Remember who you are, life, and the life of many people * as a true pleasure with a touch of passion flickering wire little children the joy and often in the "drive" as if you are driven by a motor

Every morning, the first thing you hear is the irritating sound of the alarm. See it for another five minutes. Turn to the other side.Alarm re-announces and instead of postponing it again you will accidentally turn it off. You are on the other side. Wake up and here's panic.
"You can not separate the mind from the body, because psychology is biology. Everything that happens in the brain is of a chemical or electrical nature." If the body is already in a row, there is enough little extra stress stimulus to push the organism over the edge and challenge a permanent " . The stressful event triggers the stress gland on the hypothalamus-epiphysis-adrenal gland movement, which leads to an increase in cortisone hormone levels, which weakens immunity and other life-style systems and disrupts the mood of "..
I did not want this awakening in spite of the first amount of latent hours, a weaker and tired one, tired and in a few minutes turned into an avid personality, whether that feeling triggered a certain recollection of the past, but as if somebody hurts me in this crazy state. It suffers from a severe chronic fatigue syndrome and I do not belong to the patterns I sometimes read for my own information. But if my normal life function is disturbed today, this is a true claim. The likeness of love is, in spite of it, struggling just like the very essence of the mind but the body of some other speech. It is a bitter and vague, but it is the feeling that I have to drink coffee in it to recover or awaken some of it. It is a pleasure for my own diagnostic research, I mentioned that I have been doing so for a long time. I remember and sometimes doctors And explain what a smart answer-to me as shorter, more reasonable and without too much philosophy even though I am sometimes forced to refrain myself And swallowing knit in the throat or a small sad tear in the eye that I must swallow together with the first one.
My concern is on healthy optimism and a positive attitude towards calling, learning, people, and life at all. This does not mean that every job as I sometimes perform with a lazy exhilaration is going around like a court crazy, but it is an intense and honest interest in what you are doing, surrendering your knowledge and skills how and how hard it is and how unprofitable it is.
Typical daily variations of mood are sometimes more irritable, tense and anxious (anxiety) than mournful. In two thirds, there are some memory and memory impairments, so these conditions are related to the circumstances a person experiences, and sometimes they are not. Different types of analysis will only give you More to think instead of just what your problem is - the surplus of thoughts - rastereti.You affirm the existence, ie the reality of the problem, create resistance to the thoughts that create your "problem" and create even more weight.
Our original natural state should be - inner peace, ground, inner strength, ease, simplicity, simplicity, security and unconditional fulfillment.
Most people, though unaware of it, are asleep. They are born asleep, living asleep, wives sleep and sleep, sleeping, raising their children, and dying asleep, never waking up. They never get to know the charm and beauty of this thing we call human exuberance. You know, all mystics - Catholics, Christians, Christians, no matter what the theology they represent, no matter what the religions - all agree on one thing: that everything is fine, everything is fine. Although there is disorder everywhere, everything is fine. Truly a paradox. But, unfortunately, most people never realize that everything is OK because they are sleeping. They are bored by nightmares.
If we do not get what we want, we suffer. If we get what we want, we suffer. Even if we get exactly what we want, we suffer again because we can not keep it forever. The reason for this is our UM, he wants to be beyond change, without pain, without obligation to life and death. But change is a law and conversion will not change that reality.
Our condition, which is sometimes characterized by a very high degree of motor activity as manifestations of very high mind activity. All of these are most often very intelligent and extremely imaginative. Disregarding the customary rules and regulations of the society around them makes them in some ways disadvantaged, and medicine deals with it in order to "cure"; most people through their developmental period go through a period of hyperactivity aimed at researching the environment, and their parents see it as "abnormal "Most people are not even aware of what they are or why they function differently from most.

What do we know about the dispersion of the mind?
You're doing one thing, so remember that you should do something else or a third ... Because of the challenges of the modern age that is filled with the richness of stimulus and information, we all sometimes have the symptoms of a scattered mind. However, there is a real disorder of distress that may impair the quality of life, both in children and adults.
"I wondered if I was a normal person or an idiot, trying to concentrate (on things I did not care about) but I did not succeed. I felt discomfort, frustration and boredom." Experimenting with what they are all about with their being, they become passionate in their interests and show a strong curiosity for certain things. They are bad in things that are unrelated to their interests when they are subjected to emotional fervor and strong interests into hyperfocus - a state of strong concentration. Thinking linearly But conceptually (in width), the concept is first understood, and then links the details, often their thoughts are expressed by pictorial examples, often wondrous dreams - dwell in their minds / subconscious, the subconscious world is infinite / no boundaries, wandering mind allows them to be a problem They look differently and find creative solutions.
The mask is something that every person has to deal with if he or she wants to avoid social condemnation. Throughout life, a person is trying to adapt his / her personality to most, or be less intrusive. In other words, they act with interest and behave like most although she is not.
Just under the pressure of professors, mentors, parents, bosses, colleagues - they try to change their personality, and what is simply impossible for them, and as a rule results in a lack of confidence, a sense of lesser value, numerous frustrations and adult oppositions. That is, instead of reducing the problem, it gets bigger, the professors are increasingly complaining to the parents, and you mourn in yourself and you do not know what to do with it because it can not be understood by anyone.
How many times have you forgotten the car key or the lock key from the inside of the lock? Do you sometimes break a friend at the key moment of a conversation? Do you happen that you simply can not sit quietly, that your attention is easy to go, or that you can not control your impulsiveness? We all come from time to time in such situations, whether it is because of everyday stress or spilling information from all sides that confuse our senses. Then we're funny for yourself or we're on the nerves. But could you live that way from hour to hour? For life?
I go to the health center, but I forget the number of times the number on the door of the doctors' general practitioner's office: I am too excited and I start writing everything and everything on various papers as a reminder. Mind control is a special discipline of INtinctive Self-Defense in which you knowingly use your mind to You would attain turbo the abilities of your body and mind in common harmony, and at the same moment burn your mind, the unmistakable will, and the character-some facts. Imagine painting a picture and someone else coming and saying that they are not the colors they would use for that picture. So what? He / she is not you, you are a unique person that the world around you understands in its own way, which is completely different from the understanding of other people. They have succeeded in changing my path and now I picture something quite different. Because of this, you leave your own strength. Until we understand how our ego, mind, and process of thought are inclined to the path of lighter resistance, imitation, we will remain forever linked to this imitation process. The human mind is biased (dualistic), meaning that the mind always analyzes, forms opinions, draws conclusions, compares and expects, basically we think too much of irrelevant things. All these mind operations lead to court and decision making, which leads to the division of good and bad, and of various other divisions and breakdowns. This in the theoretical sense is sometimes not bad at all but in practice, it should work without such thought process.
About Workplace or Work. The employer is obliged to implement the prevention of work or work stress, as well as the obligation to assess the risks of psychological and psychological efforts of employees at work. Employees are obliged to act in accordance with the employer's instructions for preventing, removing or reducing stress on work or in connection with work and the obligation to cooperate with the employer in order to prevent, eliminate or reduce stress at work or in relation to work. The Strategic Plan for Public Health Development Republic of Croatia from 2013-2015. Workplace medicine practitioners are the perpetrators of the preparation and implementation of anti-stress programs and social skills programs for risk groups, especially the workplace. Tradition and experience in occupational health care specialist work represent our "strength" in the SWOT analysis and the report for the European project Joint action WP6 - Mental Health at Work (Personal Data). Mental Health is a compulsory part of the education of a specialist in occupational medicine in the Republic of Croatia. Essential elements that can help in reducing stress in the workplace are the organization and availability of work medicine ie work medicine in our healthcare system is at primary health care level and is legally mandatory. The substance without any effect is given to the patient as if It was a real louse. It is well known that the patient often responds to such treatment. This response is known as a "placebo effect" and is attributed to the fact that the disease was imaginary. If viewed differently, the placebo effect can be considered as evidence that consciousness can play an active role in the cessation process. If it goes with the fact that placebo can only affect the mind and comes to the conclusion that all the conditions that it relieves only in mind and therefore unrealistic, it automatically means recognizing uncompromising materialistic prejudices that medical evidence does not support placebo although chronic illnesses Responded To placebo.
Reading "whether I have met someone similar to me in some moments of life? Probably, but all of this was too short time to meet and recognize-in doing work and other events, you only manage to pay attention to other people's attention. Somehow my world spins on Gandhi's path; it is irreconcilable but the blood of the key and is opposed to certain educational or educational methods that are applied or distorted to somebody's needs. I use flags and blue and red and reconcilable white but in angry emotional shattered crowd with wrong translations and I do not have the chance to survive alone.
The body responds to the most subtle stimuli from the outside, clearly distinguishing the pleasure from the discomfort. The gentleness spontaneously returns with gentleness. Pressure, limping and stroke the body spontaneously retreats. Occasionally he sings of pain. The body perceives danger and change. We at least used the expression "I feel it in my bones". So, the body feels undoubtedly, and we only feel you are aware of it. The body sometimes refuses to cooperate with our seniors, and then dysfunction, disorders and illness arise. In the dream, while our consciousness floats in the phantasmantic landscapes, our body will shrink, spin, roll over and move spontaneously on the bed, seeking for a more comfortable position that will not burden the circulation, the lungs, and the heart. If we fall in an uncomfortable position, it will surely awaken us with unpleasant tingling in the depressed organ or some other bodily sensation. If we are long in the room without air or with the rising air, spontaneous yawning will inform us that the brain is "in reserve" of oxygen. If we get too much frustration and stay aloof "in the element of worry," spontaneous deep suspicions and tears will warn us that we are overdrawn. It seems that anything that is forbidden can still raise adrenaline, and no sacrifice made on the altar of pleasure is no longer unthinkable. Everything is a pleasure and pleasure is all. Everything is in the service of pleasure. Spend and throw. Go on to the next opportunity, this is a consumer concept of living. Everything is usable and replaceable, and the sex among the pleasures sits on the royal place. It is the Creator who is laughing on his throne. It laughs at our stupidity and our perception of beauty and perfection. And surely, the dew of tears of sadness when we see that we can not accept the same body as a gift of life regardless of shape, color, size and beauty. While the paradigm holds the scientific spirit in a tight fit, Ultimately, however, they fall under the weight of accumulation of anomalies and be replaced by more comprehensive formulation, which is again becoming overwhelming new paradigm ...