when mad hatter crazy spectacular homage to the audacity of freedom * together with the last hint of romance Alis BEYOND THE MIRROR

I'm not, I'm not ... I'm sorry lost in so many explanatory definitions. It's been a long time too overwhelmed and forgotten for a while. And I wonder who knows what time, from reading and asking questions, laughing or How can I not write or say or how to say that at least o.oooo99% does not understand or does not misunderstand what I am writing or declaring. I have the impression that a man has to be self-sufficient to answer the crucial, life issues . I'm not a type of woman who can go through life without clarifying it.So what are the things you are learning? And what are all these many links to the real world - and even more, in the world what it might be?The aim was simply to suppress fantasy products that are not just literary fun, but also the excellent barometers of the social climate, the feared future speaks a lot about the current anxieties that obsess us, all about the perfect social order or the complete chaos and the fall of all values ​​as And drugs to overwhelm thoughts and senses, when old values ​​related to a solid social structure have suddenly ceased to exist, and new ones have not yet been established.This is not an ideology aimed at re-discovering or awakening often lonely or forgotten values, promoting their importance, and encouraging new interest in those who still perceive them, but no longer follow them. At Target, the return to man, his inner temple, which makes man become a participant and protagonist of the time, and thus initiates the process of reapplying his own roots and his own ideals. I am merely the point where the elements are only observed, long ago I am no longer an anonymous narrator, The one who reveals his presence but does not reveal his indetity. I have no foreign side or limited and even less conscious, but because of all this I am unreliable. I present the texts with the affection of some of the perspective or corners of my esoteric observations.
The way objects are perceived by the human eye, or by a set of strategies of their possible vision. Daily speech is most often used in a cognitive-psychological sense, as a person's viewpoint or an elected context within which the opinions, experiences and the like will be interpreted in the situation of the common environmental Counterpoint - interactions: interrelated, inter-medial, and between images / media and the subject of perception / interpretation of "things" (visitors, audiences).The Face of the Recorder (Sebe - Herself!) Works in this spectacle of chaos as the only strange attractor around which they groan, approach and distance, disappear countless faces, objects and environments / situations / scenes from life, not just "social" And the intimate, "in-two", but also the lonely, SAMOG, the overriding domain of elements, titanic nature or concrete, cranes, skies and skyscrapers (the only Archivist and referenced in his existential itinerary and his "close encounters"; , Occasions, "affairs", social events and emotional meanings of those in the picture of the encoded "story"! ...).The highly-talked-up story - not about Online Synchronized Cartoons, the Wonderful Girl, in search of a torn tower in which she has been captured for years, makes a deal with a handsome invisible thief and an unusual visible-invisible duo on a journey full of adventure where he is not Bruce Almighty I'm not one of Cinderella.") I embody a paradox, I am a wise sage, I praise madness as the mother of truth, I submit to the game of fantasy, acting reality to blame her. I set a mirror between my own, to make me, blurred and multifaceted, to reflect my desire; A hymn of clowns, an upright ruler, to blaspheme the dissolution of human nature, human nature, the destruction of man - the coming of war (wicked) reality at a time when Earth ceases to be in the center of the universe.Does the act of drama accompany the poet, looking at the question of women's freedom from today's perspective of the Daily Structure,The caves from which the folded reality casts imperfect shadows, after which the artist, and the imperfect shadow, creates the third shadow, his art; It is a doubt as to what the reality of our life is, whether we really see what we see, whether we are in the trap of reflection, If we are a reflection, in other words, we do not live in mere inertia, or in the end what is good and what a dream. Because of that, a certain game with a potential reader is detected.Actually, the figure is confined to the pages of the imagination of others. In such topics in the literature, there is always a question as to whether the children are happy to end the story or to leave the end more open, fluid and incomplete. Faithful life. The style of short, concise sentences that are framed below one another, creating the impression of the lost thoughts, from which the subject of great adaptation, selfless love and sacrifice is borne by the minds of all members of the family when it comes to the common life of different generations. And situations. In the border cases chosen, this is not a difficult position because artistic personality easily falls into the other plan. Directly, though, it feels the tendency to "frizzle" a happier ending of the narrative about the delicate issue when it comes to young people. He does not feel and condemn his characters, whether adults, or youngsters, critically set, always valid, contemplated, understood, does not make sudden and miserable decisions? The essential features of these topics are contained in the perspective of observing the procedures of adults and those who are on the verge of becoming it. "Whisper", without exclamation; It plays like a riddle as it evolves. How can it be possible to develop its own personality on multiple levels? The beauty and traps of a strange world are also revealed. Like a treasurer, she opens the door to the door that opens by clicking the mouse in front of the young man's eyes wide open. And when things are so different and open, and so wonderfully, they see the face and the reverse more clearly ... they think about the possible developments of the situation. In that sense, it is in a good, interesting and unpredictable way.