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Maturity is in biology, the state of full anatomical and functional development of the organism, and is the result of the process of maturation. In psychology, the degree of complete or relative development of a process, ability, line or function. The mature personality has many different aspects of maturity, such as physical, sexual, intellectual, emotional, moral and social. The term mature personality is necessarily influenced by socio-cultural factors and is valued in color. Olport points out the following features of a mature personality: an extended sense of self, a warm relationship with others, emotional security, real perception, self-objectiveing, and unifying life philosophy. In terms of social maturity, it is emphasized that it is a person who is capable of successfully adapting to different life changes without expressing conflicts, and accepting responsibilities and responsibilities towards oneself, his family, and the community.

Is beauty really in the eye of the observer?

In a world obsessed with outer appearance, form and wrapping, the content seemed to fall into another plan.Readers are relentlessly drawn into an unknown and scary world, in a reanimation mission in which no missionary of indigenous populations of the planet, unusual beings and biology is quite common and sometimes difficult to discern gender, but also a person who is walking dressed in different color paints and always wearing gloves. So how to combine elements of different genres from science fiction, documentary, autobiography and fantasy horror, thriller, historical novels, comedies to noir satire.
"I understand you feel, but God is not a politician, or a policeman, he is the creator of the universe, unmistakably a huge force, a thousand times greater than the Sun's system, and of course when things in our lives go wrong, it's natural to be angry for someone to blame Someone who is not us, but blame on God. It is as if we are guilty of the laws of physics that allow suffering, or as if we are guilty of war gravity. "
People are frustrated with their own appearance, character and character get a unique chance to go under the knife: Extreme moves on their body restore their self-confidence, and our viewers are tearing their eyes. But can this improved appearance cure the wounds hidden in them? All of them are mostly unhappy, but whether they have reduced nose, bleached teeth, raised breasts or regular ears, and what we all want, is it to be loved for our sake?
A woman who used profiling methods to spin their stories, finds herself and yours. About the single heavy art that studies the universe that you carry underneath the skin is primarily intended for the interpretation of the human inner world, its psychodynamics and statics, as well as all other emotional mental states that make it so.See the voices you do not speak ... and respect the integrity without invasion. He does, but he does not condemn it, but I am trying to do it purposefully.And we all have so many unfinished, unrepealed ... so many things that we do not understand.It is precise and concrete in describing the diamond in a human vault, but equally dangerous if used for sensationalism or other mismanagement. Identify those with the spark of destruction "slipped" into the civil sphere ... in the ordinary, civil world.Enable every person to learn more about themselves. To measure its quality to make sure it has matured for dreams, and whether it might slave robes, in a man's intimacy, insight into personal demons, or hidden ocean lights.Someone "torment" makes; Someone wants to know better; There are also those who would discover knots; And those who would find or better say what the secrets they are wearing ... However, the common for all is the following: the profile is a document about twenty or thirty pages that prints the essence of your mind and soul. There were people whose profile brought enlightenment and made it look different on the following day; Others have upgraded the existing life platform ... and there were those who just got extra knowledge. Because, knowing a lot about yourself ... does not mean you're driving the car properly.
With the help of everything I have just written in the postings of my blog, a professional person and myself can get a certain boost of certain discoveries and discoveries. But I do not want to go back, but one day I will have to do it.The insight into the written piece was already done one by one, but then I wrote it on paper and it was written on a hundred pages, reading I realized that it is very timely for writing publicly that it has holes and disadvantages, jumps and skips that need to be supplemented, repaired, To perfect and build in a different way.And I realized how many of us or our memories are wearing or are wrong at certain moments of expression.
I mostly realized that I did not want a golden touch like King Mide, but that I wanted to leave my original touch in more ways for the fulfillment and joy of soul and spirit rather than expression for material value, even though most of it would be scratched and sent to the school bench to restore again some professions and skills.Why there is no more happening in my social life through these posts or short stories, I think the better construction is when I speak in a positive sense than a negative one because we need some encouragement and healing. Is this one of the ways? Sometimes big YES and sometimes very nasty NO.

Changes in physical, cognitive, emotional and social development occurring from conception to adulthood - their normative aspect as well as individual differences in the ability to distinguish between typical and untypical, neat and disordered development of normal and individual differences in developmental from developmental and pathological phenomena. Distinguishing from the unfavorable conditions of development and knowledge of fundamental principles and the possibilities of optimization and encouragement of development, as well as the prevention of developmental difficulties and undesirable development outcomes.

When did one mature, adjusted? What is a person who is mentally healthy? What distinguishes a person who is mature? At first place what is maturity?

Freud is a healthy and mature personality of a video that is capable of running an active life and enjoying it. The ability to love and work is the qualities of a mature personality.
As a stable, mature, personalized character it is said:
• Harmonized, harmonious relationships with others • Independence, autonomy in decision-making • features such as: ambitiousness, perseverance, altruism, activity, etc. • Dedication to personal well-being by asking if it is what I do well for me and does not endanger the welfare of others • self-control, emotions, behavior • reliability, responsible execution of tasks, enjoyment of trust by others • the consciousness of their own possibilities, limitations, range • achieving set goals The mature personality also has the following abilities: • ability to regulate feelings • Ability to withstand the separation of significant persons • Ability to tolerate frustration • Ability to delay the fulfillment of urgent needs.
"Man and his Identity, the more immature personalities in a society, are certainly less likely to make society achieve its goals and enable the natural development of many potential opportunities, ie the capabilities that are undoubtedly in every human being.
Stable - mature personality needs to a great extent have the features that we will quote below.
• He is able to establish harmonized, ie harmonious relationships with other persons, which implies a high level of equalization of his own desires and interests with the wishes and interests of other people with whom he lives and cooperates, or often communicates. Today, in the modern lifestyle and real pluralism of interest, it is almost impossible to achieve, so it is therefore considered a stable, mature personality that can always establish tolerant, tolerant, compelling relationships with others, that which can be in the great Adjust the degree to others. This is only possible if personality is expressed and the will to respect and respect the other person as they wish others to do so in the same way. Only on such basis is possible cooperation and mutual help of people. • She is able to make society more than she expects from her. This means a high level of altruism, the desire to give everyone else what is capable of doing to them, to achieve the benefit of all or most of the people. This characteristic is in the modern society all the realms - people who have it are considered excluded or fantastic. In forming each person responsible, however, he should persistently strive to build moral responsibility for the good of others. • Reliable, ie enjoys undefined trust of others, does not exaggerate expectations, responsibly executes accepted tasks, is discrete and unobtrusive. • In life and work is persistent, durable. It is in itself to set achievable goals and to be tireless for them, not to be afraid of difficulties, disagreement and renunciation, but to consider them as incentives for even greater efforts. Neither the greatest distress nor the misfortune will discourage them, they will quickly overcome them and persistently pursue their particular path. • It is a decisive and full will of life and success, which says it is ambitious but always aware of its capabilities and reach. • It does not depend on someone else's help, is capable of making decisions independently, is elastic, always takes into account the time, conditions for achieving goals, other attitudes and opinions, and is highly capable and capable of compromise at high level. • Tensely controls the exercise of its natural impulses (hunger, thirst, sexual necessity, etc.) and never does it at the expense of the other. These are only the most important features of a mature personality, but certainly enough to make a judgment on people. Truths for the will, rarely always reveals or reveals all or most of these characteristics, which only tells how difficult and delicate the clear boundary between mature and stable, immature and unstable personalities is to be.
The basic prerequisite for the return of personal power *** the goals of my spent hours are to establish a responsible relationship with myself and on my development. By giving me only a biological basis on which personality should be Form, inherit only the basics, pontificate for certain forms of behavior and they develop with lifelong maturity and learning.
There is a warm cold atmosphere from Introvert to Esctravertic stability and closed, obediently obedient and partially open to society as well as emotionally mature and seriously grown up as well as sometimes not a mature cheerful and cunning child, that is, a woman with a certain culture of growing up in certain social systems of state development .


ID (what), EGO (ies) and SUPEREGO (moral, conscience).

"Psychic life is like an iceberg floating on the sea. A small part of the breeze is above the surface, and the huge mass is under water. Likewise, from psychic processes it is only a small part of consciousness, and a huge part belongs to the unconscious area. "
"To draw" from a subtle traumatic experience to the consciousness and thus to rationally judge and act, the prototype of the structure of an adult man, very painful because man too often cites the perverted and false reasons of failure, which he believes are true (rationalization). There are different defense mechanisms: compensation, projection, identification, sublimation, imagination
Due to frequent frustrations, the personality of a more labile constitution often finds a way out in disease-neurosis.Every Discovery of Defense Personality Mechanisms, as a means of adaptation to a man in the middle, is a heavy plus and minus of each individual. But even on the basis of this text, people will each in themselves occupy a certain place of being in nature, a conclusion and a superficial commentary in explaining my or your Stimuli, stimulated by internal instincts, instincts.


A unique person with his / her identity**
In the ongoing persistent aspiration to observe and interpret the world in which he lives, to have his ideology, religion or the so-called need for God-to be arranged in harmony with human nature, the aspiration of the individual to expose potential opportunities, to self-realize.It is about creativity, the need to create and overcome the animal's nature, and the need for man to be part of the world, equal, recognized, and accepted.Rational effort to develop and sustain socialism and altruism in itself, the individual is not a passive recipient of external stimuli to respond, but there are internal forces that stimulate activity and control the man's behavior - a process that assimilates all the sensory and visceral experiences of the organism to the symbolic Level and is in close contact with the existing self-organization.This will reduce the gap between the concept of self and realistic experience, which is a prerequisite for a person to become a "fully functional person".



There are not two same men**
Dynamic personality components are ergs, attitudes and feelings.Ergs represent the innate biological impetus. "Erg is an inborn psycho-physical disposition that allows one who has more focus on one object than on others, to experience specific emotions with them and to start a more successful activity than in another."Attitudes represent the external dynamic characteristics of personality that are determined by emotions, while feelings of different structures stand. Feelings are built by learning and acting through the middle factors. Because of this kind of sentiment, the number of sentiments is not limited.Personality is the total sum of current and potential ways of body behavior determined by inheritance and the middle; It emerges and develops through a functional interaction between the four main areas in which all modes of behavior are organized: the cognitive domain (intelligence), the convention (character), the affective (temperament) and the somatic domain (constitution).
Line or personality traits. The chart is an established organization of common reactions or habits that are relatively consistent in many different life situations. They are of a more general nature than the usual reactions (habits).
More acceptable explanations of man and his behavior.
The humanistic understanding of man is exposed to criticism, as many claims are not scientifically verified; Man is idealized and perfect, and imperfect social systems that arouse man by dropping him in his human manifestation. According to this understanding, it follows that a man, according to his will and will, can build upon his ideas and ideals social systems that will enable him to develop human. It does not take into account the significance and role of production forces and production relationships, or the context of real socio-economic conditions.
The overlapping of the importance of classical and instrumental learning in the process of socialization, and the neglected activity and active relationship of man with himself and the environment in which he lives and works.

"Nature has shown mercilessly to scientists. While scientists strive for simplicity and austerity in all theories, nature is scattered with abundance and variety. Since nature will not adapt to the standards of science, scientists will have to adapt to the richness and diversity of nature. "

Do you remain a person of integrity, despite trials, compromises and conflicts?

The youth is pale - immobility continues. Maturity is not a reward for good children or good students. Maturity is not part of higher education or military service. Some people become mature before, and some people get older, seemingly, avoiding. Adult mature people can deal with marriage, illness, divorce, parenting, careers, and unemployment. When mature people want help - help will quickly find.Will regain many of your youthful strengths, retain or re-gain your ability of wonder, feelings of satisfaction and playfulness, your sense of belonging and curiosity, idealism and passion. One of the signs of maturity is to perceive your parents as ordinary people.
Because I'm just one of them.

For a month full of 44 years and having gray hair in my head ** One of your aunts*