Truth and caution, not paranoia! Eppur si muove * From "The Critics of the Clean - Practical Mind," and the power of the court, "with revolutionary theories about the heliocentric system

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COLUMN Velimira Gašparić / Manipulation of people / Metaphysics - Spirituality And the truth will set you free By Velimir G. on Mar 24, 2016 • 1 Comment It is said that Jesus said, "Find out the truth and the truth will liberate you," but the very thought that something should be released reveals to us the fact that we are not free. Who or what keeps us captives? If only the truth can rescind us then what keeps us in captivity can only be its opposite, ...
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I would say to Seneca: Help the one who carries the burden, not the one who dumps him to you.
the fear of the world on the side of the hill, the spirit of tribal communion and the obscurity of each distinction. The fear of openness to the unknown, differently, leads to the traditionalism in which salvation is hidden from the dangers of searching and questioning its own existence#"
GUIDELINES, formulas, combinations and instructions on how to become successful in what you are doing so that you can rightly have an early retirement one day *** After listening, leaders need to tell great stories in order to sell their products, but more important in Order to sell their ideas * captivates people and drives them to take action **After the collapse of communism, the pyramid schemes (known in Croatia as financial engineering) fell short of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Or the Engineering of the Mind and Manipulation

Manipulation of people
Sit on your ass hoping that everything will disappear by itself is no longer an option. It never was.
By Velimir G. on May 14, 2016 • Comments Closed The recent global economic collapse is designed to boost the "benefits" of the corporatist "clique" plan and serve as an excuse for imposing a global economic dictatorship under the control of the central world bank. But like in any chess game, there are other figures on the other parts of the board, so it's useful to have the whole ...

From the book for the education of young and adults and one of the bestsellers * on the other side of the negotiating table, he was business or friendly, applied some of the persuasion techniques that you have not known to date **
"Successful people widen joy, unsuccessful anger, Successful people accept responsibility for their failures, Unsuccessful guilty others, Talking about ideas, Unsuccessful people, Successful sharing information, Unsuccessful jealousy gathering, Successful acknowledgment to others, Unsuccessful absorbing others' achievements, Successful set goals , Unsuccessful do not work, Successful write diary, unsuccessful say they will write, but never do it, Successful read every day, unsuccessful every day watching television, Successful business from the perspective of transformation, unsuccessful from the perspective of the transaction, Successful knowingly learn and want more , Unsuccessful work just enough to run, Successful compliments, unsuccessful only criticisms, Successful forgiveness, Unsuccessful objection, Successful have a list for the future, Unsuccessful have no idea whatsoever, Successful express gratitude, Unbelievable does not even cost those who Surround "... There are three simplest methods manipulator Whose mediators are psychological factors. Here is how they are acting. Of course, here it is only in informational and educational terms (to know their mechanism) and preventive (to prevent their use). Many would agree that it is a fairly bad method.
This technique, which is considered to be the most popular of all, is called psychoanalysis by the "fear-then-relief" technique. It relies on manipulating human emotions. It consists of a person who manipulates something that is very stressful for someone B ("fear") and then causes B to breathe and realizes that he is not "relief". After these sudden changes in an emotional reaction, person B is disarmed, making him less able to make thoughtful and rational choices and becomes receptive to the acceptance of different demands and suggestions.-classical play of a good and bad policeman: first one person gets drunk and then The other you save, after which you are much more willing to talk.
Smaller and more demanding - "foot to door" technique
This manipulation technique is very perfidious and at the same time unobtrusive and simple. Using the "foot in the door" method, some may ask you to do a small and simple service, followed by a real, as a rule, greater demand.
Primers are beggars who ask you for hours before they are looking for money. By agreeing to meet one of your requests, it is more likely that you will agree to the following. Like when you get in conversation with people coming to the door, and then you're more likely to let them, say, let them in.
What mechanisms the center can do to be the next time we are not naive victims of manipulation, but have control over what is happening and not let us fall into a trap that is thought to be very perfidious and leaves us no room for independent action.The basic principle;There would be no deception when people would not have the desire, but since we all want something, if someone offers us a shorter time to accomplish our desires, it is easy to fall into temptation *..
Utopias are mostly created because of the disagreement with the state of society, and thus provide the basis for criticizing society * on how everything is controlled, prohibited and manipulated and pessimistically depict the future of mankind *

How to recognize what a jealous hand writes, who is a woman critic and mother of compassion?
By the way in the last couple of years, I see people galloping in front of me, refreshed, very satisfied, materially catered to the high heels of society. * Of course, to balance, I try to soften my expression through the text, but as soon as I read countless new tips of new bizmisms and their so-called mutual knowledge The school of the teacher's teacher was struck by a bell of the alarm and the rebellion of something arguing unargumented.What is not the equality of society as a lack of male-male equal positions or legal battles. I think that one will get one from mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics as well Geometry. In front of me, I can not agree to galloping some "less successful" so-called "artificial scholars" that people like new as the Messiah in the hope that they will do their business empire and secure them with great material wealth despite the impoverishment of spiritual knowledge.
"As emphasized in the introductory part, contemporary teaching approaches put students into the forefront, meaning that they are the students who must be in the center of the educational process in the full sense of the word. Therefore, students are encouraged to propose, seek solutions, mutually appreciate and make decisions, and the teacher has a mentoring role and follows the educational process indirectly by directing students to acquire competences. The competences a learner acquires through the realization of the educational process is made up of the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes, and the learning outcomes of learning are quoted for each module. The modular approach to teaching implementation enables the teacher to relatively easily monitor the level of competency adoption and possible adaptation to the realization of teaching to ensure the required level of competence adoption.Competent entrepreneur of this educational profile knows how to manage small and medium enterprises, can apply the acquired knowledge in practice and is able to evaluate the quality of his / her work.The ability to evaluate the success of one's own or other achievements is not inborn, but gains, learns, develops, and improves systematic comparison with clear, predetermined and unambiguous benchmarks that apply to everyone."
If you regularly surf the Internet you have already come across lucky lanes, a pyramid scheme, or something similar from the so-called sphere. IMF Make Money Fast Offer. The number of greedy people who use computers and have access to the Internet, and do not understand the simplest math, seems to overcome all expectations in several queues of magnitude.
Unfortunately, with the exponential growth in popularity of the Internet, while millions of people only discover this Global Village, others find ways of exploiting many innocent, naive, greedy, poor and eventually stupid newbies.
The Pyramid or Ponzi scheme is a type of scam where money is collected from a crowd of later "investors" (reads: smoker) used to pay off some (and not all) former "investors" who overwhelm the elusive legitimacy and appeal to further "investors". In the whole operation, nothing is produced, neither explored nor sold, nor opened jobs. Only fill the pockets of the initiator of the whole scam.
With love, everything is possible. This is a letter sent to bring you happiness. Original is located in New England. It's been 9 times the world ... This is the beginning of a letter that belongs to the so-called. Chain letters - in the letter itself, of "offering positive energy and related happiness". Of course, the original can also be found on the Internet - The peculiarity of the Croatian version is that the problems (unnamed) of a young Croatian businessman who have forgotten within 96 hours to write down and forward. It was therefore an accident because his private job had fallen, and in the company where he worked he had to quit. He recalled the letters, wrote it in 20 copies (as in the letter and requested) sent to 20 addresses and all went much better. Happy end, maybe even a recipe for revitalizing the Croatian economy. But if all the letters he received were sent further, and when the same person would not receive letters several times, all six residents would have been included in all six of the circles. And Slovenia is thrilled. However, we only stay in Croatia and multiply the 5 million letters by $ 1.5 for the cost of paper envelopes and postage. That is about 7.5 million kuna or around 20 apartments. Additionally, if only 5 minutes spent on rewriting and sending letters, it would be about 50,000 business days ... With chains of luck there is one problem: they are unlawful if they are looking for money or some other value.

Motives of participation
Take an example of lottery or lottery. Statistically, almost no one ever gets a jack pot. That is, it is more likely that someone is hit by a meteorite but gets a jack pot. The philosophers of capitalism from Adam Smith to Milton Friedman have long been confused by the phenomenon that a large number of people voluntarily participate in the game they know they can not get. But the mocking description of this phenomenon as a tax on non-education, ignorance, stupidity and greed is bypassed in fact by the fact that poor people know their life chances. According to the Financial Times, the lottery is a perfectly rational investment for anyone who faces a life where he has to work hard. So the question is put as long as an individual, working diligently, can come to life. Investing in a lottery makes sense for anyone who has the answer: "No one". So buying lottery or lottery tickets is for a potentially different way of life. However, it is surprising that Internet scams (whether it is pyramid schemes, chains of fortune, or the purchase of junk information, lies, junk stocks, etc.) are largely better-educated (or "educated") populations. The quality and truthfulness of information that can be found on the Internet is many judged by the professional appearance of the web site, and they are not aware of how they can be designed by some teenager or just a fancy gambler. It may be a dullness with high technology. Or just about greed.

At the heart of fraud is forex - buying foreign exchange on the foreign market. From 2006 to present, on many websites, advertisements and word-of-mouth advertisements are strongly promoted by a new investment model that enables rapid "embedding" of capital, ie earnings of 100 to 150 percent per year. The insiders are self-proclaimed "financial experts" explaining that they are dealing with the foreign exchange market for banks for self-motivated reasons, arguing that in 2009 or 2010, Croatia will liberalize the market in 2010 and that such trading will become completely legal. So far, they have explained to the lawmakers, the only way to capitalize on the speed is to trade through accounts opened abroad or through domestic companies in which they would become members of the company by payment. Although such pyramid schemes have been discovered in several countries some years ago, the news was obviously delayed in Croatia, so hundreds of citizens from all over Croatia have entered the system in the past three years: "university professors, cops, economists, entrepreneurs ... All of them have decided to spend their money over me, "said one of the Croatian mediators on the internet forums. The new members of the brokers were in two ways. The first is a classical word of mouth, where brokers picked up new members who then included in the system their family, relatives, friends, and business partners.

Why do I write about this and add examples of human behavior, tired and still in pajamas.I do not know how to translate it into English but after a certain length of life and living in a particular society as well as practical examples do not allow me absolute trust to people. Sometimes I try and wish To rest and in a moment realize that all this is only a mere lie. Where am I; Whether they are lost in the burial ground of philosophical thinking or entirely on the real path of certain lessons for other members of this society, bruised or sharply curved sides?
It is a physical fatigue that affects people's health more and more globally, and you wonder what happens to me and doctors can not diagnose it?
Or he will not give you a diagnosis because at certain times of weakness we are all bald and crazy**..
Manipulating feelings of guilt - social exchange
This is a strategy that is often approached by professional fraudsters and unethical marketers who are simply called social exchanges. In the book "Dynamics of Persuasion", it is described as: the interpersonal strategy of influence on others by making A person a person a B award, whether psychological or material; In turn, when person A person B requests something in return, the person B will have the pressure to discount at the request of the person A.Sharing services and doing things for other people is one of the basic characteristics of human society, but can be manipulated by aggressive people...
Despite my short stories, I hope to come to you for awakening, and there are also researches as well as the attachment of certain arguments or arguments, and also depends on my mood as well as trying to find various practices with firm testimonies, which will make you more than time periods, constant repetitions Despite the knowledge.How to find medium current and do not exclude yourself, maturity; is important but will this all 100% help ??
You can not control your under the consciousness, but I do not know what the knowledgeable wrestler talks about the opposite side.

David Icke: Look in the eyes of your children and grandchildren and tell them you can justify what you are doing
By Velimir G. on Jun 2, 2016 • Comments Closed Brilliant speech by the ingenious David Ick who will encourage you to ask:
Scientists, politicians, soldiers, policemen, intellectuals, journalists, priests, actors, singers, athletes, public figures, ALL ... look in the eyes of your children and grandchildren and tell them you can justify what you are doing or do not do ?! Why do not you react to situations based on ...