reinterpretation of audiovisual content, "once in a hundred years appears a movie that can change the world, and this is one of those"

značajno traćenje vremena, resursa i energije*, slobodnoumnost ili slobodna misao u najširem smislu znači pogled na svijet koji nije sputan dogmom ili tradicijom.U užem smislu slobodoumnost predstavlja filozofski stav prema kome se vjerovanja mogu temeljiti isključivo na naučnim i logičnim principima, a ne na tradiciji, dogmi, autoritetima ili emocijama...

                                                                            La Belle Dame Sans Merci
No to je zato što se društvo zabavlja dajući nadimke onima kojih se boje, zavide ili im se
dive. To ne govori ništa o našim karakterima, što biste vi trebali najbolje znati.”

Honest intentions Even though it meant to enter the dragon's brink. What I did not expect is the passion that will capture this Beauty and the Beast. Therefore, it keeps its reputation very vigorously, nurturing with it its name Ruthless Ladies. States that abound in a lot of dialogues in which no one No one remains bound to anyone. Complaints and defiance ... in each sentence, controversies are full of sharp needles, words spoken to each other are filled with sarcasm, ridicule, and skillful overcoming.Under pressure * - hot, fun and touching and I can write I have a boy who travels forever with the Peace Force; how to cook his chef's story that is facing a great cooking challenge where the course of the meal has to tell the story of the chef preparing them - everything becomes very Tense and emotional ..Who is the new cook star rising not to get to the end, because things do not go in the way, things change constantly and unexpected events will shake each member of the team like a dog in the head. Hot scenes will not miss this time too, there will be "warming" in the cold chamber, "tasting" the old futon, "bathing" in the moonlight and more passionate to wake up the imagination. Through business and private ascents and falls. Laughs and lashes, quarrels and contractions, but also pains and tears. A Minerve who has problems over the head, another in a series of nasty girls hiding behind the glasses and loves books. The bare hair is hidden in the punches and bows in plain garments, and it becomes invisible and obstinate. The adolescent is so enchanted that she actually believes that she keeps herself for him, the right one. The work may be a little weird and sometimes starts in an unexpected direction, but Has a profound message. Her characters are smart and mature, adults with Unusual problems and firm attitudes. So this is a story you can look at in two ways - at the same time it's a clever and fun reading with wild scenes, and by the way, this is a romantic story for plain girls who still believe in fairy tales.
A real action in unrealistic conditions that, at times, with funny dialogues, constant depressions, and dangerous looks that the author so perfectly describes that you are looking at blood in the jugs ... However, I think you will enjoy the most by reading the tangled and ambiguous sentences without the end. This is not what "Which will appeal to everyone - or you like these stuffed stories or not.

Hmm ... and how things will develop
People are mad at the madness ** Many of us are in the prisons they built themselves, worried about things that are not really important and forgetting their dreams. Our therapy helps us to escape, to look at things, to align with what we truly want and act accordingly, no matter what others think.The work that hides and blows in the same way, showing us how the sun fills in the bottles and how we will never be the first, because the jeweler before us was already there ...
When the lights go out, they wait for you. The tension becomes deeper, the intensity is stronger, and the image of the world becomes clearer Simple episodes, absurd situations and constant discomfort.
Taking into account the fact that contact with the outside has always been part of the communicational context of man, we start with the assumption that we are always finding a way to so-called. End users, regardless of the media that distributes the story. The domain of restrictive and conservative interpretations, the provision of a new form of an earlier story, or "the discovery of what is forgotten by the text, what it wants to conceal, conceal deeply or consider it unprecedented or even problematic." One of the works depicting the carcass Cinderella, All accompanied by a watchful eye of a photojournalist, "fairy tale" is a story of a historic moment in which Princess Diana lost her life in 1997 - surrounded by media not only in the last moments of her life, but also in the act of revelation and burial - This is not just interpersonal communication, but all communication contexts (as well as the media), but primarily on the fact that communication is "closely related to one's self-concept of self.
They lived happily ever after or - "they lived happily for the rest of their lives"
In the scriptural context, fairy tales make a clear distinction between good and evil, as general categories, but also prepare a child to overcome the black and white phenomena of naivety, that is, acceptance of both good and evil. The fairy does not hide the elements of evil (as well as unpleasant emotions like jealousy, envy, hate, possessiveness ...) but concludes the story by winning the good, providing moral support to the readers, or hope to a happy ending.In the deep relativization of all values, it further results in the following, imposed as an imperative: "be what you are". This is how it is labeled, the strategy of placing itself in the frames of a new age ideology or becoming a man without restriction:
To neće sličiti ni na što što si osjetila do sada... Iglice bora pod nogama, vjetar kroz krzno, tvoja braća i sestre pored... Tvoj um neće željeti vjerovati. Reći će ti da vuk pokušava preuzeti tvoje tijelo, da preuzme kontrolu. A ako u to povjeruješ, makar za trenutak, zaista ćeš i izgubiti kontrolu, poći u tamu. Kao i svaki prethodni put kad si se preobratila. Ali, ako prihvatiš vuka u sebi – spoznat ćeš istinu. Ti si Vuk. I kada to prihvatiš, konačno ćeš imati apsolutnu kontrolu.“
On the basis of this, the question of the power of today's human being is in the context of the change of self, of others and of the world, or, to conclude, in the light of radical theories-whether we live the time of the impotence of the revolution?
An intimate space of modern man, positioning himself as a seller of happiness, opening up a particularly important debate on the process of alienation, self-care and thought, or the distinction between authentic and fabricated emotions.
By writing, I resist the pressure of the banality of living, form, or a single, deafly loyal way that I was jealous of, trying to approach the experiential motives of certain forms of humanity I longed for.At first, we agree to the perplexed mischievous imagination only because most others do it and fear us to remain alone and then lose weight, and with relief we become killers of time, that is, sacred responsibilities. However, in order to survive this risk of solitude, it is necessary, I think, to develop a firm and consistent anti-imagination. How can you not be obsessed with that, at some level? In the midst of this insecure horror, we still have love affairs, or we care about what our children are talking about behind us, or we are looking for drugs. The heart is somewhat like a traveling theater - it manages its own acrobatics to defy the horrors of the world ""It is true that I want the present to be a little better. In the first place I would like us not to be so full of ourselves." Have you ever seen the expression of people in the subway working on their iPods? You would think to study illuminated medieval manuscripts.
The man, for some four years, will use them to hang the windows. We're not so cool.Scary and naive humor, burdened by Christian symbolic and historical "capital", too much blood and wine. The world is sufficiently rich in glorified ghettos, bastards, guillotines, and archers. It is obvious that the text itself can not verify the scene behavior as a "revolt": that any text has a political as well as a performance weight, it is necessary to legitimize it Personality, it is necessary to meet the passion or subject of rebellion, and not the fragmentation of deconstructed words, the "critical" individual breaks apart from this life, and the metaphysics of the reversal of all relationships in which man is humiliated, abandoned and overwhelmed by being, And that compound of absolute and relative rationality.
A diamond wedding dress for every woman's dream(
Do you have nightmares?in a symbolic translation of wedding life World Cup in Russia in 2018.
Instagram is accompanied by nearly six million fans*:
The conclusion or conclusion of an argument has the characteristic of validity. If the conclusion is valid then necessarily follows from the above-mentioned premise. If the conclusion is not valid, then it is not necessary to result from the premise, ie, it does not necessarily follow from it. The validity of the whole argument depends on its validity.
dva ili više sudova od kojih jedan slijedi iz jednog ili više drugih sudova;po procjeni imam viška 22 cm u struku i vjerovatno 22 kg viška,manjak 22 cm u obliku stražnjice kao i grudi,višak 22 godine i manjak od 22 milijuna dolara zarade.(Two or more courts, one of which comes from one or more other courts, with an estimated 22 cm in the waist and probably 22 kg in excess, 22 cm in the shape of the buttocks as well as the chest, an over 22 years and a $ 22 million in profit.)
Argument navodi da osoba koja nije povjerljiva otkrovenju mora ga prihvatiti ili odbaciti na osnovi autoriteta njegovog predlagača i da nema šanse da običan smrtnik riješi ove protivrječne tvrdnje kroz istragu, tako da je mudro suzdržati se od ikakvog suda.Također se navodi da je teško dokazati postojanje nekog Boga bez ličnog otkrovenja. Većina argumenata za postojanje Boga nisu osobenost jedne religije, tako da se mogu primijeniti na svaku sa gotovo istim značenjem i vrijednošću. Kad se osoba sukobi s različitim konkurentnim tvrdnjama, te ne postoji lično otkrovenje, argument je da se teško odlučiti za jednu od ovih tvrdnji, što može dovesti do gledišta u kojem prihvatanje jedne tvrdnje, odnosno religije, zahtijeva opovrgavanje svih drugih. Ukoliko bi se dogodilo lično otkrovenje jednoj osobi, te ta osoba podijeli svoje lično iskustvo sa drugom, opet se javlja problem drugoj osobi koja i dalje nema vlastito otkrovenje.Još jedna varijacija predlaže da će Bog nagraditi iskrene nevjernike umjesto neiskrenih vjernika.
"Živi život u dobroti. Ako ima božanstava i pravedni su, neće ih biti briga koliko si im bio odan, već će te dočekati zavisno od vrlina po kojim si živio. Ako ima božanstava a nepravedna su, ne bi im se trebao klanjati. Ako nema božanstava, neće te više biti, ali će tvoja dobra djela ostati u sjećanju tvojih najbližih."
Anastasija Kvitko
In its simplest form, "Occam's Razor" says that the amount of assumptions should be as small as possible. In the everyday language, he would publish.

"If you have two theories that predict the same, choose a simpler one."
Have you ever dreamed of being a Hollywood star? Paparazzi follow you at a rate, get free clothes, you are invited to all glamorous parties. Sounds good to you?

But how to get to that star status, to A list, what does that mean? The first person you think of today when you wonder who built the empire at nothing. No actress (okay, there is a camouflage for the needs of the reality show) is not a singer (though there were unsuccessful attempts in that field; On that one try and stay) is not a model ... starlet? This is what we call the people who are here, shouting us from the newspapers, and in fact we have no idea what they deserved and why they are known.
It started with a porn, then came a reality show, so the line of clothes, perfumes ... And the people falling on it. Men around the globe and women worship or hate it. Do not worry too much about those with a bank account just counting.
At the very beginning, I have to confine myself to the possible assumptions that some might state for the cause of this text. No, I'm not a sexually disadvantaged person and these few sentences are not the result of my unpolished or insufficiently well-stimulated clitoris. Also, I do not belong to any radical antimilitary current, I was not frustrated with my love life, business ventures, did not raise lesbians (which some, and I could not, could be considered a cause of the poisoning of a young person's mind). Also, I have never had a brain paralysis or anything that some might have to conclude that the pots in my head were mixed. I am a masculine person who is a healthy and stable person who regularly goes to systematic examinations. Also, I have never had lobotomy.Now that we have absorbed these important facts, which can be backed up by a medical card, we can keep quiet this monologist knowing that if you did not convince me, then at least he tried to convince me that the article was not fueled by physical dissatisfaction, political motives, alien sabotage, or even that. Namely, it is only motivated by my fascination of perfidious manipulation that we (the poor) women are exposed every day. Topics of women's magazines that promote the beauty of our ears, toes, toes, toes, lashes, lashes, nail skin, determine the optimum diameter of our hairs to find the best way to remove them from specialty machines for which we get a free set of apple knives , Which is recommended as the only meal in the day. Ah, such topics have long been known to us all. Not to make us happy, not to have the will, the money and the time, but again, they are here and we will be, I'm sorry, but I'm up to the first kiosk and honored with a daily dose of 'confiscating me for 10 kn' We want to be more beautiful than other women so our man would not end up in her bed. And these solutions - blame the women because they compete with each other as well as blame the dogs fighting in the ring. Everyone becomes sufficiently bloodthirsty when placed in a ring with an opponent. Dogs struggle for life, and we women - for the ideal. Yes, yes, for the muesli who cooks the tea while we are in the PMS, for the mother-in-law who proudly presents to her friends, to go to the furniture store with her partner to buy a leather set on which we will love the choice of our life for hours And want time to stop. For the roses we will be getting for birthday, the child we will admire while our husbands are sleeping, to go to the summer vacation and the flower box, for eternal love, for the golden puppy, for loyalty, for the family, for the marriage .. And then a long blond came and the ideal was in danger. And then there is a sacred joy of joy and good advice to women - you have to keep it by using a perfume with floral notes, but be careful not to feel the onion that is weeping in tears to save the best meal (each one probably knows one of the ways To his sperm that will feed us and give the baby a good meal!).And red gym, a row of solariums, a line of new cloths and us, beautiful and chilly, in a ring with bloodthirsty dogs, this, other women.Some are entertained by our desperation, feminine hostility, low self-esteem, even lower satisfaction. And you know what, we have no one to blame. The enchanted circuit of supply and demand can not be interrupted by anyone other than ourselves. Look in the mirror every morning and tell yourself that you are capable and not beautiful. The goal is to be satisfied with yourself, not the other - that's what we have through to 'success' forgotten.