterns and would like to be like them, ie to build their own personality and achieve success by leading their Examples, and all ends with nostalgia and various types of remembrance through melancholy. Today's teenagers most of the idols are in celebrities who live and work in the new age. Filmmakers and actresses have always inspired young people for many reasons. They translated various heroes and heroines into films that the audience loved and admired as powerful and personal characters, but also acted on everyday people with whom everyone could identify and understand the dilemmas they are going through and the problems that they face-but they forget The purpose of the film industry, apart from the love of acting and film, these are people who still act as actors, embodying a certain character from the movie senarius, but their lives differ from those on the film screen or in the footage of some glamorous and enchanted musical tale.
The biggest stars are usually the main actors of megapopular film successes. Were you ever wondered what happened to "heroes" (also cult personalities) * porn movies after their career ends? Mary Carey, a former stripper, was in porn movies after a couple of her naked pictures came to Playboy. At the peak of his career, he earned $ 300,000 a month. Twice he ran for California governor, promising to legalize gay marriages and introduce a tax on silicone breast implants. He has been in "retirement" since 2008, but has taken another video because of financial difficulties. Today, he often appears in reality shows and hopes he will succeed as a comedian actress. Randy West began as a model for painting artwork and was estimated to have slept with 3000 women. Now she just wants to find the right woman for herself and have children. Meanwhile, he participates in humanitarian actions by playing golf with other well known personalities. Viagra is still not necessary, claims West.Seka, the first superstar of pornography, has become a megapopular show on Saturday Night Live and walking with famous Hollywood faces. Today, she lives on her Internet site earnings and enjoys cooking, gardening and crafting, but she is unaware that she does not give the impression of a typical housewife. Houston is the first porn actress with a $ 1 million salary, holding a record for the biggest "gang bang" Auctioned surgically removed pieces of her vaginal lips for incredible $ 50,000. Houston sensed on her skin the burden of the past when she could not keep her job as a realtor for permanent recognition. Today, the single mother regularly goes to the church, gets cancer, and completes education for a nurse. The poet is not trying to break the bounty of Rocca Siffredija as an alpha male who spends like a barbecue on a woman's porno. The camera is present on castries of new girls choosing to endure their endurance and the degree of animality. "If you're not anxious, you'll hardly find a job in business," he says to one of them. The second is subjected to a subordinate test, the inevitable element of Rocco Siffredi's production. Shamers, strolling, twisting the nipples, pushing their hands in the mouth, are some of the tricks that new actresses undergo, depending on production and role. Along with him, Gabriele Galetta's cousin, his multifunctional right hand - assistant, screenwriter, photographer and best friend - raises a personality that has jumped out of 'Soprana'. He has relatively early to make a decision to The money came comfortably and comfortably: "Only the kita could help me." Support for the decision to make the shooting as a porn actor Rocco got from his mother, the dominant woman who, after the sudden death of her youngest son, began to beat and knead not only a large family but all the inhabitants of the village. About her relationship with Siffredi is less than about the events that followed her. Among them is probably probably the most fun story of a one-time sexual relationship with a mother-in-law friend who jumped after the burial - "I was done for three seconds. No voice let go. " There somewhere with Tarantino's films, there is also a very good musical selection "...
The answer is - they usually begin to live as "ordinary" people, turn to religion, become housewives, nurses or private detectives, and some decide to return to old work.
The Cult Films, also known as the cult classics, refer to a film that has gained a cult reputation for its extraordinary unusualness with respect to the established matrix and the rules of conventional cinematography. Cultural films are famous for their fans, the creation of a subculture that looks at them several times, quotes dialogs, characters or scenes, and public participation. The broader term refers to larger film productions - especially those that were not commercial in cinemas and even more if they were forbidden - but which, over time, remain obscure due to unusual subjects, styles or stories, while the narrow term restricts the cult film only to those movies that Are extremely obscure or overriding the previously unexplored territory of the film world.

Should we have "patterns" on which examples to build our own attitude and goals?
To use the glorious parts of your brain - reflection, criticism, and resentment?

WELL is the well-known fact that premature death caused by excessive enjoyment of drugs or drugs to known persons provides an inexhaustible place in history. There seems to be something in the tragedy that puts people on the worship of those who did. Michael Jackson has so joined a series of fewer or more famous stars whose life has ended before time.

River Phoenix, Anna Nicole Smith, Brad Renfro or Heath Ledger are examples of young stars who died after drug or drug overdose. All those cult status gained only after death. Phoenix and Renfro were remembered as young stars in their careers and could not boast of excessively high-quality movie achievements but whose name became the symbol of the tragedy.

Life, status, level of glory, a way of life created with countless theories, assumptions and conspiracies that have died under the circumstances that today still hold the imagination of many.
The Model of a Perfect Woman Known by Today's Western Society * Although her almost all her career was marked by the role of "dumb blonde", Marilyn Monroe reached the level of glory and popularity that no actress before and after her could approach, not to mention, emerged The first cover of the magazine that will later introduce the blonde ideal with the 90-60-90s - Playboy * Three unsuccessful marriages, affiliated with members of the Kennedy Dynasty, visiting psychiatric hospitals and, finally, tragic death.
Do you have regular, clean fantasy heroes whose characters are bound to the ideal of Mother Theresa? Do not you care about political correctness at all? Have you come across a stereotypical company and constantly face similar or even identical situations and behaviors of characters in accordance with situations? Are they predictable? Real positives?
And so we came to the end of our favorite (or hateful) characters that simply do not end with surprises and reversals in their personalities. Whether they are good, bad or bad, the end is just not important. Does the Objective Reason Mean? Is there any free will? Who really rules the world? What is the difference between the killer and the hero?

Sometimes a hard journey does not endure the benefits until it is long before the return. The trials are short-lived, but the acquired wisdom lasts for a lifetime. "

Diagnosis itself has no purpose - its purpose and meaning are to help us find ways we can help ourselves and others.
Individuals with the damaged true ones do not start by finding harmony with the environment, which is why they turn around behavioral patterns whose purpose is protective, defensive, but not healthy, constructive. It is necessary to adopt self-destructive patterns, as they are only protected from pain and from being "bad"; Unfortunately, these same patterns prevent them from living a meaningful, fulfilled life.

In the ring with current situations * Public Relations - Theory and Practice ".
One of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, Brad Pitt, had worked as a mascot for the fast food restaurant chain, El Pollo Loco, before hacking into acting. Pitt had to swim every morning to wear a costume and walk all day to earn. The cult Hollywood actress, Whoopi Goldberg, has beautified the makeup of dead people before the whole world learned of it.

Channing Tatum worked on a job that later on went on to work in the movies that appeared. Although he once earned a striper at nightclubs, he often had such a role in the film (the best example of a new movie, "Magic Mike XXL").

Almost every African rapper had a lush past filled with criminal acts before making a respectable music career. So the American media report that Jay Z, Beyonce's husband husband and famous rapper, dumped the drug before it became a repertoire.
Another remarkably rich rapper, P. Diddy, before he became famous, cleaned his toilets in a Mexican restaurant. Similar work before the act was dealt with by actor Hugh Grant, but it worked at IBM's headquarters in London.

Well-known singer and cult group No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, cleaned the floors in a fast food restaurant, and Madonna, Nick Cannon, Jennifer Hudson and Megan Fox worked as wineries at similar restaurants. That's exactly where Megan Fox advertised this restaurant dressed in a big banana suit
Another famous Hollywood star, George Clooney, once worked as a shoemaker. In addition, Clooney worked for a time as an insurance policy seller. Johnny Depp sold the chemical pens via the phone, while Beyonce was briefly referred to as cleaning and washing men's hair in a hairdresser's salon dressed by her mother.

There were some unusual interests for today's celebrity personalities. Ozzy Osbourne worked at times as a slave in a slaughterhouse, while John Malkovich drove a school bus and transported students. Except for a while, Ozzy worked as a plumber, painter, and also worked in a funeral company. A well-known actor, Tom Cruise, has been selling and selling newspapers.
After leaving school at the age of 15, popular singer Rob Stewart worked as a grower. In addition to working at the press, he digged graves at the Highgate cemetery in London. He allegedly tried to overcome the fear of death he had had since his early childhood.

An excellent polygon for "grinding" into shaping heroes and losers at the end of the thread, using your own skin *