On a multi-dimensional plane Imagination as an educational puzzle of a Croatian author

HM, stinking;)(Human weaknesses and frustrating compromises of everyday life that we are forced to do)
I leave this alone to myself - a commendable and porous way of conversation with yourself: whether you are a friend or an enemy, but sometimes a third personality and not a fictitious babar from a magical cabinet, rather than streams of thought, strangeness He wants to go to the stratosphere of special neurosurgeon training rather than just a small tired and tired girl.I know what i know now i do not know if i need to know .. i will at least be a bit more relieved than before. To apply it in life-it might be "who has something against him now talking or forever silent."
And so it's time to prove its own, constantly reading and analytically thinking, as well as asking me to bring me to a small corner, that I am a big and small dwarf in a diamond mine, who still wants to compare with Snow White for the next 100 years * a little morbid repetition of history And the execution of non-prophecy rather than the idea of ​​the other's mind and message .. Resist the insecurities that are coming up every moment. Each of you has its own path to follow and you will be guided.Artistic work, is a different, free human world. This difficult, utopian task of an environment artist usually does not understand. The earthquake that causes the act suggests setting up basic questions about human existence. " Thoughts as a play contain three-dimensional manipulative images that play the role of the starting point in the process of creation because they are evolutionary nature, meaning that the image "grows" as the process of thinking adds new content to thinking in the images.Each image has a depth and all its parts are subject to manipulation. The source of these images can be the processes of observing the environment, but also from memory.In short, what is the experience of being a dog experiencing the world from a two-level height, surrounded by scents from the sidewalk while his eyes are in the plane with our ankles or knees.Art is a form of expressive psychotherapy that deals not only with the problems and the negative aspects of a person but through the discovery of inner potentials, creative resources, the development of positive, strong sides and virtues that help her to face problems, observe them in a new light, Is carried in a more constructive way. Art is a therapy is used throughout the world to stimulate healing, personal growth, and quality of life. Positive art  can provide a wider repertoire of strategies to stimulate flow and meaningful engagement. Enabling flow, art creativity promotes happiness and optimism. It is known that through art, play and imagination we can act on some of the functions of the body such as blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature. Drawing, painting and shaping can affect a whole series of difficulties such as concentration, tension, obsessiveness, exaggeration Pedagogy, dizziness, nervousness, psychosis, breathing, circulation, depression, etc. Art is, therefore, a kind of prevention, a move towards a better life.
The picture is worth a thousand words: Get creative art ... through catharsis or through redirection**

Spontaneous panic attack - comes without any warning, like "sky-lightning" regardless of where you are or where you are. These are short attacks, which do not need a special occasion outside (meaning you do not have to enter a lift or find yourself in a crowd, or find yourself in a place or in an attacking situation) to get started. Often they are known to occur during sleep, awaken you, and you think you are experiencing a heart attack or something similar. As a sudden sensation appears in the head (often in anxiety - anxiety unlike phobia is a permanent state of fear that is not directed at the specific thing, place, situation, event) the person immediately responds to a panic attack. The mind of such a person has already been programmed to respond in such a way and it is growing in its circle, which is getting smaller and more and more strained. The more such sensations, the more panic attacks, and the more panic attacks - there are more such sensations. Degrees of anxiety grow and fall during the day, but anxiety is in the mind of the person suffering from it constantly present. Submission of these uninterrupted internal unrest is very difficult for both spirit and body. A person never rest (even during sleep) and the body is exhausted and overloaded, so serious health problems are often known. The more forces a person uses to defend from his own anxiety, the less power he has to adapt to change. Such people often seem to have become allergic to life. Submission of chronic anxiety is just as painful as that related to physical disability. But though it is a seemingly unreasonable and unmotivated fear, the reason for fear always exists, deeply hidden ... He is mostly awakened by one or more real events that triggered a chain of negative thoughts that eventually created a state of persistent anxiety.

Isus se sagne pa stane prstom pisati po tlu. A kako su oni dalje navaljivali, on se uspravi i reče im: "Tko je od vas bez grijeha, neka prvi na nju baci kamen." I ponovno se sagnuvši, nastavi pisati po zemlji. A kad oni to čuše, stadoše odlaziti jedan za drugim, počevši od starijih. Osta Isus sam - i žena koja stajaše u sredini. Isus se uspravi i reče joj: "Ženo, gdje su oni? Zar te nitko ne osudi?" Ona reče: "Nitko, Gospodine."


Working in groups promotes the development of understanding of different perspectives, tolerance and social acceptance. Group work develops a team spirit, enables students to experience what it is like to be an active member of the community and work in the team to achieve the common goals of personal growth, self-actualization, better, more fulfilling and more meaningful life.("I have been thinking about it for a while now or for a long time, but it limits myself to a certain health problem / I have just begun to take my dog for a walk and there is a sore throat and pain / this time I talk about spine and legs ..- recommend open the world maybe the world Open to you *)
Attractiveness Tactics AT THE TRAINING OF THE INSERT: "Improving Health Literacy".

There are many of them (of course you can use it with some others, it's important to work):
Worry with cold water - it refreshes.
Count backwards from 100 to 0 as fast as you can, and repeat counting as many times as you can. Or, take a crossword puzzle or a math task if you are able to. Counting helps to attract attention.
DO NOT LIVE and retreat to yourself. Come on. Sitting and falling in yourself is good when that moment passes, but during the attack NIKAKO!
Release your favorite music and sing aloud with her.
Dance. Come on. Do not sit.
Talk to yourself that what you feel are just sensations, nothing more and nothing special. They never injured anyone, so they will not even me. In this way, they take their strength away.
Do not look in the mirror.
Turn on your TV and watch something that interests you and gets busy. The best thing is funny. Laugh at the voice.
In all possible ways, confuse your thoughts to get rid of them.
If an attack gets you overnight, get out of bed, start moving and get busy.
Always have something to squeeze or some fruit in your hand. Glad knows how to cause symptoms like a panic attack.
DO NOT SAY. Keep moving, wait for it to pass.
If the attack gets you somewhere out there, or for example the bus you have to sit in, focus all your attention on breathing and upright posture, you can also snatch it out of all its strength to get you stronger as it hurts; So panic-mindedness will go to pain.
Of course there is an unfinished picture in the map, just a sketch, and it will probably take until it's finished. I was probably unhappy but every breath of our lungs and blinking of the eye in time was impossible to erase and we were holding a pretty world. "And I tried to bring it into memory as a picture. But what I painted and still is in the folder is my own, whether scream, anger, alienation and untouchability. And now this woman had read about E.Munk a few minutes ago Biography, I'm not sure if I should have this but this is a different moment and a day. If you tell me that everything is fine with you and I'm stupid - you forget that I will kill your claims of severe purity but up to the boundary.



The average man does not deal with visual arts due to the lack of high quality art lessons, lack of self-confidence in his own artistic ability and Low standard that prevents it from developing natural talent in artistic expression (art should be democratized, made accessible to the average citizen.And this is equally true for both professional and amateur artists. Elegant occupation is a sense of pleasure created as a result of attention and deep focus.Engaging in a task that is overwhelming and inexpensive, has clear goals and results where daily frustrations and worries disappear, and the concept of time lag is changed. They feel in a state of fluency extremely comfortable. They are engaged in a certain activity to such an extent that they neglect everything else, Including the possible dangers or possible benefits of the animosity that people have moved to art creation and the positive effects that artistic creativity has on children and adults. Human creativity is based on its divergent abilities. Creativity is influenced by its theory as a factor of originality, fluency and flexibility And a convergence factor of elaboration. For psychoanalysts, art serves to relieve complexity and internal conflicts, ie to establish balance in the body. Artistic expression arises as a result of the suppression of urgent energies towards the higher functions of psychic life (sublimation). Freud points out that the artist's creation is fueling dissatisfaction. He feels that they are basically the creation of the unsatisfied desires that the creators are imaginative. The artist wants to achieve fame, power, honor, wealth, love and therefore uses all his interest, abilities and libido to achieve the desired artistic work. The work of art provokes relief, purification, catharsis and becomes a source of pleasure both for the artist and for others.

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